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Published: Saturday, April 5 2014 11:10 a.m. MDT

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Gone fishin
PAC Country, CA

I don't see Wilson lasting more than a few games. The backups better be ready for the punishment of stronger pac teams every week, including wsu and the other teams ahead of the utes in talent.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

The move to the "mobile quarterback" and the game-long "no huddle offense" tends to doom having one QB be available for every snap. I think the next evolution is seeing multiple quarterbacks in every game. With eight on the roster, we should at least give it a whirl.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Henry - I agree, I think we're also going to start to see more and more teams rotating QB's a lot more, it will continually keep the defense nervous.


How does it feel cheering for a team that has less talent than a team you're mocking for having less talent than others.

WSU talent > Utah talent > byu "talent"

That sound about right?

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

As I recall,BYU beat WSU the last time they played, something u could not do. Nice try though.
BYU beats WSU, WSU beats Utah. BYU wins your flawed argument.

The Anti Chris
Salt Lake City, UT

I have a hard time following your logic since BYU beat WSU last time they played. Please remind me how utah fared last time they played WSU.



Utah beat Alabama the last time they played them. Utah should be ranked higher than Alabama every year. Yup, your logic is brilliant.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Down under:

"As I recall,BYU beat WSU the last time they played, something u could not do. Nice try though."

As I recall, the Y didn't play the last WSU team Utah lost to. And, as I also recall, the last time the Y DID play and beat WSU, the Utes beat them that year also. Only when we beat them, we did so by nearly twice as many points as the Y did.

Edge: Utah.

Nice try though.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

The Anti Chris:

Speaking of "FAILED LOGIC", just read what I wrote to "Down under".

Your logic was a failure indeed.

Besides, I have a hard time following your logic since Utah beat the Y the last time they played. Please remind me how Utah fared the three times before that, and then let me know which team is the one with the larger talent gap.

Highland, UT

utah has 9 qb's. if they can't make it through the season with 9 qb's then they won't ever make it through a season.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


I know, right? Both "Down under" and "The Anti Chris" are calling out Utah fans for "flawed argument(s)" and "FAILED LOGIC" by insisting that the Y has more talent than the U because the U lost to a team they didn't play that year...

...in a year the Y lost to the Utes.

That's some serious mental gymnastics there.


Naval Vet, it's the same poster, just different screen names. And it's no "Anti" Chris, it's just Chris in blue.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

We beat WSU the last time we play and Utah did not so we are way better than utah.
But scoreboards only count sometimes not every time cause a lot of time the best team looses. to utah.

Centerville, UT

"Elliott was hurt in the 2003 opener"

It was the last offensive play of the 2nd game vs Texas A&M.

West Point , UT

I thought Kendal Thompson was going to be the likely starter this year and Wilson would get a much needed redshirt. But it sounds like people expect Wison to still be the starter. I think people are forgetting that before his injury he threw 6 INTs vs UCLA. He was already taking a turn in the wrong direction before his injury, so letting him RS would seem like a good idea for him & Thompson seems like a good player that can come in and make things happen. What's ute fans opinion on it?


Cougsndawgs, honestly I'm somewhat conflicted on it. I think Travis may be the best leader the team has this year, and I still think he has good upside. But in overall ability and fit for this offense, Thompson may be the better guy on the field. It'd be hard to see Travis have to relinquish his role after working so hard to take it his freshman year only to have a string of misfortunes on and off the field last year, but based on the limited amount I've seen and heard about him, Thompson may give the best chance to win more games this year. QB competition will undoubtedly be the biggest storyline going into fall camp, and maybe even throughout the season (unless whoever wins the job regularly tears opposing defenses apart). Either way, I'll always be a Travis Wilson fan, he's a great kid and fun (sometimes frustrating) to watch.



Wilson has a ton of potential. Did you even watch the UCLA game? 1/2 those interceptions were a direct result of receivers tipping the ball in the air on very catchable thrown balls. The final interception was during the waning seconds of the game on 4th and 20. It's hard to justify 6 picks but I think he deserves a little leeway for that game. Wilson will turn some heads this year.

West Point , UT

Yep, I think it will really depend on how well Thomoson does in the fall. If I were a ute fan I would want to see Wilson redshirt because he hasn't been able to work out fully this year, and hasn't been cleared for contact yet. I like Wilson also, anyone can see the potential, but it would be nice to see him sit this year out and hone things and learn the new offense. If he had been healthy and played a lot and been cleared during the offseason I would obviously think differently.

Yes I watched the entire UCLA game. Some of those tips were balls thrown behind or too hard when touch on the ball was required. I agree they weren't all on Travis but like you said, it's hard to justify 6 picks. I think his confidence was rattled last year...he didn't have stellar games against Stanford or USC either, although those games were during and after his finger injury. I think a year on the sidelines and building his confidence & health would be best for him. Hopefully Thompson plays well and allows that to happen.

Highland, UT


I don't know if wilson has "a ton of potential" but he isn't bad and I agree that he deserves "a little leeway". In fact I think he'll be the starter, there is a reason the thompson kid transferred from a top flight football school like oklahoma to a low end pac12 program like utah, it is because he couldn't play at oklahoma.

wilson's size alone makes him an intriguing prospect although his arm strength is not stellar it looks to be good enough for the college game. But he is responsible for most of his picks, that side arm throwing motion with his elbow down low keeps the ball low and makes it easy to knock down or pick off. But as I said you are right that he deserves "a little leeway" and I think he could be a good qb for his last 2 years.

Phoenix, AZ

Isn't this the key to everyone's success? If a starting QB goes down, there are not many teams that can keep the mojo going. Weak article

Provo, UT


While you make an excellent point, I wonder why you are still here on the Utah threads? Since claiming that AZ people are too good for anything Utah or BYU, your comments on said team's articles seems to be on the rise. What gives?

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