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Published: Friday, April 4 2014 3:35 p.m. MDT

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The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

I support the free market, which the Dnews supposedly supported just a few days ago with Hobby lobby and the Arizona bill (that was vetoed by their governor).

If this CEO is so valuable then he will have no problem finding another job. Folks who disagree with Firefox can decide not to buy their products.

Corporations are people. So if a corporation doesn't like it's CEO they can get rid of it for any reason.

it's funny how repubs love the free market when it's for stuff they like then demand government intervention for stuff they don't like.

Erda, Ut

Gee, funny you say Californians think it's wrong. Marriage between a man and a woman passed twice. It's the Federal Government who is ignoring people's voting rights making it unconstitutional. I don't think the Founding Fathers thought we would become perverse enough of a generation to demand same sex marriage especially since most came from England seeking religious freedom. God will prevail in the end regardless of these posts trying to make us homophobics for sticking up for marriage and family and liberty and against corruption of the United States by immoral leaders.

Salt Lake City, UT

Freedom of speech is not freedom from criticism.

Also when you want to cite the unfairness of loosing ones job due to their opinions?

14,000 American men and women were discharged from the US military due solely to their orientation under 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' with ZERO response from the Right-leaning circles.

In Salt Lakes 2009 Discrimination report people reported discrimination in Housing and Employment 3 times per month.

Per month.

Notice, when there is factual backlash about anti-gay comments, NOW people are 'uneasy'...?

Doth protest too much, I think.

Charlotte, NC

WOW! This is scary. Nobody is safe -- if you are a conservative. But shouldn't Barack Obama also be fired? He was outspoken against Gay Marriage at that time (before it became politically expedient to favor it).

I am writing this comment using Mozilla as my browser. It will be the last time I use Mozilla as my browser. I have no longer have any respect for that company. They are the new definition of narrow minded.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

An eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth only makes the whole world blind and toothless.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Hobby Lobby CEO wants to tell employees what to do - GOOD.
Mozilla tell CEO [an employee] what to do - BAD.

Oh I see, it's a double standard....hypocritical.

Salt Lake City, UT

Obama obviously supported same-sex marriage all along, he just closeted himself for a while. Do you really believe those statements about evolving? The evolution he was waiting for had nothing to do with himself, it had to do with waiting for the public to catch up so that he could openly take that position without doing electoral harm to himself. It's a pretty cowardly tactic on his part.

Cleveland , OH

@On The Other Hand: "Show me a CEO ousted for quietly making a political donation in favor of gay marriage, and I'll join you in being indignant."

How about the 14,000 members of the military who were hounded and prosecuted and fired (discharged) for being Gay?

How about a dozen teachers fired in the last six months for being Gay or getting married in a legal ceremony to their partner, or even for planning their wedding? Google teachers fired for being gay, read the stories. Note, especially the protests from students and parent groups.

SSM was legal in California. Eich contributed to remove civil rights from citizens and, by supporting that, he supported the attitudes that lead to the firing and harassment of Gay workers.

Being Gay does not conflicts with the Scouting mission. Scouting is about honesty, integrity, and woodscraft. Gay men can fit that description, and their leadership would be very helpful for Gay Scouts. Sadly, those men are excluded based on prejudice, not on their fitness, knowledge, or willingness to serve.

Mark from Montana
Davis County, UT

Sullivan, who is himself gay, wrote, “If this is the gay rights movement today — hounding our opponents with a fanaticism more like the religious right than anyone else — then count me out.”

Yet that is exactly the atmosphere that currently prevails in the US today.

Vincentown, NJ

What's next? Setting up a gulag to exile the people who support classic marriage? Getting someone fired is economic terrorism. These witch-hunts and purges are a frightening reminder of a barbaric streak in humanity which has a thirst for revenge. Interesting that the Church of Scientology supported Prop 8. Think those actors involved in scientology are still working? Of course they are. Where's the consistency?

Provo, UT

I'm on the more liberal side and I'm uncomfortable with this forced resignation. I think that there are people on the left that insist on ideological purity just as there are on the right (tea party), and I find both "my way or the highway" attitudes juvenile and ridiculous. But I have to say, I'm getting tired of people whining about religious persecution when what's really going on is that people are finally standing up for their rights. In other words, I don't think Mr. Eich should have been forced out of his job for a donation in favor of Prop 8, but I don't think that every time a gay person gets married it is trampling on a religious person's rights. (Their rights to what exactly? To be free from hearing about gay marriage? Not sure how on earth these whiners think that someone else getting married is causing them such great suffering. They are as equally over the top as the gay rights activists they are complaining about in this case.)

