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Published: Tuesday, April 8 2014 1:40 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Their loss, but I wish them well. Everyone has the right to decide what they do and where they want to play.

With Wright, Brekktot, and the others coming in joining an already loaded group, minutes will be at a premium. Guys are really going to have to earn their time on the floor.

Thanks for the fun season utes

layton, ut

His name is Brekkott Chapman.

Ahmad Fields was a respectable talent and should find play else where. Unfortunately for him Utah is pretty stacked. Ogbe, Tucker, Kuzma and Chapman will all be rotating in at the 3/4 positions. He would have seen even less play this year with 2 highly talented 6'8" freshman forwards, Best of luck to him. Glad, to hear PVD is staying stateside so he will be healthy upon returning.

Coog Fan in Spokane
Spokane, WA

Best of luck to Fields and Van Dyke.

Also good luck to the Utes next season - looks like you've got a great coach in Kristko. Here's hoping your improvement continues. My prediction is a top 3 finish in the PAC 12 next season - I think the future looks bright for you guys.


From what i understand Ahmad wants to be closer to home (DC area) and family. Hope things work out well for him. Looking forward to having Parker back after his mission. He's a very good shooter and improved his defensive skills during his first year.

Go Utes!

Santa Monica, CA

I hope Parker grows and matures on his mission and has a great experience. He will come bak and again provide a teriffic outside shot to the Utes offense. I don't know about losing Ahmad though. He played high energy ball that really helped the Utes this season and he has the best sideburns since Clyde Frazier.


@ Chris B

"Their loss"?....correction.... Their Gain

You couldn't be more wrong. Ahmad Fields was not going to play next year, at least not any serious minutes. I think you should be saying good for him for having a desire to get playing time. Why waste your college basketball career sitting on the bench?

So you think it's PVD loss to serve a mission? Other than the fact he will mature more in those 2 years than doing anything else with his life I think it's a smart basketball choice. He isn't good enough to be playing next year for the Utes. Brandon Taylor and Wrigth wil own most of the minutes at guard next year. Ogbe and Onwas both proved to be more capable then PVD. By going on a 2 year mission he'll be able to find more playing time after Taylor, Wright and Ogbe have finished their college careers.

I think you should've said "Their Gain" instead of "Their Loss"

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