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Published: Sunday, April 6 2014 11:40 a.m. MDT

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Mainly Me
Werribee, 00

‘Will Utah Democrats' focus shift to 'bread-and-butter' issues?’

Nope. They'll continue to whine and moan about social fairness, increasing welfare payments, gun control and how the Dear Leader is so wonderful.

Salt Lake City, UT

There's going to be an opening for Utah Democrats if the Tea Party wing of the GOP pushes the destruction of social security and medicare. Many, many, LDS seniors are dependent on these programs. It's a matter of life and death for them. So the future for Democrats in Utah in large part depends upon how heartless the GOP becomes towards seniors (hint: they are poised to be very heartless).

Centerville, UT

As an LDS Republican that has crossed party lines to vote for Democratic candidates for governor & legislators, I have felt repulsed by Dubakis' "in-your-face" liberal style. Locally I can support Democrats because I feel education needs improvement & the GOP seems most interested in attacking education rather than solving education problems. But with Dubakis as the face of the state Dem party (party chair) I have been pushed fully into the GOP.

Nationally I cannot support a Democrat. They are so aligned with the radical liberal, progressive leaders of Pelosi, Reid & Obama. My understanding of LDS doctrine & US history is offended by the attacks on the family, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, & fiscal insanity that is the Democratic party.

Doug S
Lindon, UT

It was interesting, last month, to hear Jim Dabakis crowing about how he *almost* got a prominent LDS leader (presumably emeritus Elder Marlin Jensen) to run on the Democratic ticket and taking that as an example of the Utah Democratic Party's increased appeal to Mormons.

Uh . . . Jim . . . the question Utahns need to ask isn't why Jensen was *almost* willing to hitch his horse to your wagon. The question is why--in the end--he wouldn't do it.

Provo, UT

McAdams, Davis, and others like them simply need to start another party.

With the damage done to the Democratic brand nationally by its attitudes since the party's "hard left turn" under Nancy Pelosi, and with the state party having lost all credibility regarding representing everyday Utahns under Dabakis, trying to get Utahns to vote Democrat again is just not a smart idea.

There are plenty of people in this state who care more about education, the environment, etc than the state Republican party insiders do, and who are poorly represented by our legislators. But they don't want to be associated with what the Democratic Party has become. Start a third party instead.

Woods Cross, UT

The Democrats will fail to gain inroads into the LDS community for several more years at least. I am an LDS Democrat. I want a stronger emphasis on education. I want greater protection of the environment. I want a rational immigration policy. I believe that healthcare is still an important issue.

But the Democratic Party has been taken over by radicals who believe that abortion is permissible in practically every instance, that SSM is an absolute right, that gay rights trump religious liberties, that gun ownership is a crime. I can't turn to the Tea Party-dominated Republican Party. I KNOW I'm not one of them. But I no longer feel at home in the Democratic party. Is there a political home out there for me?

Upson Downs
Sandy, UT

I think Mr. Corroon is mistaken in his analysis of the issues Utah voters are supporting. He says that he thinks Utah voters are pushing for the same things as Utah Democrats. That may be true for a couple of issues such as education and air quality. But I think he lessens the importance to Utah voters of higher profile issues such as abortion, same sex marriage, and limiting religious freedom over gay issues. Speaking only for myself, I would not vote for any Democrat, Mormon or non-Mormon as long as their national party platform contains support for abortion, same sex marriage, and limiting religious freedoms. Utah Democrats may be good honest people, but the platform they support, will not win my vote.

Doug S
Lindon, UT

Marxist, the great threat to Medicare and Social Security is simple arithmetic, not the tea partiers or the Republican Party. Those latter groups are merely pointing out that mathematically the choice is dramatic restructuring now versus total collapse later.

Sugar City, ID

I agree with Upson Downs but I am equally turned off with the Republicans. I'm glad to see the changes in the Democratic Party but I still prefer a system where the individual and not the Party is most important. The two party system is not serving us well and we should look at alternatives such as the instant runoff.

