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Published: Tuesday, April 8 2014 12:30 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

PC gone awry again.

I'll still be singing the one and only true version of the song

GO Utes!

Littleton, CO

HA! Pleeease. Drop the "non-inclusive" charade. The lyrics are finally being changed because the current lyrics have been flat-out laughable and emarrassing for decades.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

So how does one go about fixing this song so it doesn't offend anybody? You could change "Utah Man" to "Utah Carbon-Based Life Form" but that would be hard to rhyme.

Logan, Utah

Most Ute fans don't know the fight song anyways.....

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

What a joke. PC gone too far. Utah_State_Fan, you've obviously never been to a game in RES.


Ordain Women strikes again!

But seriously, the song is 110 years old, no need to change it. If it offends you, just remember when it was written and feel free it "include" "Woman" when it says "Man"in your own mind. Just remember words such as Mankind, meaning Humans.

Eagle Mountain, UT

"Who am I ma'am a Utah lady am I"

sounds like a better version anyway

Pocatello, ID


Ogden, UT

I'm sure there are many eager BYU fans who'll be happy to assist in re-writing the lyrics.

Salt Lake City, UT

Logan, Utah

"Most Ute fans don't know the fight song anyways....."

Ute fans know the fight song and so do byu fans in the State Legislature. They have to sing it every time the Utes win the football game. At 4 straight years and counting, I think it's fair to say they have the song memorized.

Ogden, UT

I think the verse about proming the avenue is a little dated.....or is it?

Newport Beach, CA

"Who am I, Sir or Miz or Any Other of Facebook's 51 Gender Categories, a Utah person (with no disrespect intended to other life forms, 'cause that would be "speciesist") am I. A Utah person, Sir/Miz/Etc., and will be 'til I expire. Up twinkles."

(Can't say "ki-yi" -- that's Cultural Appropriation.)

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Too bad. I thought they would make changes so I could actually sing along. Changing the only part of the song that I even know makes no sense and only further alienates alum. Bad idea.


ASUU president Sam Ortiz said, “The premise is, the song isn’t inclusive — how can we make it inclusive?”

Please make sure the song is "inclusive" of every single student and former student (me!) of the U! Heaven forbid any single person or group ever has to deal with any hint of bad feelings over a "fight song"!

Glad the U student body has leaders who can bring focus to this important issue!

Buford Buckley
Provo, UT

Dumb song anyway. If you want to sing about fighting, hum the theme from "Rocky."

Spanish Fork, UT

Absurd. But U of U tends to get swayed by PC all the time. Swoop??? Where's the Chief? Whoops, the fearful killed him.

The theme song is taken from a 110 and older song "Poor Solomon Levi" but works. It's a good rousing cheer song. Leave it alone.

Once again the problem with have students as class officers... they think they have to do something. So they whine "it's not inclusive..." Oh good grief.

Go anyone but Utes but on this one, go Utah Man!!!

Littleton, CO

C'mon, Utes, just embrace it. "Sure, it's a ridiculous fight song, but it's OUR ridiculous fight song!"

Ki!Yi!, you warm, jolly gangsters.

North Salt Lake, UT

The lyrics and the tune both sound like a drunken frat boy wrote the thing. By the What the heck is a "muss"?

Salt Lake City, UT

North Salt Lake, UT

"Muss" is disorder and confusion. Hence, the now nationally known Mighty Utah Student Section (MUSS) bringing disorder and confusion to Utah opponents.

Adirondack Cougar
Loon Lake, NY

Maybe they should finish the mascot issue before they dive in on the fight song. Are they Utes, Swoops, or Red Rocks? The helmet still has the Ute symbol but there is a bird walking the sidelines?

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