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Published: Monday, April 7 2014 6:40 p.m. MDT

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Midlothian, VA

I hope that whatever happens can be done peacefully.

Provo, UT

Gay marriage should not be allowed.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ BlackDiamond

Compelling argument. Allow me to counter: Same-sex marriage should be allowed.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Provo, UT

I think 'healthy-thin' women are attractive.
I think blonde hair is attractive.
I think women can be attractive in tight and revealing clothes, jeans, workout clothes, pretty much anything.

Have I struggled with this? Of course! Hollywood's 'picture perfect starlet actress' is popular for a reason. Satan knows how to tempt all men.


I don't need legal recognition or public acceptance of that attraction.
While I fought that attraction for years, it is possible to overcome it (with help).
Help and happiness are available- through the Savior.

Are we a people who's laws represent our sexual appetite? Can laws not cherish what's good, reprove what's wrong, etc? Does such a legal system not respect the rights of us to choose and learn from our mistakes?

We can't understand what rights are, what happiness is, or what's fair or equal when the author of those beliefs is the same man tempting us to feed appetite of the same nature. The only way to happiness is through repentance, not social validation.


"Defend your beliefs with courtesy and with compassion, but defend them." - Jeffrey R. Holland (Apr 2014, General Conference of the LDS Church)

The Reader
Layton, UT

Red Corvette - victory and justice are two different concepts. Depends on ones View. My belief system would say victory is no gay marriage. Justice would be the courts agreeing with me. Depends on ones point of view. Either way we need to be courteous to each another even if we disagree.

Lighting the Way - Do not be so sure of that. Gay marriage and marriage between a man and a women are not equal and never will be. Again my point of view.

Holladay, UT

Utah should quit embarrassing itself and drop this sham appeal. We all know how this story will end. The Supreme Court will do what's right and uphold equality per the Constitution. In the name of freedom and liberty, two adults have the God-given right to enter in a legal relationship and marry if they so choose.

Talk about a waste of my hard-eatned tax dollars...

West Point, UT

Whatever happened to free agency? I hear the local congregations talking about that quite often, but don't seem to live by it. I can understand laws for drugs because they not only hurt the user but also society as a whole, but gay marriage? How does that hurt anyone? Give them the free agency to do what they want and let God be the judge. Who are we to try and dictate how others live as long as it does not hurt us? My personal belief is that it would make society better as a whole.

One other question, why do people cherry pick the bible? The bible says a lot of things that most people today do not live by. For instance, adultery is a sin, in fact it made the top 10, but there is no push to make it illegal. Why is that?

slc, UT

@I know it
So then you are going to stop seeking social validation for your social prejudices against a group of people that are no threat to you or society? That is what you are talking about right?

Mexican Ute
mexico, 00


Did you not hear what Elder Holland said in the last GC, about, oh, 60 hours ago?

Once again you start to have people forget the words of the Apostles and Prophets. You do so at your own peril.

Free agency has nothing to do with legalizing that which is repugnant in God's eyes.

As for the others, I have no doubt that the courts will legalize SSM, only to make a what was once simple institution, even more complicated.

Something that Elder Perry said in conference: In this world of increasing complexities, we need to remain in the simplicity of the gosepl...

Dietrich, ID

@Lightning in the way a letter from the church specifically said that leaders will not use there ecclesiastical authority to perform so called same gender marriages, nor will building be used for receptions or other things associated with so called same gender marriage. Nevertheless visitors are welcome as long as they behave and we should not persecute those who avail themselves of so called same gender marriage. So no the Joseph Smith Memorial building will never host a reception for a same sex couple.

Dietrich, ID

@Boring Guy The State of Utah did not start this. 1st I don't think anyone even thought of marriage of anything other than between a Man and Women for a long time. And the Voters passed law to define marriage between Man and Women. I see no where in the 14th amendment where there is a right to marry someone of the same gender. 9th and 10th amendment give Utah right to define marriage. Why are the plantiff's suing to overturn the will of the people then criticizing Utah for defending what they have a prerogrotive to do. @cdfm Agency is not doing what you want, But being for right choice. Like Drug laws Marriage laws are here because they benefit and effect society one way or the other not just a few individuals.

West Point, UT

Mexican Ute, with all due respect, I don't take their words as the words of God so what they say really has no meaning whatsoever to me. Also, just recently it has been established by leaders of your church that they are indeed fallible and have been known to be wrong from time to time. Maybe, just maybe, this is one of those times. Only time will tell. God bless.

Provo, UT

Homosexuality is a sin so therefore it should not be allowed. It is a commandment from God whether you believe in him or not he created all of us and has given guidelines on how we should live our lives, and being gay isn't part of his plan.

Miss Piggie
Phoenix, AZ

@Two For Flinching:
"Allow me to counter: Same-sex marriage should be allowed."

But what about polygamy, incest, mother/son, father/daughter marriages? Should they be allowed? And if not, why not?

It's very discriminatory that I might soon be able to marry my sister but not my dad or brother.

Layton, UT

The LDS Church would close the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to all marriages if they were required to allow gay marriage there. There are plenty of other places for gays to marry, if that is what they want to call it.

The Scientist
Provo, UT

"Defend your beliefs with courtesy and with compassion, but defend them." - Jeffrey R. Holland (Apr 2014, General Conference of the LDS Church)

Elder Holland is exactly right!

Keep in mind, then, that the majority of Americans ARE defending their belief that marriage equality is right, good, and Constitutional.

Mormons comprise less than 1.7% of the US population. "Nones" comprise over 12%. We will defend our beliefs, as well.

61% of Republican leaning voters aged 18-29 support allowing same-sex couples to marry, while only 27% of Republican leaning voters over 50 years of age are supportive. The Youth of America will also defend their beliefs against the aged.

71% of those with post graduate degrees support marriage equality. The Educated of America will defend our beliefs against the uneducated.

Over 71% of households with incomes over $100,000 support marriage equality. The more wealthy will also defend their beliefs.

63% of women support same sex marriage. Women will also defend their beliefs.

Those who oppose marriage equality will lose, and be an embarassing footnote on the scrap heap of history.

Salt Lake City, UT

BlackDiamond "Homosexuality is a sin so therefore it should not be allowed."
The type of government you seek is called Theocracy.
That is the form of government in Iran, not the United States.


Affairs are a sin so therefore it should not be allowed. It is a commandment from God whether you believe in him or not he created all of us and has given guidelines on how we should live our lives, and being having affairs isn't part of his plan.

I guess we should put government restrictions on extramarital affairs, yeah?

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ BlackDiamond

It's a sin to YOU. If you want to follow his commandments and live your life that way, that's perfectly fine. It's your right to do so. However, this country is not a theocracy, and our laws do not come from the Bible. They come from the Constitution. You don't get a say in how anybody else chooses to live their life, nor do you have the right to vote on who people can, and can't, marry.

Phoenix, AZ

"So no the Joseph Smith Memorial building will never host a reception for a same sex couple."

I think you need to review a New Mexico case which the US Supreme Court just refused to hear, which means a lesser court's ruling holds. The case involved a photographer who refused to photograph a gay wedding. The bottom line is that it's illegal to refuse the service. So, it would also be illegal to refuse use of the Joseph Smith Memorial building for a gay wedding reception.

From a news source: 'The case would have posed an important constitutional question with potentially sweeping implications: whether merchants whose products are inherently expressive must serve customers even when it conflicts with their beliefs.

That could include marketers, advertisers, publicists, website designers, writers, videographers and photographers — and perhaps others.'

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