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Published: Saturday, April 5 2014 6:10 p.m. MDT

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Calgary, 00

It would be interesting to learn how many were paid in some way to protest and to spoil the sacredness of Temple Square. Excommunicate those who are LDS women. They want to bring down the Church, change the Church, tell God how outdated He and His ideas are, as if they know something He doesn't??? "Counsel not thy God."

David Mohr
Victoria/BC/Canada, 00

It is sad that there are sisters that do not realize that they are half of a whole and the way to being whole (or having equality to a man) is temple marriage not ordination.The search for 'equality' has taken much from men while supposedly giving women more. Men lost their male-only gyms for example while women retained their female-only gyms. My first question to the Ordain Women people is - have you asked of God? Then it would be - if you received revelation that women should be ordained then why has not the Prophet? When the Prophet lets us know that God has let him know that women are to be ordained, then and only then will I give my full-hearted support to the ordination of women. I pray that these sisters realize that the ways of the world are not the ways of God and that when we decided to dictate to God then we stand to lose our eternal exaltation.

Somewhere in Time, UT

This is such a non issue.

Like the vast majority of LDS women, I follow the Prophet of God and have no need to demonstrate or beg to be ordained.

As a woman I have no shame or insecurity about my role in the Church or my value in God's eyes. I know I am equal to men and have no need to be ordained in order to feel valuable.

Taylorsville, UT

These women need to reread the scriptures re Korah and his minions in Numbers 16, where they claimed that by virtue of their lineage they too had right to the High Priesthood. Moses told them they erred and tomorrow to bring their censors to the tabernacle and offer their sacrifice. They did, The Lord was unhappy with the assumption and opened the Earth and were swallowed some two hundred fifty. Their friends also suffered with their death to the tune of more than 20,000, tents, livestock, families etal.
I should think these sisters and their male supporters think thru way The Lord operates his church, not at the behest of protestors or rebels, but the way He wants it run. Don't be found kicking against the thorns.

Idaho Falls, ID

They must not have been listening to the talks today. They were pretty clear that the Lord isn't concerned with keeping up with the times.

Spanish Fork, UT

I am very impressed with Elder Oak's talk in the Priesthood session; it should be required reading for all women. He completely explains the rights of women.

Highland, UT

Thank you, Elder Oaks, for a fantastic talk addressing the value and importance of women. I hope these women paid heed to his counsel, along with all other members of the church.

South Jordan, UT

"“We feel like ordination is the only thing that will bring us to full equality with our brethren in the church"...

Sadly sister, Priesthood is not about "full equality", it is about our duty in life to God and our families, the ONLY person who will dictate what to do or not, how and when is GOD.

IF we really consider that we are members of the true church and we believe that is guided by Jesus himself, we should not question him or God about it. Sometimes could be challenging to do something after questioning why or how, WE need to work on that.

Jesus himself is at the head of this church, we are not, if we keep our promises and we follow him, He will bless our lives on what we really need.

Enjoy the conference!

North Salt Lake, UT

How is this for a rebuke towards the apostate group of women clamoring to get a peek into the priesthood session. What would you all say if we men tried getting into the General Women's Meeting? You would all scream at your super-soprano best and stomp your pretty feet until your high-heeled shoes break until every last male who isn't a part of the Church's First Presidency is chased out of the meeting. It would be like a man trying to work out at Curves. You of the 200+ women trying to get into the priesthood meeting should make sure that there aren't any of your bishops and stake presidents watching you or you could face a church disciplinary court for your apostate conduct. And you men who are found amongst the female group can be held accountable for such actions as well. I am just doing what is said in the Doctrine and Covenants where it says that 'those who are warned are to warn his neighbor'.

Latter-day Woman
Taylorsville, UT

I think this issue has more to do with faith. Does this group of LDS women not have faith that Jesus is at the head of the LDS Church? Do they not have the faith necessary to follow a living prophet? Do they not have faith in the organization and workings of the church. Do they not have the faith that the women leaders (Relief Society, Young Women and Primary) have input with the brethren at the head of Christ's church. We as women of the LDS Church have more power, voice and influence than our counterparts IF we will work together in the work of the Lord. We also can do more damage, stuff-up ears, and hinder the work when we are battling against ourselves. Sisters of the LDS church, it is time to look in the mirror and see where we stand and with whom we stand with. A small group of disgruntled women, or the living prophet of God.


I think these women have a good case and will someday prevail. The LDS Church has a history of reversing teachings and doctrines that most members thought were permanent. Happened in the late 19th century and again in the 1970s. It's not unforeseeable that it might happen again.

Cedar City, UT

If you have an issue with the church, you ask God to tell the prophet what to do; you don't ask the prophet to tell God what to do. I most certainty don't need priesthood ordination to feel good about myself. I'm embarrassed to see these women baring their insecurities to the world and calling it "feminism".

Lindon, UT

To ask respectfully for someone to consider something is not a problem. When that consideration is given but you aren't happy about the result and then move from asking to insisting, that is a problem. Considering something is quite different than agreeing with and acting. Ladies-- your request has been considered. Now it's time to accept and continue in faith or reject and move on with your life outside the Church. The choice is yours.

beach, ND

This is sad to me. If they love the church like they say they do, they would follow the prophet. They would have listened when they were asked to go to another spot and not present themselves. Men were made by God to be different from women. Women different from men. Neither sex is superior or inferior, rather they have different rolls in this life and each gender is to support and sustain one another. Revelation has not been given that women should hold the priesthood. If they love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, they would follow the teachings of the church. If they don't like what is being done in this church and want to make their own rules, equality issues, etc. then maybe they should start their own church and see how far the priesthood would get them then. It's just sad that they want to be apart of this church but don't want to abide by it's teachings. They obviously love the attention they are getting. It is just sad to me that they won't even listen to the prophet. Sad.

Houston, TX

Elder Oaks made it very clear tonight that the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve can exercise the keys of the priesthood only as the Lord directs. It will do no good to protest for something that the Lord hasn't authorized. Those in the Ordain Women group would better use their time in fasting and prayer to Him whom they worship, rather than build public disapproval of the Lord's church and servants.

Mcallen, TX

If these women don't believe the leaders represent God, -they need to find another church.

Danny Chipman
Lehi, UT

Sad. Just sad.

Alpine, UT

To all LDS women (and men) protesting: Gain a testimony that the Lord is in charge!

Sister McGoo
Cushing, OK

As a female member of the LDS church, i personally feel very blessed by our current preisthood organization. we could be like other religions I suppose, where the select few hold the preisthood and the only ones that have it in their homes are the pastors family. That would make me sad though. Our Heavenly Father had seen fit to bless us with having unprecedented acces to the preisthood by having it in our own home. in every home. This is unique to our church, and is is part of what makes us such a wonderful religion. No change needed.

Exton, PA

I find the reality of the OW movement to be narcissitic in gaining attention to itself and the fundamental lack of knowledge regarding the doctrines of the Church on the part of the subject women in the OW.

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