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Published: Sunday, April 6 2014 10:05 p.m. MDT

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Great idea! But wondering if this will work for adults. Based on the people who participate in class, only about 20% either read the lesson before class or studied it in the past and know it enough to participate. Adult classes will need a different kind of teacher who is not committed to lecture-style and having the scripture verses read in class. And wondering if I could be that kind of teacher if called up to do so. The adult may need the young adults to come in and teach us!

Herriman, UT

I am not looking forward to this.

Sandy, UT

I am looking very forward to this. So often on Sunday we sit for theee hours in church and are lectured. By the last hour class, people are starting to tune out. The best classes I have been in are taught by prepared teachers who ask the right questions and get the discussion going. I think members often don't read manuals or prepare for classes because thry don't have to; the teacher has done it for them and just lectures.

Nampa, ID

Many years ago I was exposed to the Church's curriculum. For the first several time I went through it, i enjoyed it very much. But, After 50 times, at least, it is all I can do to stay awake. Nothing new has been added in fifty years. We wonder why our members don't want to attend! This is GREAT and about time.

Greeley, CO

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! But this will only work if we are each willing to do the work necessary. Lectures about the Gospel do nothing without application. It is easier to apply something that we actively participate in learning. I agree with @KCC that it is very difficult to pay attention when the lesson is exactly the same as it was four years ago. We need to find better ways to apply the scriptures to our own lives and this change in curriculum is designed to help us do just that.

Kaysville, UT

Every 4 years we've had the same class. I'm excited to see a change and new material. The new curriculum for the youth is awesome. My wife teaches the youth in Sunday School and is amazed by the youth. They don't study the lesoon material even when it's texted to them. However they do join into the conversation. We learn better when we teach each other. We will have the opportunity to be active learners.

Kendal, Cumbria

This is how I have always taught... I expect people to come to the class prepared, and ask questions leading to discussion, rather than lecturing... the SS booklets are quite inadequate, and not enough emphasis is given to studying the full lesson materials beforehand... Class members often complain that I will answer a question with a question, to encourage them to think it out for themselves... I remind them that this is how the Saviour taught, and while I am not even close to being in His league, I do the best I can with the inspiration I am given. I don't like being in a class where whole passages of scripture or lesson material are read verbatim; this is such a waste of precious learning time, imho.

I don't think of myself as a teacher... I think of myself as a discussion co-ordinator... that way, I learn, too

Herriman, UT

Forced participation? For this reason when I went on vacation with my teens we ditched SS.

Holladay, UT

I look forward to the new changes as well. Brother Tad Callister is an amazing educator, and I am sure the changes will benefit us adults. As adults we too often fear change. We tend to get comfortable with things the way they are, but the only constant in life is change. Change is needed for our growth. We must continue to learn and grow with changes. I am happy about it.

Los Angeles, CA

I would like to know what new information is available. Is new information available or is it the same old stuff in a different format?

Sister Sarah
Platte City, MO

I'm so excited! As a Gospel Doctrine teacher in my YSA branch, and soon to be missionary (less than 80 days!), I can't wait for it to be implemented in all the wards and branches of the church. This is going to be a huge blessing for everyone!

Brian Utley
Freedom, IN

The brethren ought to try something other than the talking-head routine at general conference. They, by their lectures, defy the "new" efforts that Church makes to teach us something in Sunday School class.

southern son

@Shushannah..Agree 100%. Have been using the same style of 'teaching' for many, many years.
I've noticed,too,that the Spirit seems to be more prevalent in those sessions where there is sincere and serious rhetoric and interaction from many hearts!

South Jordan, UT

I see this as really good as long as the teacher keeps this on a spiritual level. In our ward we are already implementing this. GD teacher uses this as a "therapy-tell all" approach in his life and asks others to do the same. I am uncomfortable hearing some of the things members are encouraged to reveal about their struggles in life. I still want a Gospel-themed discussion. I want to come away having felt the Spirit and oftentimes don't.

That's A Good One
Salt Lake City, UT

Our ward's Gospel Doctrine class starts with the teacher asking a question and then getting out of the way while the three 'I know everything there ever was to know about the everything' folks in the class jockey with each other for a forum to display their knowledge, and the rest of the class zones out on their ipads or smart phones wishing the class would soon end.

You can set your watch on this procedure every Sunday.

How do you tell the three self absorbed 'scholars' that once in a while the other 40 students might even have some valuable, down to earth input that could be of benefit to all?

Lake Havasu City, AZ

I think changes is good and am looking forward to this change. I only have a thought that is a little troubling . What about the Senior citizens that don't use the Computer. I know a lot of us do, however, my husband at 91 years of age wants nothing to do with the computer. amd surely he is not th eonly Senior Citizen in the Church that does not use the computer. He is the Sunday School president in our ward so guess he will have to make some changes also. We have seen many changes inour lives, however, the Gospel is Still True, it does not change.

Hollidaysburg, PA

I am still not quite clear how this is to actually function. As Gospel Doctrine instructor for 5 years, my approach has always been to help the class understand and apply the doctrines of the Gospel to their daily lives. I am not a professional educator, nor am I an expert on the Scriptures. I study, prayerfully, daily, in order to LEAD the class discussion. I have utilized the manual, the scriptures and often refer to two other sources - Meridian Magazine authors and LDS Living author, Ted Gibbons. I feel that these writers are in harmony with Gospel principles so I feel safe in using them. Our class is always a discussion, with me functioning as a "facilitator" more than as a lecturer. Many class members KNOW the scriptures but don't know "what it has to do with ME." How will the new program compare?

Roy, Utah

My experience has been and is that the more I search the scriptures with the purpose of helping others understand the restored gospel the Spirit teaches me how to present a given principle effectively. For example I have a friend that believes any churches baptism is acceptable. There are more than enough scriptures to explain that Jesus nor his disciples accepted just any baptism Acts 19:1-7 about 12 men needed to be re-baptized and then given the H.G. Jesus went from Galilee to Jordon quite a distance to be baptized of John because of Johns divine authority and commission. Has that changed ? No James 1:17 and Hebrew 13:8 The Saviors way is always best,of teaching the new way which is really God's way is very exciting to me. The Holy Ghost is my dearest, closest friend, I love how he teaches me.

Bellevue, WA

This new format will mean that the teacher will have to do a better job of reigning in those people(and every class seems to have at least one)who seem to have a personal experience about every topic under the sun, while the rest of the class sit quietly seething, wishing that they would just give others a chance to talk. Other than that, anything is better than the lecture form of teaching which so many people tune out of after the first five minutes.

The Caravan Moves On
Enid, OK

@ elvisroidutexas - Herriman, UT - "Forced participation? For this reason when I went on vacation with my teens we ditched SS."

Yes, sometimes we LDS members have great teachers in Sunday School and sometimes we don't.

When we have great teachers, we are blessed.

When we don't have great teachers, by still going to the class, we bless the teacher.

How? By showing that we care enough about them to let them learn how to teach. And....by doing that, then, they grow and we grow, too. Bottom line is, when on vacation, or visiting other wards for whatever reason, we should attend all our meetings. Sometimes in the past I have not, I admit, but I know I should.

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