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Published: Thursday, April 10 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Immigration is in large part a labor issue. I find your concern for immigrant labor encouraging. But you need to delve into the treatment of this immigrant labor, much of which is extremely harsh. You should also examine conditions in factories in poor countries making goods for the U.S. market, to see if the treatment of labor there merits your concern.

Salt Lake City, UT

Present a valectorian, a wife of a U.S. soldier, a child brought here "through no fault of his own," or a parent performing "an act of love." Convince Americans these should be exempt from immigration law.

Exploit the loophole. illegally traffic children across international lines, for example. Untruthfully imply that enforcement of immigration law would break up families when this is not true: illegal-alien parents may take their children with them.

Speciously imply that all illegal aliens are valedictorians. Claim that their relatives should be exempt from the law as well.

Then watch as Americans decide that based on the above, immigration law and its enforcement must be inherently wrong.

The mission is then accomplished: effective abdication of the rule of law.

This really is a dishonest editorial. It pretends to believe that the fruits of freedom merely are free for the pick'n when the fact is, U.S. servicemen throughout history have paid for these fruits with their BLOOD. It defies a basic principle with which it undoubtedly already is familiar: enjoyment of a given fruit is predicated on compliance with the various laws and principles upon which that fruit is predicated. Otherwise, it is STEALING.


The illegal immigration discussion has wondered far from enforcing the laws, and having compassion for the American laborer or those with identities and social security numbers stolen. We are in the wave of the largest legal immigration to this country in history. Over a million people come here each year legally. I believe that they are the ones who care about their families. Those that come here illegally know they can be deported along with their family, yet take the chance anyway.

If families were that important, we would be enforcing the laws and telling people to come here legally. But I think it's an excuse to provide business with cheap labor. Do we care about others who break non-immigration laws to provide a better life for their families, and are separated from their families?? Or just the ones who break immigration laws?

Compassion is sending people down the path of righteousness; rewarding illegal/dishonest behavior is not compassion.

Amnesty doesn't work, it just causes more people to come here illegally, and the separation of more families. Let's encourage honesty and obeying the law.

Far East USA, SC

Most would agree that those who cross the border illegally do so for jobs to support themselves and their family.

So... Criminal, or Good Provider? Judge for yourself.

Regardless, Jeb (like Rubio) was just show the tent flap under the EXIT sign.

Murray, UT

Jeb knows better, coming here illegally is a misdemeanor, but working requires a person to commit multiple felonies, including ID, theft, social security fraud, and i-9 perjury. It also is a felony for a businessman to hire someone here illegally. Illegal is illegal is the truth, as it forces people to commit other crimes. The business lobby has fought long and hard to make us not see the toll it takes on society.

Does someone who loves their children put them in a position where they have to break the law, or return home to have a future?

I don't buy it. A person who waits their turn loves their children. 95% of the world would be better off here, that's no reason to allow them to break our laws.

clearfield, UT

Yes the majority who come illegally are not problems in and of themselves. However, they are part of a very huge problem. Namely drugs and gang members. Because the border is not very secure, both of those bad elements do come in and cause huge problems for Americans. And, all an illegal has to do is have a baby, then they can apply for public assistance for that new citizen. Every state is in debt. The Federal Government is in huge debt. If every person in the world of some 6 billion who wanted to come to America, came here, could we afford it? I doubt it. It may sound selfish, but we in America cannot be the welfare office of the whole world. Or even the Western Hemisphere. Our true unemployment rate is something like 13% and even larger for minorities. We have to regulate who and how many immigrate to this country. We already take in more people from around the world than any other country. We can't keep going on like this or else we will become a 3rd world country too.

Midwest City, USA, OK

There are many possible motivations for going from Mexico to the United States and living without doing so legally, but one absolute that must be recognized and balanced is that doing so illegally may involve your being deported. If I commit a crime in order to support my wife or children, that doesn't necessarily mean my crime is horrible, malicious, or unethical... But it is still a crime, because a law is in place, in this particular case, with good reason.

In this way, illegal immigrants' primary enemy isn't immigration law; it's the drug and human trafficking and violent crimes that such illegal immigration brings with it, even if they're not themselves a part of it. One -can not- make a blanket statement of naive "compassion" and ignore the realities that accompany it; they must understand the entire issue.

That said, Jeb Bush has enough going for him that I can probably trust him.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

While we should have compassion for everyone, how should the rules of law be applied? Whose words should guide us? In Utah we have a strong belief in Christ. Most of us attend church regularly. What did Christ tell us about law? Didn't he say in Matthew: "Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it."? Of course he's speaking about entering into his kingdom, not entry into the United States, but the principle is that His rules must be followed. Then Peter tells us: "Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons".

So, if God does not break the rules because of His love and compassion for anyone and if Christ tells us that we must obey the rules in order for His atoning compassion to apply, shouldn't we show respect for law? Shouldn't we require that the rules be followed before we "look the other way"?

Justice is blind; it doesn't care if breaking the law was an act of "love". Rules protect everyone.

