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Published: Tuesday, April 8 2014 5:50 p.m. MDT

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Dr. Thom
Long Beach, CA

I'm waiting for the first same-sex divorce to happen, then see what happens to all this diversity and equality especially when one person in the relatiohsips wants alimoney from the other.

Star Valley Ranch, WY

RE: Dr. Thom
What would make that any different than the 50% of "traditional" marriages that end in divorce?

Mission Viejo, CA

Dr Thom, why are you waiting? It's already happened. Probably many time. You think there hasn't been any divorces in the 10 years marriage equality has been the law in Massachusetts?It's really no different than when heterosexual couples divorce, as it should be.

Midlothian, VA

"Live and Let Live"

How sound is this logic?

NH Transplant

"Whether you’re gay or lesbian or straight, if you love someone and you want to marry them, marry them,"

If you love someone then marry them. An argument many are making along with the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. Government cannot take away a person's life, liberty, or property without due process is another piece of the argument.

What happens when a third party wants to join the marriage, gay, lesbian, or straight? What about their equal protection? What about first cousins? What about brother and sister? What about parent and child? I think a child may want to marry the remaining parent so that their siblings cannot get the inheritance. What about a 16 year old, with parents consent, marrying a 57 year old?

Where will this equal protection end and what arguments will there be for stopping interesting relationships from getting married?

Any other concerns out there about consenting people that love each other? What will be the definition of marriage be in the next several generations?

Mission Viejo, CA

"What about a 16 year old, with parents consent, marrying a 57 year old?"

That's probably already legal in Utah since a 16 year old can marry with a parent's consent. It doesn't say that there is a maximum age that the other partner has to be. However, they probably can't legally consummate the marriage.

Huntsville, UT

""Does it? I think it does. Should it? No, it shouldn't. But I believe that it does,..."

How much do you want to bet Gayle would sing a different tune if the winds were blowing in her direction?

San Diego, CA

I don't know if people have noticed, but marriage itself has been dying in the western world. If you truly support marriage, you might want to consider supporting it for everyone gay or not as long as they are two consenting adults. Otherwise support for it will continue to decline, and eventually the benefits at adhere to it will be stripped.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

If I was a law maker Knowing I get my money from tax payers I would think about the future tax payers and the tax payers after them. I would want a large population. it's about the money.

Mesa, Az

It is a sad state of affairs when people are too scared to say anything in fear of retribution from a minority group. Fear of losing their jobs, or popularity or whatever. When this type of fear exists first amendment rights go out the window. This smacks of nazi germany pre ww2, I.e 1930's. People argue that the majority want same sex marriage. We'll show me the figures, show me the sample population, and show me how the questions we're put . One of the purposes of marriage is procreation. Same sex. Marriage can never be equal as it takes two members of the opposite sex to produce children.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Provo, UT

People can make as much noise as they want. I'd rather be holding the iron rod than shouting with the loudest bark. Shouting mostly distracts people and leads people away in fear or doubt. What we need right now is not more noise, but more peaceful and respectful reminders and defenses to seek the Savior's help that all human beings need, to submit to humility and to help others.

People shouting may lead others away from the rod. Those people may feel proud and enjoy that they've "convinced others to leave or change". But when face to face with our Heavenly Father & the Savior... joy is not what will be felt.

If the choice is between having the loudest bark and having the 'most right' bark, I'd rather be right with God. Anything else is pretty foolish.

Syracuse, UT

Intimidation and bullying...that's persuasive.

Logan, UT

Awesome. Side note: those who support gay marriage are not out trying to rid the world of "traditional" marriage. We support both marriages. We support love. Marriage in general, is good and pure. Gay or straight.

Cleveland , OH

The new CEO of a company is found to have supported a cause that the company is officially opposed to. Employees and customers complain and demand he be removed. And now, according to the leader of a "traditional marriage" group, people in Utah are fearful they will be treated the same way.

Perhaps somebody who is the head of a multinational company with very liberal policies would have a concern. But the average citizen? Really?

