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Published: Wednesday, April 9 2014 1:05 p.m. MDT

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On the other hand
Riverdale, MD

Morabito's article lays out a great conspiracy theory but she doesn't support her assertions. Certainly there are some activists out there who would like to end government-sanctioned marriage, but that doesn't mean that all or most of the people in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage are in favor of abolishing marriage altogether. And it's ludicrous to suggest that what supporters of same-sex marriage really want is to end freedom of association and create a world in which biological parents don't have the right to raise their own children. By what bizarre turn of events could the views of American society possibly change to the point where they would allow their leaders to do this? It simply won't happen.

I favor traditional marriage, but absurd, extremist speculation like this really doesn't help the cause.

Salt Lake City, UT

The whole issue of homosexual "marriage" is mostly the consequence of a continuing devaluation of the institution of marriage, generally, in the minds of more and more people.

It is little wonder that there is so little concern about the distortion or, at a minimum, the dissolution of the definition of marriage when its importance to so many people is in such a precipitous decline.

Unfortunately, like many a neglected treasure, the actual value of marriage to our society and everyone that is part of it will only be better appreciated long after the negative effects of its undervaluation are upon us.

Rocket Science
Brigham City, UT

Despite what some may want to read into scripture or quote religious leaders from throughout the world. In Christianity "A plain reading of Scripture accompanied by two thousand years of church history affirm the teaching of Scripture that upholds the view of marriage as the union of one man and one woman, but the Scriptures also speak plainly of another truth: that no sin is wider than Christ’s mercy if one will only repent and believe."

Separate religion and secular if you want but the religion of Christianity marriage is between an man and a woman.

Los Angeles, CA

Well, I'm just wondering what the state of the family is in MA, where same-sex marriage has been legal for 10 yrs.?

What utter nonsense.

American Fork, UT

Same sex marriage isn't doing nearly as much damage, if it can be called that, as traditional marriage is doing to the concept.

Mission Viejo, CA

And with this, Deseret News falls into reporting conspiracy theories as fact. What's next Building 7?

Can Des News go any lower?

Salt Lake City, UT

"Same-sex marriage isn’t really what marriage equality activists are fighting for. It’s really about ending civil marriages altogether, according to Stella Morabito, a writer for The Federalist." I went to "The Federalist" website. The argument is very unconvincing.

Karen R.
Houston, TX

I was always taught that the first one to invoke "Nazi" or to use fear mongering (this article) in an argument is the loser because you don't need to go there if you have a credible argument.

Here, UT

It's all "the gays" fault.

The fact of the matter is that you heterosexuals are the one's ruining marriage; LGBT couples have barely had the opportunity to marry; you can't blame your failures on us.

Ogden, UT

I read Morabito's article in The Federalist. I tried valliantly to find even a morsel of truth in it. Sadly, there was no truth to be found.

Dietrich, ID

@fatheroffour for race and economic background recommend to marry someone the same as it is easier to adjust that way, though all marriages can work out. As for religion church leaders have always taught that since people not of the LDS faith cannot go to the temple. Besides being unequally yoked causes problems as few people join the church after marrying someone not of the faith. Even Abraham Isaac and Jacob told there own children that. So if you feel strongly about wanting to worship your way good idea to marry someone that way, and it is church doctrine to marry someone of the faith. You are not shunned if you don't, but interfaith marriages have caused many problems with people hoping to convert there spouse.

UT Brit
London, England

Coming from a country with SSM, I can attest that it has not made a single difference to myself, my marriage and my family. It seems SSM is only important in the US, have not heard a peep out of the church leadership about anywhere else.

To all those who say that all homosexuals want to ban marriage completely because of what one person said, would be well to note that there was someone on these very comment boards saying that homosexuals would be rounded up and gassed like the jews because of them wanting SSM. Crazy people are crazy and thats why I dont let the voice of an individual mark a whole group.

Salt Lake City, UT

@the truth
"A gay activist gave a speech saying, and I summarize, the Gays didn't really want marriage, but to end the institution of marriage."

It's foolish to consider the words of one person to be representative of an entire group of people.

Tempe, AZ

Can an advocate of homosexual marriage lay out for me what ALL of his criteria for marriage are? Give me a comprehensive list of what makes marriage marriage from the revisionist camp's perspective. Key words: ALL; comprehensive.

Here, UT


All? Well, the VERY SAME THINGS in a heterosexual marriage. That's pretty "comprehensive" for you. No "revision" required.

Tempe, AZ

Humor me, Ranch. Just list them out-- one comprehensive list of the criteria for marriage.

The reluctance of the revisionist camp to lay out their definition of marriage could lead me to believe that they have something to hide.

Again, key word: comprehensive.

Attleboro, MA

Funny that nobody mentions diversity since ss marriage was introduced. Diversity matters especially in marriage. Without diversity of the sexes you don't have marriage you have something else. You have a union of people that is approved by the state. I know a women who struggled with ss attraction. She left the church, came back to church, and married a man. That was 30 years ago. Many of her friends who never struggled with ss attraction have long since been divorced, some more than once. With God you can do all things in happiness.


What shlock.

Next can we expect an article from Pat Buchanan explaining how AIDs is God's revenge on gay people?

Apparently we've given up all pretense of being a serious newspaper and exercising some editorial discretion? But oh, when to comes to "moderating" comments the bar is ever flucuating and inexplicable.

Let it Go!
Omaha, NE

If this is the window to the future, then we are in BIG trouble.

Also, I have a question for the concept of gay marriage. If everyone else decides to do it, how is the human civilization going to reproduce? Are you guys going to support births out of wedlock or sexual relationships with someone not your spouse? Or both?

Am I the only one who can see that?

The Wraith
Kaysville, UT

That was some article. Do people actually believe this stuff? Essentially the article said if same sex marriage is legalized then America will become a totalitarian state. That is a perfect example of the slippery slope argument.

If people want to know what will happen to a society where same sex marriage is legal it's not that hard to find. In many countries it has been legal for the better part of a decade. What has happened in those countries? Have any of them fallen into horrible totalitarian regimes of suppression and genocide? Nope, it turns out that life and society just go along as they had before. That's all that will happen here in America. The country won't fall apart, no one will be tearing up the constitution, you'll get up and go to work just like you did before, you'll com home and have the same family, the sky won't fall.

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