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Published: Wednesday, April 9 2014 6:50 p.m. MDT

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Vegas POV
Las Vegas, NV

Organizations are perfectly aligned for the results they get. The rest is talk. How BYU performs against top rated teams will be the yardstick against which they will be measured.

Hyrum, UT

It would seem Utah inadvertently picked a good time to take a couple of years off from playing the Cougars. They were very fortunate to beat BYU last season. Most objective observers will eadmit as much.

Luckily for Utah, Taysom Hill will be graduated by the time the two teams play each other again. Most Ute fans will admit as much just 2 games into next season. It will be that obvious to all unbiased observers.

Idaho Falls, ID

Love your optimism, Dick.
I think I'll wait and see what happens the first game.
I am hopeful, though.

IA Cougar
West Des Moines, IA

I'm with @idablu. I love the optimism. Optimism is the trademark of football fans everywhere from spring ball through Fall practice. Everyone is puffed up in August. September/October are the reality checks and while the 2014 schedule isn't what it was in 2013, there are still some very good games on the schedule that will test BYU. Of course, true fans will stick with their team, but from now until UConn, the talk is all hot air and supposition. I traveled to UVA last year with very high hopes for our young team. I repeated it at season's end in South Bend. Lost both. I think the team has potential, but fruition is what I want to see. Real progress will be measured in games won. Go Cougs.

springville, UT

lifelong, tell us all again which bowl game your utes played in the last two years? And will you be screaming for whitts job after another 5-7 bowless season?

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I want to believe. Help thou my unbelief.

I bought football tickets today, but I am still predicting 7 or 8 wins.

hi, UT

Love to root for the Cougars. Still, college foitball results closely follow recruiting more than any other factor. And for 2012, 2013, & 2014, BYU recruiting classes ranked 60, 63, and 62, respectively. For me, I hope for (and have grown to expect) a season ranked 30-40. Year in and year out, the Cougs tend to overacheive.

Big 12 Call Yet?
Ogden, UT


Pretty confident byu would beat Utah?

You had that same "confidence" before your rivalry game with Utah last year.

And the year before

And the year before(54-10)

And the year before

East Salt Lake City, Utah

"His quarterback was fresh off knee surgery and basically had just three games worth of experience." -- DH

Does Dick post on these threads? Sounds like it.

Apparently the knee surgery affected his passing game but not his running game. Hill had 15 games worth of experience by the time he played Washington, how did that turn out?

BYU will not be better as much as the opposing defenses will be worse, BYU will win 10 games this year, slight chance of going undefeated if they beat Texas.


Utah was fortunate to beat BYU last season even though we never trailed the entire game and BYU never threatened to take the lead.


Tell me again what BYU did to prevent Utah from going to bowl games? Yes we can't compete against PAC-12 teams, but neither can you.

Arlington, VA


BYU wouldn't have lost to Washington State in 2013.

Bronco is 9-9 (50%) versus PAC 12 teams.
Kyle is 9-18 (33%) since joining the PAC 12.

It's pretty obvious which coach is more competitive against the PAC 12.

Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

I think that we have learned from last season, that if we have a bye week, we must use it to practice for the next game instead of going on family vacations and family outings. The Utah game proved that to us. If the NCCA gives us 26 days to practice before a bowl game, we need to take all 26 days to practice before playing that game. Washington game taught us that rule.

Bottom line: If we want to be a significant football team, recognized as being significant among the major teams in our Nation, we must make football important enough during the season to hold off all family vacations and outings until after the last game played. We must do our resting and recuperating after the last game of the season.

Unless we put more importance to football at least during the football season, we will never be more than a decent mid major team. That’s my opinion. What is yours?

Provo, 00

Great article Dick. I never listen any more to what coaches say. Just wait and see what happens on the field. For benefit of readers, Dick knows it's spelled "acclimation," but typos are easy to come by, haha!

Hyrum, UT

@ uteology:

Go back and check all the stats from the last two BYU - Utah football games and you will come away with a new appreciation of how fortunate and lucky Utah was to somehow come away with wins in those particular games.

90% of the time, teams that wim the stat battle the way BYU did in those games also wins the score stat. But because that didn't happen with those particular games, any neutral observer would certainly conclude that Utah was indeed fortunate and somewhat lucky to have pulled put victories... at least in those 2 instances.

@ big 12 call:

Because things tend to balance out the scales in the long run, and because of things the article pointed out, my confidence is now stronger than ever before... and rightfully so.

As difficult as any Ute wins have been lately, Utah's AD and coach would've kept BYU on their schedule if they still had any confidence they could still beat BYU. Obviously, they don't. They are obviously more intelligent than some of Utah's ultra-biased fans. And for you, the shoe seems to fit.

Springville, utah


This was a article about BYU & Anae. Why all the Utah hate.

I think that you need to look into the recent BYU vs. Utah football win loss records.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"[Utah was] very fortunate to beat BYU last season. Most objective observers will eadmit [sic] as much."

Same old refrain, year after year, and loss after loss to your big brother on the Hill. The reason why Utah beat you guys 4 yrs in a row, and 9 of the past 12, was because Utah was the better team. We also outrecruited the Y 4 yrs in a row, and 9 of the past 12 recruiting seasons. So you see? It's no "coincidence". It isn't "luck". And if ever there could be a case made for "luck" winning the game, it would've been for the team who'd only won 25% of the past dozen finally escaping with a "W".


P.S.: You are not an "unbiased" observer, so you can't predict what "unbiased" observers would say. That said, I'd predict an "unbiased" observer would have noted that one team -- the one with the better coaches and recruits -- typically owns (and outrecruits) the other, and would thereby favor the chances of the "winningest" team in this series.

West Valley, Utah

My predications for the upcoming season:

Highly likely (worst case scenario) 9-3
Definately doable 10-2
My prediction 11-1 (one loss could be to any of 3-4 teams)
Somewhat challenging but still possible 12-0 (only problem with this scenario is due to BYUs fairly weak SOS it could be hard to tell just how good they are/could be with this record)

West Valley, Utah

@Naval Vet

Too bad utah only showed up to the BYU and Stanford games. If they cared about the rest as much as the BYU games they could have been decent. Now that they don't have BYU breathing down their necks maybe they'll actually remember they have 12 games in which to play hard - not just 1.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Utah's AD and coach would've kept BYU on their schedule if they still had any confidence they could still beat BYU. Obviously, they don't."

Utah fears no cougar, as the Y hadn't really posed much of a threat to us on the gridiron these past dozen years. Look at it logically:

If Utah had any reason to fear a cougar team, wouldn't it be against the team with the advantage over these past dozen years? Yet Utah Basketball continues to schedule the Y. If ever there was any reason to NOT fear a cougar team, it's when that cougar team can't measure up. Like your football team for example. You'd only won 25% of those games, and you needed "luck" to win it. Don't be so frantic and emotional.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Tators (cont.):

Playing and beating you does very little for our recruiting and national profile, so there's nothing to gain by playing it. If you want this game to continue on an annual basis, you're just gonna have to meet us halfway by providing us a proper incentive. You need to bite the bullet, swallow your pride, and accept an 2(RES)-for-1(LES).

J Poll
Gilford, NH

"That’s all hype until BYU meets UConn in the season opener at the end of August.
But if what was on display in the final practice is any evidence, Kool-Aid pitcher, meet glass with ice." Well said Dick. Agreed. Proof is in the pudding. They better knock Conn on its butt or it is more of the same.

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