Provo, UT

If Democrats would focus on public education, economic advances (tax cuts), jobs, fair wages, infrastructure...they would win. Instead they focus on gay marriage, locking up the public lands, illegal immigration....those are losers in Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT

Jim Dabakis did a great job - he expressed what many Democrats feel about issues, he was irreverent, and funny. Many Republicans who disagreed with him on the issues liked him as well. It will be interesting if having a middle of the road Democrat actually improves voter turnout for Democrats.

Morgan Hill, CA

I will be more comfortable with the Democratic party when:

Their concept of "diversity" includes the Boy Scouts, Hobby Lobby and Chick Fil-A;
Their concept of "inclusiveness" includes the unborn;
Their concept of human rights includes religious liberty and the right to life, and
their concept of freedom of conscience includes people who decline to participate in a same-sex marriage.

Salt Lake City, UT

The ongoing destruction of the middle class is potentially a potent issue for Democrats. But they have to have a much better theoretical understanding of what is going on, than they do at present. They will need an understanding of Marx. But the prospect of having anything to do with such scares them to death.

That being the case, maybe Democrats should just fold up and leave the field to a resurgent socialist party. It was the socialist parties of the 1930's which gave Democrats some spine.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

It might be a good idea for Utah Republicans to see beyond gay marriage and abortion, which probably doesn't effect too many in their circle, and concentrate more on the education of their own children and why the Utah GOP seems so intent on its destruction.

Virginia Beach, VA

"In order for the Democratic Party to win, most voters — and we know most are LDS voters — need to feel comfortable again that the Democratic Party expresses their values . . . "

Is keeping promises a Utah value? Is hard work a Utah value. Republican representatives in the US Congress have promised to represent Utahns, but is that really happening?

Much of the brouhaha with the Affordable Care Act could have been avoided if Republican Congressmen had actually done their jobs and provided some input into the ACA. Obama invited them to provide input and help design the bill. But Republican as a whole chose to snub Obama, and they refused to participate.

As a result, the contents of the ACA contains very little input from Republicans. Your Congressmen refused to represent YOU in Congress.

Utah Democratic Congressmen would be willing to actually WORK in Congress to get the job done and ensure that Utahns are represented.

Why would anyone want to vote for Republicans with a history of NOT representing Utahns, when Democratic candidates are eager to work hard for Utah?

Tooele, UT

Re: "Will Utah Democrats' focus shift to 'bread-and-butter' issues?"

Not a chance.

The national Party is stuck on "bread-and-circus" issues, and state Party apparatchiks are simply too beholden to the vote-buying DNC to think for themselves and do what's best for Utah.

Provo, ut

Its a narrow tightrope those Utah Democrats have to walk, nearly every plank of the national platform goes against the LDS perspective, so to be a Utah Democrat leads the party in an anti-mormon direction, which is rather off-putting to 70% of the population. Until the Utah Democrats can divorce themselves from the radical national platform it will be hard to get any traction here.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT


"Much of the brouhaha with the Affordable Care Act could have been avoided if Republican Congressmen had actually done their jobs and provided some input into the ACA."


nice revisionist history

Sandy, UT


The republicans, including several who are doctors, tried repeatedly to work with Obama on the ACA. He would not even respond to them.

Democrats have a hard sell. The can push education, which is popular with many in Utah, buy most folks here are smart enough to know that it comes with the abortion, gas marriage, extremist environmentalist baggage. You can try and put a pretty face on it but voting for a Democrat is ultimately voting for abortion, gay marriage and extremist environmentalism.


Abortion effects me every time an unborn child of my Heavenly Father is flushed down a sink. Do you really think that Jesup thinks it is OK to kill a child because they might be inconvenient?

Huntsville, u

In reply to Marxist in above comment,-- you soon forget that the ACA is what took money from Medicare to make their plan try and work. Not that it ever will work, but it still took the money. They don't actually say take, the just say "divert". Sounds better that way.

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