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Published: Friday, April 4 2014 1:05 p.m. MDT

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liberty or ...?
Ogden, UT

The idea that religious morals have to be checked at the door to my church in order to do business or function in a secular world is the height of ignorance from a world that consistantly proves it can't decide which way is up or down. I here from atheists constantly that people just need to treat others the way they would want to be treated (the golden rule so to speek) without realizing that moral belief came from religion and that there are theist and atheist philosophies that are in direct oppostion to that way of thinking. state enforced religion or Socialism/Communism just 2 examples. Society is going to learn again the hard way that when they pick and choose which morals and beliefs they want to embrace while denying natural and eternal consequence society does not last and in the end it doesn't matter the morals, only who has the power to enforce it. 2 current examples would be Putins rationalization of the invasion and theft of Crimea another is the transition of the LGBT community from oppressed victims to new PC inquisitionists with demands of secular recant of religious morals. First they came for who?

Bountiful, UT

Yes freedom of religion matters. But so does freedom from (other peoples) religion.

It is not right that because am employer who has a particular religious belief impose this belief, in the form of a denial of benefits on their employees.

It is not right that Jewish parents or any others for that matter circumcise their male infants, this decreases sexual pleasure and is not reversible. If a child wants to be circumcised let them choose this procedure when they are of age. Parents have no right religious or otherwise to mutilate their children.

It is not right that Moslem parents circumcise their young teen girls. This is done for the express reason so they don't feel sexual pleasure. This is wrong and religion is no excuse to allow this.

It is not right that Christian Scientist parents not take their children to the doctor or a hospital when they need medical care. People have every right to not go to the doctor when a life saving procedure is needed. They have no right to impose this religious belief on their young children.

American Fork, UT

Religious freedom matters to society and me because I want mine, and I want it free of interference at any level from yours. That's the ball game. So you can make all the machinations you please about how yours must, be definition, impose itself on the larger society but it cannot do so without curtailing that of someone else. Me. So, either we learn to keep it to ourselves, or the entire concept is false.


The awesome power of prepositions! It's freedom OF not freedom FROM. All laws are based on some kind of morality, it just depends on whose morality society, or groups, choose to follow.

Leesburg, VA

I have never met anybody who is against religious freedom. Personally I endorse it 100%. I strongly believe that every human being has the right to believe whatever he or she wants to believe on their spiritual quest.

That freedom of religion intrinsically allows individuals not to believe in organized religion.

Our founding fathers (most of them deists) wrote a constitution protecting the rights of citizens to believe in their chosen God or lack of it.

Dear Liberty Or?

I am an LGBT and I have no problem with you being against SSM or homosexuality. I respect your belief. However, I disagree with you and your ilk trying to establish your beliefs as the law of the land and negatively affect a segment of society. That action in itself is contradictory to the precepts proposed here.

If you cry Religious freedom and yet, you want to limit Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, you are contradicting yourself.

Peace to all!! Shalom!

the truth
Holladay, UT


Freedom OF religion indicates your are free to live and exercise, privately and publicly, your beliefs and conscience,

Freedom from religion indicate you believe you have a right to dictate to others if you have some disagreement with their beliefs and conscience.

Where is that in the constitution?

Where does that kind of thinking end?

History has shown torture, imprisonment, death camps. killing fields, and executions.

Here today the left is destroying people livelihoods, over disagreements in beliefs and conscience.

Apparently is was bad when the un-American activities committee did it, but it is now good when the left does it.

And what happens when someone disagrees with your beliefs and conscience? and no one stands up fore you.

Better let freedom live and let live.

Bountiful, UT

The constitution? I am referencing a higher law. The golden rule.


You've lost me once again when your source is the Family Research Council.

More and more distance opening up between me and the church i've belonged to my entire life. I've seen a steady alignment with organizations that are more political than Christ-centered. I would expect Christ-centered organizations to promote understanding, to seek common ground, to take the role of peacemakers. I see little to none of that in this purported "war against religion." There are many places in the world where religion is really under attack. Not so here.

Re:the truth
Where is your concern when right-winged media lies about, falsely portrays, demonizes and mocks people such that they end up losing jobs?

Phoenix, AZ

Religion is bad policy.

the truth
Holladay, UT

Pure religion is very good policy.

Following ideologies of men is bad policy


Firstly, Right-winged media???

Secondly, do you actually have any examples?

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