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Published: Thursday, April 3 2014 4:40 p.m. MDT

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t-ville, UT

It sounds like the movie is just as ficional as the Bible. It's fine to interpret the Bible literally, as some do. But when others interpret differently, keep in mind that they are engaging in the same thing as those who take the story of Noah as a literal event. One family gathered every creature in existence and placed them on a ship. Every creature, within wrangling distance. Then a loving God drowned the remaining inhabitants. Women, children, everybody. And inserting unreferenced details in a film adaptation is the distressing part? I recommend two parts sanity check, one part morality check.

Vancouver, WA

We saw this film yesterday. Save your money. Probably the worst film I have seen in years. It depicts Noah and a lunatic who wants to kill his grandchildren because the 'creator" has willed it so out of punishment. There are "stone men" monsters who help Noah build the Arc. The entire movie has little if any congruence with the biblical story. Save your 20 bucks and go see a super-hero movie that everyone knows is fantasy. This movie advertises a biblical story, but its nothing close to that.

Cedar Hills, UT

blending or butchering? The film was produced by an Atheist - its like having a documentary on the Jews written by a Nazi. This is more like Lord Of The Rings with a few bible names mentioned. Surprised Noah didn't have to fight Orks in Middle Earth.

American Fork, UT

This is a super hero movie that everyone knows is fantasy. At least they should know it.

Let it Go!
Omaha, NE

Haven't you guys noticed that the big best-seller movies are mostly in PG-13 Categories now? Let me know if I am wrong about the following...

The Hunger Games, Divergent, Gravity, Wolf on Wall Street, Twilight...Am I missing something?

Why are we, as a society, turning to violent, immoral, and in the utmost disgusting movies? Can Hollywood explain that to us? Why aren't there more family-freindly movies, such as Frozen or the Croods? Tangeled? How to Train Your Dragon?

Is it because we like looking for the bad? Don't we feel more 'comfortable' when we watch something gross? Why call bad good and good...

Is Satan behind this...

Farmington, UT

@Deanvrtc. Hey Dean, if you want to know the Bible story (and I do mean STORY, but that's for another conversation)of Noah, read it in the Bible. What did you expect from a Hollywood adaptation that the director himself said was "the least biblical biblical film ever made"?

I went into the theater hoping to be entertained, not hoping for a religious experience; that has to wait for this coming weekend. Got what I was hoping for, but did feel the rock monsters were a little hokey.

Houston, TX

I saw the movie last night, and its biggest difficiency was that Noah was a prophet who could not communicate with God. He was given a few brief visions, and was left on his own to draw conclusions and make assumptions. The movie was well executed and acted, but the only redeeming part of the plot is that by the end of the movie Noah learned the meaning of mercy. (Of course, "ninja Noah" was even wierder than the rock monsters.)

Cleveland , OH

This movie story was a blending of various sources about the flood story and other myths and legends from that time. As outlined in other articles published by DN, as well as a plethora of stories on the net, the director included a wealth if Jewish imagery and and concepts that are part of the story. A bit if reading will give a deeper understanding of the movie and an appriciation of the rich source material.

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