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Published: Friday, April 4 2014 10:30 p.m. MDT

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Las Vegas, NV

Why must the Jazz try to win? Seriously, they are not even able to lose successfully. With every win, a high draft pick gets farther away, stop winning!

Vernal, UT

All right, way to go Jazz. A last second win against Orlando, and a win tonight and you have moved yourselves from about a 15.6% chance of winning the draft lottery to an 8.8% chance. In other words instead of having 156 ping pong balls in the hopper, they now have 88. I think the Jazz should fight hard and win 3 or 4 more games to end the season. They might be able to get themselves down around 1 to 2% odds of getting the number one pick, in this one of the most loaded drafts in years. If anyone ever wonders why the Jazz are not going to win a championship, this is it, they can't see past today. I understand they can't just lay down and quit, but why not play people who normally don't get as much time ? I would sub in Gail Miller, a couple of ushers from portals A and B, and maybe the water boy, if I had to.

Saint Louis, MO

Six more nights of turmoil and the "nightmare" is over. Then, the Jazz can pull out the puzzle box and try to put Humpty-Dumpty back together. Hayward wants to join the Celtics and his old college coach. Whether he will be able to take the money and run is another story. The key will be the cap space from the 3 "tethered" Warrios, Jefferson, Rush, and Biedrins. Hopefully, they will be able to bring in a couple of good free agents and go onward and upward. Hayward will be a key issue in the offseason. However if he can, he will be gone. How about letting Hayward go to the Celtics in exchange for Boston's number one draft choice?


I am so proud that the Jazz continue to win! It shows the character of the team members and the coach. Trying to lose for a better lottery pick is cheating in my book. It is the same as throwing a game for money. I was a little unhappy during this season when I didn't think they were trying their best a few times but I still stand behind the Jazz all the way and every year. What has happened to loyalty? Oh yeh, it went the same way as good sportsmanship.

Sandy, UT

Thank you, Grandmajazz! I am totally with you. There MUST be at least a couple of us willing to hang in there for this Jazz team and try to be encouraging. We look like we are in the minority, however, according to most of these posts.

Go Jazzboys on Sunday!!!

Los Olivos, CA

Point guard play (for a change) led the way: 8 assists.....getting the ball to the right guys at the right time in the right place, instead of dumping it off onto Hayward with 1 second left on the shot clock.

Vernal, UT


Your comment:"I am so proud that the Jazz continue to win", has me laughing just a little. The key words being "continue" and "win". I know what you are meaning, but it still sounds funny.

Orem, UT

I think the franchise is on suicide watch at this time. It appears that they want to lower their chances to get a good draft pick. With each win, for a team that is already eliminated from the playoffs, it's no consolation to pick up a win for pride. It only eliminates their chances of getting a quality franchise player. Gordon Hayward will not be in a Jazz uniform next year. Someone will pick him up and offer a price that would make the Jazz look foolish to match. I hope the Jazz are not that stupid to get Hayward back at any cost. It will be another Kirilenko deal that will strap the franchise for years to come and remove any chance of trading him.

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