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Published: Thursday, April 3 2014 12:05 p.m. MDT

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Those are big rocks.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Earthquakes are a sign of the times.

Stansbury Park, UT

I hope the residents and the City of Rockville follow the advice of the UGS. If the town and residents of Oso, WA had followed the advice of the geologic report prepared almost 20 years ago, the recent mudslide would have been a big mess, but not a horrible disaster. Please please please--listen and follow this advice. It may not happen next week or next year, but it will happen. Please move out of the way of the rockfall, and please, City of Rockville and State of Utah, help those that have homes in the danger area move to safety. Don't make them be trapped in a dangerous home that can't be sold, but that money is owed on. Banks holding those mortgages--please cooperate! Hopefully things can be transferred from this dangerous property to property in safety. Don't sentence these people to death by tons of crushing rock because of greed and bureaucracy.

Sandy, UT

See . . . more proof that we need to outlaw rocks.

St.George, Utah

Some pricey real estate close to the entrance of Zion's National Park.
Hope those folks can figure out how to be compensated for their property.
No one wants to be the recipient of what happened previously there in Rockville.

SLC Grandma
Salt Lake City, UT

For decades Rockville has been beset with problems, including pioneer families being flooded out time after time by the Virgin River. I wish there were more zoning studies done so building was prohibited in such disaster-prone areas. There have been mudslides along the Wasatch Front which have damaged or destroyed homes built on steep slopes. How come no building restrictions were in place in those places - makes you wonder who's in charge??

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