This sounds like a cover for low turn-out and low support. I picture Mary Summerhays and a handful of supporters alone in a big rented hall, wondering where the crowds have gone and spinning wild conspiracy theories.

@NH Transplant:

A parent and child already have a legal relationship with many protections and limits. A Gay or Lesbian couple, like a Straight couple, are "legal strangers" until they are married, at which point they gain about 1,400 legal benefits and protections.

ON the other hand, under Utah law, a 16 year old and a 57 year old can marry, can consummate the relationship, and can have children. The law allows that.

Cleveland , OH

@rhappahannock: "nature abundantly shows that homosexual relations are an aberration."

Actually, there is quite a bit of research documenting homosexual behavior - including courtship rituals and pair-bonding, not just sex, in about 1500 species ranging from primates to gut worms. This research is well documented for 500 of them.

"I think at their core Gay people know they at conflict with themselves, and know their actions are wrong. That is why they are so antagonistic towards anyone who suggests homosexual relations are a perversion of the natural, scientific order."

No. I was at conflict when I was trying to have romantic relationships with women. Now I am much more peaceful, happy, and joyful.

I do get a bit upset when somebody who does not know me, my history, my thoughts, my relationship, or my activities tries to tell me that I am an abomination or a bad person or perverted. It often causes me to do twisted and mean things, like talk a lot about my life and relationship when I am around them - in many cases, as they get to know Gay people their attitudes changes.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mesa, Az

Jim, well said. You are right about how sad this mess is evolving into. I really think the gays don't care if we lose our first amendment rights as long as they get to shove their agenda down our throats even if it does evolve into something like Nazi Germany. That said, we must have courage to stand up for what is right even if there are risks. I still believe there will be a huge back lash toward the gay community when Americans start realizing that we are giving up our freedoms over this issue. In some instances we might just need to quietly oppose this agenda. The sad thing is that when the back lash occurs, it will cause a lot of problems for our gay friends.

Cedar City, UT

Often If one speaks out in favor of traditional marriage one is ridiculed and told how bigoted, rude, hateful, and ignorant they are. Maybe we are not as loud anymore to try to avoid contention. I will try to speak up more with kindness. I am not against anyone. I am against the idea that traditional and gay relationships should be treated equally by the government. I have nothing against the people, just some of their actions. There are great people on both sides of the debate.

Maryville, MO

Regardless where you stand on this. The eternal family will be destroyed if same-sex marriage becomes law around the world. Same-sex marriage will not go beyond the veil. Whether you believe or not, on your death bed you will see the light and then it is too late.

The Lord, Jesus Christ, has already spoken on this. "Whether by my own mouth or by my servants it is the same". This past weekend we heard from the Lord's anointed and were taught that no amount of law can change the eternal laws. Go ahead enjoy your so called happiness now but in the end, wickedness never was happiness.

A Run
South Jordan, UT

@Red Corvette
Sacramento California

Do you realize that those were different times, and under different circumstances. Polygamy is a practice long since stopped in our religion. Are you judging us for our ancestors? I am pretty sure I could find things that your ancestors did that would be viewed as negative in today's society.

equal protection
Cedar, UT

The fact that the governing majority in a State has traditionally viewed a particular practice as immoral is not sufficient reason for upholding a law prohibiting the practice. Since 1888, the Supreme Court has consistently held that marriage is a constitutionally protected fundamental right of every citizen. The last case being two women (Windsor).

Because marriage is a constitutionally protected fundamental right, marriage discrimination by race or sexual orientation is a prohibited action for Congress, state legislatures, and public referendums.

While there are those who have opinions that oppose equal rights for gays and lesbians, those opinions have NO rational or scientific or legal basis. While the expression of those opinions is protected by the 1st Amendment, such opinions have no validity and no weight and deserve no consideration.

Specifically, the Supreme Court has never excluded same-sex marriage. Instead, the Supreme Court has repeatedly affirmed the universal nature of this fundamental right. There is no constitutional, no rational, no objective basis for any person, because of their sexual orientation, to be rejected, excluded, stigmatized, discriminated against, or in any way have their constitutional rights denied or restricted.

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