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Published: Friday, April 4 2014 6:30 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

I can say from personal experience that using a hands free device is no less distracting than hand dialing a cell phone. The distraction is in the driver's brain, not in using their hands. Having said that, I agree with many of the posters that it seems unreasonable to try to draw the line anywhere. Things like eating while driving, adjusting the air conditioning, and having a screaming child in the car can all be as distracting as using a cell phone.

Portland, OR

Yeah bad idea, and on top of it it's a criminal offense, not a traffic violation?

Provo, UT

wrz, Almost every study done by a non-government agency says that the leading cause of deaths is distracted driving, NOT speeding. Speeding account for less than 15% while distracted driving is more than 70. Only the government studies say speeding is the number one killer. So this law is actually trying to tackle the real problem. However, hands free use is just as distracting as hands on use. This law was written 100% incorrectly. We need to limit the use of cell phones in cars, but not being able to click "next" on your music while you can do that on your radio is asinine and makes no sense, and honestly shows that law makers do not think of the whole picture but rather create laws on emotion.

Karena Bridges

Awesome!! I'm so tired of following behind people who are clearly unplugged. This will also give me more leverage with my teenagers.

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