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Published: Thursday, April 3 2014 8:10 p.m. MDT

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Heber City, UT

i agree the church has always been good at including women. Most women. But the gospel is also about ministering to the one who is outside the fold. Are we really to draw any serious conclusions about how many people "like" a particular website? Or should we be more concerned that a fraction of our sisters feel excluded from what maters most to them.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Provo, UT

The Savior sent someone into my life to help me rise above my challenges, to comfort me, to love me, and most importantly to cook with me.

She is not replaceable. Her and I could not exist without Fathers & Mothers. I don't accept lies about who I am. I accept WHO I am first, and everything else follows from that logic. I am a man. My wife is a women. We came from Fathers and Mothers, nothing less.

You can't find happiness in something that isn't true. It's like a drug addict who keeps trying to fill a void with a substance, yet never quenches the desire. "But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst".


General Conference is on Saturday Morning, on T.V., radio, and online. If you are trying to find peace, love, or even the hope of feeling love from the Savior... This is the place!

Wilf 55

Giving more visibility to women in the Church is great. This website will contribute to it. But what about diversity and welcoming those who struggle with issues? This no doubt well-meant website seems to display a type of perfection and exclusivism that may grieve and alienate quite a few sisters.

And as to comparing the "likes" of this one "very general website for all" to the likes on a site of a small group of sisters struggling with one issue, such a cheap approach fosters unnecessary polarization.


Women exert their influence on the Church and on the world in ways that are fundamentally more important and far-reaching than most realize. We all have mothers, and our character, be we of whichever gender, was formed largely by virtue of our interactions with our mothers (or the lack thereof). The world is as it is not solely because of men (and women) who lead nations, but also because of the mothers who raised them (or who didn't raise them). The Church is not as it is solely because of men in leadership positions who bear the priesthood, but also because of the influence of the women who raised them (to say nothing of the women who stand by their side) and us.

The power and influence of a woman on the world is most dramatically exercised in the raising of a child. Is there any other office or position of authority than can so profoundly shape the future?

Alexandria, VA

The exclusion of any group is contrary to the basic principles of the Gospel and while we don't have to agree with any (or all) of the principles of various groups - it would behoove us as followers of Jesus Christ to ensure that all feel welcome and the we will not be judgmental of them.

Kendal, Cumbria

Having somewhere safe to voice and discuss our feelings regarding the prophet and our beliefs is fine. But we still need to make a stance, and make our views known to the world. Sites like Mormon Women Stand may empower more sisters to do just that. I have been ostracised by friends and family because of my Facebook posts about SSM and abortion, etc... however, it doesn't alter the fact that these things are wrong. As long as they are wrong, I will continue to let people know it. God is not going to change his mind on these issues, no matter how many of his children may throw tantrums because they can't have things their own way. Hopefully, Mormon Women Stand, and similar groups, will give women the confidence and encouragement to speak up, and know that we are not alone.

Somewhere in Time, UT

There is an old saying--"the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." This is TRUE and not to be scoffed at.

There are so many today who can't even tell the difference between right and wrong let alone have the courage to stand up. I'm thankful for these women who have the courage to stand for right.

Shushannah is right. God will not change His mind no matter how many tantrums are thrown nor will he be mocked.

Attleboro, MA

Saying what you support from an ideal point of view is not exclusionary and I get so tired of people saying that it is. While I support women in the LDS church who want the prophet to ask whether it is time to allow them to officiate in all priesthood duties without calling them heretics. I also believe that it is perfectly right to hold up the ideal of the human family. There is absolutely no question that the ideal for human families is a father and a mother. There is nothing healthier and happier for children. That some people struggle with issues regarding this ideal, one way or another, does not make it any less of the ideal. It is ideal for people to walk with a left foot and a right foot. If someone loses a foot, shall we say that that condition is what we should strive for? Or shall we just deal with the situation as best as we can? Simply because people know and love other people who struggle with an issue does not mean we hold up that struggle as something to aspire to. It is something to deal with, not aspire to.

orem, UT

How do you include sisters who feel excluded because they cannot have what they want? What do you do with these sisters who are using their energies to promote a cause that the majority of LDS women don't want and that goes against the teachings of the church?

How do we disagree and continue to show love and acceptance? Beyond continuing to reach out in friendship and love I don't know. What does including diverse opinions look like? Certainly it means allowing people to share their thoughts and feelings, but does it also mean to embrace and inact all of them? That's not reasonable. There must be an allowance - on all issues- for disagreeing while continuing to be kind to those we disagree with. Some people feel that real acceptance of others means agreeing. This is not true.

And that there are women that want their voices to be heard in support of church doctrine and practice is fair. We cannot NOT say anything for fear of excluding or alienating others. What we can do is to remain kind in spite of our different convictions.

