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Published: Saturday, April 5 2014 2:55 p.m. MDT

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Martinich & Stewart – I believe two committed, devout Mormons – put Mormon activity level as now down to about 30%. Does the reported yearly tithing intake of Mormonism agree with only 4,524,608 active Mormons?

I'm surprised at absence of any new temples. Should I be? – or does this happen from time to time in the last 20 or 30 years? Is it an aberration? Does the lack of any new temples being built even hint at saturation?

David H
Layton, UT

I'm surprised to learn that the First Presidency has more than three people in it.

Plano, TX

There have been several instances where there were more than 2 counselors to the President of the church concurrent. David O'McKay had 5 when I was a kid and B.Y. had several too.

Plano, TX

Runia and Durrant, almost half a starting five ...

Spanish Fork, UT

I am so pleased to read that even non-mormons and inactives are listening to conference.

Sparks, NV

This was a wonderful conference for those who listened to it and would heed the messages given. It was inspirational and uplifting. It was also a time of warning and reflection.

As for claims that the church has slowed its growth, that should not concern anyone. There are many examples in the Book of Mormon where the church grew quickly or decreased in growth due to a number of factors: war, pride, riches, persecution, etc. No matter what the current trend is (its still growing) the end result will eventually be that it fill the whole earth.

Lindon, UT

Some of these comments are down-right laughable. When did over 280,000 converts become a "stand still?" The new members of the "presidency" are members of the Quorum of the Seventy presidency (not 1st Pres.) which has had more than 3 for as long as I remember. I don't see the lack of new temples announced as a sign of anything other than giving a chance for those under construction to be completed first.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Seriously, Little Red Corvette, you listened to the statistical report? I don't, but hey, thanks for confirming that the Church is relevant.

Sally Smiles-a-Lot
Vernal, UT

Red Corvette, not sure what statistic you are looking at, but membership growth has stayed close to 300,000 per year for several years. The membership of 15,082,028 as announced this afternoon, is an increase of 299,555 over 2012. The increase of the previous year was 371,127. The year before that (stats for 2011) it was 309,879. The year before that was 306,613. And so on. I have recorded it in a notebook each year.

Temple building has gone at a rapid rate for several years. Many new ones have already been announced and in some stage of development or building. By the time these are all complete, there will be about 170 temples. When the need arises, and appropriate locations are found, there will be more.

And David H., the First Presidency still has just 3 people. There were many changes in other organizations, such as the Sunday School Presidency, and various quorums of Seventy. The 12 Apostles are not called as Counselors formally, but they all meet together in council meetings in the temple. There have been instances when more counselors were needed, often due to health issues with the prophet. If the need arises, the Lord will call them.

Rugeley, Staffs

Shelama, there are several Temples still under construction. Paris, France, Lisbon, Portugal and Rome, Italy are three here in Europe alone. The fact that there are no new ones announced this Conference does not speak of saturation. It merely states that we have become too blaise about the number of Temples announced, and take it for granted that there will be more each Conference. There are other programmes also clamouring for extra finance, and so the cloth has to be cut accordingly.

We know that it has been prophesied that even the elect will be deceived, and so should not be shocked that folks fall away. That does not point to a conclusion that the Church is failing, more that Christianity in general is falling foul of an increasing trend of a world that is losing sight of God.

Lehi, UT

I read the article again but didn't understand where David H comes up with more than 3 in the First Presidency? Since President McKay, there hasn't been more than 3 although as President McKay did, more than 3 is the President's choice. David, please clarify if possible.

Medical Lake, Washington

There are only 3 members of the First Presidency currently --- any changes made this conference were to the 7 Presidents of the Seventy (which always has 7 members).

There are still quite a few temples under construction. I suspect they'll finish those, or most of them before announcing any more. As was announced, there are currently 142 operating temples, and when the rest are completed that are now under construction, it will bring the total up to around 170.

I think church growth is doing fine -- certainly better than was ever predicted prior to the Civil War.

Cleveland, TN

Pres. Monson explained the reason for not announcing new temples very succinctly. I am not the best listener but when you hear that "when all previously announced and under construction temples are completed" (I may not have that quoted exactly, sorry) there will be 170 temples. That means that there are 28 temples under construction. I also heard said that when lands are determined and procured will more temples be announced. I agree that despite the 'decrease' in growth, the Church is quickly going to fill the Earth. I think all the comments on internet and social media use will bear that out. Also the huge number of missionaries in the world will also bear fruit. Christ is on track, whether it looks like it or not. What a wonderful conference this is! I can't wait to hear the second session I missed because I was out picking up a stranded friend whose truck broke down. We are so blessed in these latter days! I would have had to wait two months not but a couple of decades ago.

Draper, UT

Question, please. Does anyone know if the membership numbers include those who have left the church in the last year? It would be interesting to see number of convert baptisms compared to number of those who asked that their names be removed from the records.

C. Gardner

I am not sure why some are commenting that the growth of the Church has slowed. In 2013, there were 45 new stakes created. That nearly equates to one per week. There were 931 new wards created which equates to 18 new wards per week. Total membership grew just under 300,000 (299,555). New converts grew 10,615 over a year ago at 282,945. Child of record baptisms did reduce by 6,787 which says that fewer children were baptized. There are now 83,035 full-time missionaries representing growth of 24,045 over the number a year ago. Sounds to me like the church continues to grow as it provides answers to questions of the soul that so many are looking.

Stable thought

There are many religions that love to have 290,000 increase in membership, I find interesting how the nay Sayers love to find things to point to as the down fall of this church. Those of us who can separate emotion and logic understand the challenges the current changes in society is going through and how it effects the church. Challenges in retention yes, slowed growth yes, but this is a work that never be stayed from it's course.

Cinci Man

Gordon B. Hinckley was 3rd Counselor to President Kimball in 1981 until N. Eldon Tanner died in 1982. David O. Mckay had 4 Counselors in 1965 which grew to 5 in 1968. Hugh B. Brown was a 3rd Counselor a short time in 1961 until J. Reuben Clark died. Joseph F. Smith had a First Counselor in John Winder from 1901 to 1910 who was not an apostle. Charles W Nibley was Second Counselor, also not an apostle, from 1925 to 1933. So there are several exceptions to what some would call 'normal' in First Presidencies. But one thing remains constant; they are all called of God. What a wonderful conference.


Understanding what Satan is will help end fear of the unknown. Dear Elder Holland: I was out front of LDS Conference Center today. I told the people this is the true church of God. But we need to understand Satan's role in our behavior. We are being silent about things that are wrong.
Please get LDS Leadership to reply to my question.
I have requested LDS Leadership so determine if Satan is instinctual behavior mechanism.
So far no statement by email, mail or Church news has come forth. I hope the answer will come this conference. It is a simple question is the revelation that Satan is a creation of God true on not.
The Lord says; to prepare you for my coming,
I reveal one of my mysteries.
Satan is my creation so you can have life.
Instinct program is Satan.
Share this with the world now.
I come soon.
given through his Holy Spirit who called me as a witness.
by Elder Jonathan L. Peterson

Florissant, MO

What seems to be slowing down is children being baptized, seems like those numbers were always more then convert baptisms. Less babies being born in the church.

Salt Lake City, UT

When you have a church that grows more members than the liberals grow jobs in the USA........I can see why you Libs would think the church is stagnant .

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