Springville, UT

Good editorial. It's too bad the GOP, the party of this newspaper, will never share the sentiment, and too bad that Jeb Bush will get skewered by his own. Moderation, and rational thought and behavior, are not in the GOP plans. They prefer to scare and mislead the voters in order to gain political power, and have no desire to help the country as a whole.

Kearns, UT

Gee, so I decide to shoplift food to support my family. It isn't a felony, most of the time, but I want compassion because I was supporting my family because I didn't make enough money to feed them, so I shouldn't have to pay the penalty or go to jail. It is exactly the same scenario that Bush is pushing. I go to jail, my family suffers. Bush's compassion argument doesn't wash. The rule of law should prevail in an orderly society. Bush won't get my vote if he runs for President.

We need to close the border and then, on a case by case basis, look at the people that are here illegally and decide if they merit staying or getting deported. A child that was brought her illegally by parents isn't technically responsible for what happened and at that point a decision could be made about their status. But only for the kid. The parents would need leave and apply to come in legally, or get deported.

Provo, UT

If it is an act of love to allow illegals to stay, why wouldn't love prompt us to allow any one to come into the country? People from impoverished countries like India, Egypt, the Sudan, etc., love their starving families, too.

salt lake city, UT

Right wing conservatives don't want to solve the problem, they want to gain political capital from it. Jeb Bush is correct on why the majority of illegals came here. Sending them home is not going to happen. Jeb Bush could win a general election but he'll never get past the ignorance and grandstanding that is needed to win the GOP nomination.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Since the DN wants to talk about Jeb Bush here's a little more info. Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, and Lindsay Graham recently journeyed to Vegas so they could court the support (and deeep pockets) of Sheldon Adelson. Sheldon Adelson is ALL for unlimited illegal immigration numbers so they can work in his casinos. Sheldon Adelson is also for a ban on internet gambling so he doesn't have to compete with that. BTW - Sheldon Adelson ALSO is Jewish and puts a LOT of effort into STOPPING immigration into Israel.

What does that tell you?

Utah has lost 2 police officers, and a fair amount of average citizens lives recently to the actions of illegal immigrants.

Why, oh why, would we want to allow more lawbreakers? When will we learn?

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

You are telling that to the tea party radicals?

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Sometimes it's an "act of love". But painting with a broad brush assuming it's always an act of love is inherently inaccurate.

Sometimes it's an act of love. Sometimes an act of desperation. Sometimes an act of defiance. Sometimes an act of ignorance (they don't know our laws, been told it's the wild-west in America and anything is OK). Etc.

We can't just paint with the same broad-brush and assume it's all an "act of love".


Whether it's an act of love or just an illegal act... it's still illegal.

I know letting emotion take sway helps the heart, but it doesn't satisfy justice. And if justice is optional... do we really have ANY laws?

Sometimes robbery is an "act of love" (a father who can't wants to save his family from financial ruin). Sometimes dealing drugs is an "Act of love" (for a father who has no other skills and can make a TON of money doing this business they believe hurts no one and helps the addicts). Even murder can be an "Act of love".

But without justice... there is no rule-of-law...

Somewhere in Time, UT

Those who wait in line and come legally also love their families. Should those who come here illegally be allowed to have better access to our country simply because they happen to live next door and can sneak across the border? I think not.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


So is robbing a bank to help your children.


So is robbing from your neighbor if you use the money for a good cause


Isn't it ironic(and hypocritical) that liberals scream when companies send jobs overseas and yet they're ok with illegal immigrants taking americans jobs.

The end result is the same - law abiding Americans lose jobs to other countries.


The only difference of course is that illegal immigration is well, illegal.


Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

When is a crime not a crime, when it's an act of love. I don't think so.

The crime of illegal immigration is truly a minor crime. The real crime is the cover up of the crime of failure of our government to protect our own citizens. Businessmen by creating the problems of illegal immigrations are denying our citizens of their Constitutional right to the protection of our government.

If we could actually believe that the politicians and their masters were concerned about family it would be one thing. But their total disregard for American families and the love that American workers have for their American families shows us that they are not telling the truth.

If an American robs a bank for love of his family shall we excuse the crime? If we allow religious businessmen to flout the law because of God, should we excuse the criminal because he says "the Devil made me do it"?

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Even IF the original motivation to come here illegally was an "act of love"...

It puts you in a position where you must commit many more illegal acts (almost daily) to survive here once you GET here...

They can't WORK here (legally). So they have to break our laws every day they go to work.

They can't get a paycheck (Legally) without submitting a SS#. They must lie... or steal an identity, or find criminals who will create false identification for them...

Their children can't register for school without a SS# (so they have to steal one or falsify one (yet another crime).

They can't register for health insurance (without submitting SS#). So again forced to break the law.

They can't get a driver's license... again they are forced to break the law.

They can't get car insurance... so again they are forced to break the law...


It's not the way to get started as a "Good Citizen" (By breaking the laws of the country you want to join). And it puts you in a situation where you must break other laws almost daily to survive...

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Considering the climate in the Republican Party these days, it took some courage for someone to stand up for immigration reform right from the get go. Hopefully this can lead to a more compassionate view of the subject. I guess we'll soon see.

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