Huntingtown, MD

Everyone - this is a great cause. Whenever I have a conversion about traditional marriage and morals, you HAVE to include this statement: "please know that we love everyone when we teach the gospel and urge people live the commandments." Do not believe the hype that you are a hater for doing this. The left relies upon that unsubstantiated charge that people that support traditional marriage are haters. They are not, so be ready with your simple answer - we love everyone. It also has the benefit of being true for those who really are trying to live the gospel.

Los Angeles, CA

The real problem today, is that many are not capable of separating their own feelings from that of others, and are intolerant of those that do not 'feel' or believe as they do. The belief and support of the living Prophet and Apostles does 'not' exclude others, they exclude themselves. Because those 'others' are free to choose as they wish. Intolerance can swing both ways though, but at least we have a Prophet who teaches us to be accepting of others that do not believe as we do. Accepting does 'not' mean believing that what they do is correct, it means accepting they have made another choice, and not persecuting them because of it. We are taught to love others no matter what their choice. And yes, it can be challenging. But those that stand on the other side of the fence more often then not, actually 'not' understanding fully what we believe, accept the negative propaganda and react and become hateful and bigoted when viewing us. Our challenge is to 'stand tall, stand strong,' and to be loving and accepting of them as children of "our Heavenly Father,' anyway.

Greeley, CO

Speaking in favor of the ideal does not equate with pushing away those who do not fit the ideal. The ideal is something to strive for. We all have our struggles. I don't get offended when talks about my struggles are raised. Conversely, I instead feel a desire to strive to change. That is the intent of standing up for the ideal - to 1) protect it and 2) set it as a standard we should strive for. This applies to each one of us in some way or another. My struggles are life-long battles the same as other people's struggles are. I don't accept the things I struggle with that are against the teachings of God, nor should I be expected to accept the things others struggle with that are contrary to God's commands.

Salem, ut

People are not "excluded" from the Church; sadly, they make that choice themselves and find reasons for blaming others for their decision.

West Jordan, UT

Bravo to these women! We should be able to speak out in favor of our faith in Prophet and our belief in the doctrine and principles of the Gospel without fear of being labeled hateful or intolerant.

Let us all listen carefully to the messages of Conference this weekend and rejoice in the counsel that we receive.


It is unfortunate that this woman, and her page, is now associated with the blogger who wrote that crazy, paranoid review of Frozen, but she is still fighting for a good cause, helping to show the world that the small apostate sect clamoring for a worldly notion of "equality" to be imposed upon the Church does not represent the vast majority of women in the Church itself.

Highland, UT

I greatly admire these women and what they are standing for, I likewise feel a lot of pity for the women that are trying to use general priesthood meeting as a spectacle to advance their personal desires.

My sincere hope is that the dissidents will quickly come to their senses and realize what they are doing is wrong but I don't have much faith that they will. Selfish desires are powerful things and they can cloud our judgement and even help to convince us that we are sincere.

This ordain women thing has been a very interesting thing to observe, something so completely wrong and so evident to most of us is apparently invisible to these women and their supporters. All we can do is hope they wake up before it is to late for them.

Cardston, Alberta

Kinds reminds me of the marching band metaphor. Ninety nine marchers outa step....only one getting it right. Now the ninety nine are making their voice heard as they stand in step with the Prophet. Translate those numbers into per centage of sisters who stand with the Brethren, they have plenty on their plate just being great Moms and great neighbors, and trying to be Christ-like in every way possible. Many have careers as well and do a phenomenal job. Why do we have a Prophet, Seer, and Revelator to lead us? He leads the Church as directed by The Holy Spirit and not by public opinion nor by the noise of a miniscule minority. In God's Church, it happens that a few are out of fellowship and harmony with the Brethren called to lead us.

Cardston, Alberta

I cannot envision any R.S. president, or any Bishop, or any V.T. or any H.T. who would ignore any sister who feels left out. No one is perfect however. The Brethren in charge have included women's leaders in their inner councils for ever and have done wonderful things to accommodate needs of sisters. Sisters are in charge of the R.S. They do a marvelous job.

Bountiful, UT

The biggest problem that I have with this group is that it has an underlying feel of "us vs. them". It's telling women that in order to be a good Mormon woman that they need to "without hesitation, sustain the Lord's Prophet, the Family Proclamation as doctrine and our divine role as covenant women for Christ".

When we look at the name of the church, it is The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints. We need to have more focus on loving each other, no matter where we are at. The only person we need to hold to a higher standard is ourselves.

By crying for Mormon women to "unite with us" while spelling out what a good Mormon woman is, they are creating a divisive group within a group.

Christ and love should be the focus. Please feel free to like the "Mormon Women Unite in Christ" facebook community page which focuses on uniting women all over the spectrum of LDS beliefs and coming unto Christ instead.

orem, UT

If we make a call to be more like Christ let us remember that while his love was consistent, so were his convictions. He spoke without hesitation, dividing many.

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