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Published: Monday, April 7 2014 7:55 p.m. MDT

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I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT

We all say this coming. Jimmer is not NBA material because he doesn't have the skills or the speed. He was overrated in college and turned out to be one of the biggest busts of his NBA class.

It's probably a good time for Jimmer to brush up on his Turkish because he'll finish his career overseas.

Holladay, UT

The only reason Jimmer did okay in college was because he played in the MWC before it got good so he never had any competition. He would've been on the bench in the ACC or Big 12. Jimmer belongs in the D league, if there even.

Mcallen, TX

Jimmer scored around fifty on PAC 10 Arizona. Twice

Sandy, UT

Jimmer will sign a contract with an NBA team after the season ends. Guaranteed.

Cedar City, UT

We seem to not have a shortage of opinions concerning Jimmer, both good and bad. Most players are judged after they have played significant minutes. Unfortunately for Jimmer, he is not one of them. In college I witnessed him totally outplay Kawhi Leonard and other top players when they played. Kawhi was fortunate to get drafted by and to play for San Antonio. If Fredette was given the same chances as Kawhi we might not be discussing whether or not he can play in the NBA. We would already know.... As for whether he can play at this level, we can only guess.

Gold Canyon, az

To AggieAndee, Worf was right. Tell that to the U of Arizona faithful, no opposing player scored more points than Jimmer. They gave him a standing ovation at the end of the game.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


"Jimmer scored around fifty on PAC 10 Arizona. Twice."

...in games that didn't matter. Just ask this year's Utes what it's like to play Arizona in the regular season versus the postseason.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


"...I witnessed him totally outplay Kawhi Leonard..."

That's odd, I'd have thought they'd have guarded guys who played their own position.

Gilbert, AZ

Jimmer is slow but quick and can shoot but can't jump or play defense. He needs a coach who can game around him. It might not happen in his lifetime.

Provo, UT

I hate to say "I told you so", but... Ah, heck, I love to say "I told you so"!

Jimmer was and is overrated. I told you so!

Now can we move on already?

Salt Lake City, UT

Jimmer lit up the highlight reels in college and sold out the 20,000-plus-seat Marriott Center for most of his senior year. He would certainly do the same for any NBA team that gave him 45+ minutes of playing time. His popularity among Mormons is also bankable. The Jazz is missing out on a gold mine.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

I really like Jimmer. He seems like a real class act. I can not see why he can't be the next Kyle Korver, playing a valuable role and making a nice paycheck. Good luck Jimmer!

Richmond, VA

To be fair to Jimmer, he has never been given the chance to really see what he could do. Those who are hating and dissing on him are not being fair in their assessments. I mean how can you judge someone's real value to a team when you're only given 25 minutes in 7 games? C'mon guys! Let's be real here! That's about 3.2 mins a game? How many any other players can you honestly say would do better if they were all given the same chance? Can you all honestly say that Jimmer wouldn't produce more if he was given a fair share of playing time instead of a measly 3+ minutes a game instead? I hope Jimmer will eventually find a team that will give him that chance. He deserves it and more!

Go Jimmer!


You don't know what you don't know. It would be nice for Jimmer to get several quality starts where he knows the game is his and see what he can do. That hasn't happened in his time as a pro. Wasn't too long ago he got a few minutes and pumped in 24 points. Imagine if he had the whole game, or like I said, several games. Then you could determine if he was able to compete at that level. From what I've seen of the few minutes he's gotten, he does fine. He just hasn't found the right fit.

Allen, TX

Ahem. He has still played more minutes and scored more points in the NBA than any of us.

Orem, UT

So many experts/haters. If he ever gets a legitimate chance to play, he might surprise someone. He has a record of doing just that.

Overton, NV

"The only reason Jimmer did okay in college was because he played in the MWC before it got good so he never had any competition."

The best year the MWC has ever had was during Jimmer's senior year. BYU, SDSU, and New Mexico were all extremely good teams that season. If I remember correctly, the MWC was ranked the 3rd best conference in RPI. They haven't done that since. So, to say he didn't face any competition is just ludicrous.

And, yes, Kawhi Leonard did guard Jimmer at times. Many teams tried to put long, athletic defenders on him to limit his shot. As we all know, it didn't work.

Anaheim, CA


It's laughable that the only fan base in the country that doesn't think that pre-season games matter is a program that is one-and-done for almost a decade in the post-season tournament that does matter.

Anaheim, CA


What would an Aggie fan know about "before the MWC was good"?

Ask SDSU, New Mexico and UNLV how good the MWC was during Jimmer's senior season.

Danbury, CT

I'm amazed at some of the comments here. Jimmer had some amazing games in college. Yes, he's done poorly in the NBA. But to go back and say he was NEVER good is illogical. He was one of the best collegiate athletes to play in the state of Utah.

It happens often that standouts in college don't make it in pro's. I'm sure many of us have had the experience of only being able to "make it" professionally at one level. How many of us have gone from a small national company to a much bigger global one or moved to another city and part of the world and made it to the top levels of leadership and performance? That rarely happens too. So many variables at play...

Before you go knocking Jimmer, ask yourself what you have done in your life and if you've EVER done anything equivalent in sports or work or anything of a competitive nature on a national or global level. Why would you want to take away what Jimmer (or anyone else) has done simply because they're struggling now?

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