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

@Karen R:
"When did diversity come to mean tolerance of odious beliefs?" It has always meant that.
Besides, it is only your opinion that it is odious? Did you vote for Obama in 2008. He said then that he believed that marriage should be between a man and woman.

play by the rules

If Mozilla thought they were seeing boycotts before Eich's firing, they should wait to see what they will see after the firing. I yanked firefox off of all of my PCs and Macs. 1,000,000 instances of that will have an impact. 10,000,000 will cause them to sweat. Plan on convincing others to make them sweat.

play by the rules

I am seeing some very rational thought from those who are more on the left on the message board. I think that if we look at one another as good people with differing opinions we can be friends. We can fight for different causes and debate vigorously, but must get along in the end. Rounding up gays or Christians for their point of view is not the answer on either end of the spectrum nor is stifling their freedom of expression. Thank you to those whom are on the opposite side of the core issue for realizing that we can live together and embrace our differences.

Tooele, UT

@Karen R.

You said - "I am glad that there are consequences for acting on beliefs that cause harm for no good reason."

Okay then, my question to you is, where do we draw the line?

Would you be willing to see someone forced from their job if, for example, they have in anyway opposed abortion? What if someone opposes tighter environmental laws? Should that person be forced from their job because they support a position which you and others my find harmful?

The left loves to lecture people saying things like, "Free speech doesn't mean you're free of consequences for speaking up." But in my view, what those words really really mean is, "Speech is only free if you agree with what I believe. Otherwise, we will strip you of your livelihood and anything else we can get our hands on."


I actually agree with you about gays in the military. Don't Ask Don't Tell was a disaster. However, in using that as an example, what you're truly saying is, the left is just as intolerant of other's opinions and lifestyles as the right.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Mozilla has every right to sack a CEO who fails to embody their corporate message. However, they have given lie to the claim that their mission has anything to do with tolerance for diversity. They are bowing to the forces of intolerance.

Salt Lake City, UT

to Cats

Because there is no my way or the highway mentality in just religion just secular causes you don't agree with? 3 words. Pot. Kettle. Black.

re: LDS Liberal


Steve T
American Fork, UT

This is where democracy is headed. Now that unlimited political contributions are allowed, we must choose products and services run by companies with executives that are aligned with our political views. No longer are social, political, economic topics separated in America. If you support traditional marriage, stop using Firefox. If you support Sabbath Day observance, eat Chickfila. If you support the rights of the unborn, .... etc. This is the world we live in.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Re: "it's funny how repubs love the free market when it's for stuff they like then demand government intervention for stuff they don't like"...

Didn't ask for GOVERNMENT intervention. Just asking for the Left to be more tolerant of people they disagree with.


Comparing it to Hobby Lobby controversy... apples-oranges. HL fired no one... HL just didn't want to be forced to break their religious covenants (by order of Government).

If your insurance doesn't pay for contraceptives... just buy them yourself. It's not a big deal. They aren't expensive, and if you think it's worth it... seems like YOU should be willing to pay for them.


LDS Liberal
HL didn't tell it's employees what to do. They can sleep with whoever they want. No threat of firing

They just don't want to aid in ending lives prematurely. If employees want to do it... they can. I don't see why HL not being forced to do it... is such a big issue to you.


RE Mozilla CEO.... you pretend he's a big anti-gay activist... he just donated a little money to a political campaign!

Karen R.
Houston, TX

@ Tekakaromatagi

Our beliefs about LGBT's weren't right until we recognized they were wrong. The beliefs have always been odious. Now that we recognize this, why would we want to tolerate them? So we can say we're respecting diversity? That's absurd. Religious beliefs must be expected to meet the same standards as our secular beliefs, particularly when they impact people who don't hold these religious beliefs themselves.

@ ClarkHippo

"You said - 'I am glad that there are consequences for acting on beliefs that cause harm for no good reason.' Okay then, my question to you is, where do we draw the line?"

Your concerns will be justified when we all become CEO's and how we are perceived in our respective markets can impact our company's bottom line. Had Mr. Eich been in Accounting or the secretarial pool, he'd still have a job.

BTW, this can't be said for gay people in many counties and states across the land, including yours and mine. They don't have to believe or do anything. Merely being gay is enough to get them fired. Now there's a line to be concerned about.

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