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Published: Thursday, April 3 2014 11:45 a.m. MDT

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Poplar Grove, UT

@Casey See
But that isn't what those drugs actually do. The morning after pill is a large dose of birth control. All it does is stop an egg from dropping if it hasn't already, if you take the morning after pill, and you already have a fertilized egg inside of you, you still are pregnant. And IUD's do the same thing, just for a couple of years instead of a one time deal like the morning after pill. They in no way are abortions.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hypocrisy? Yes. Many environmentalists, animal rights advocates, or Vegans and Vegetarians, can find investments which do not violate their beliefs. Information is easily available and not difficult to access if one is really devoted to their morality. Some investments even advertise their having a particular moral, social and economic ideal. I would also say they are guilty of heresy. Here is a case where money trumps their moral principles. Ignorance (saying most people do not know what they are invested in) is no excuse.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

1) Birth Control is widely available and cheap

2) You can buy it yourself easily without help

3) If you expect someone else to buy it - then you cannot credibly complain when they insert their morality into the decision - you inserted them

4) It doesn't matter if you deem their morality to be hypocritical, irrational or completely bogus; They have a right to their morality and you are pushing something you can cheaply and easily do yourself onto them

5) If you are advocating government power to push onto someone else a decision you can cheaply and easily perform yourself - then you are the perpetrator, not the victim

6) If you believe unions have freedom of speech (because they generally agree with you) but corporations do not (because they generally do not agree with you), then you are a hypocrite

7) If you agree with the courts that corporations can have a race because minority owned businesses can sue when they are racially discriminated against, but you do not believe that corporations can have a religion - then you are a hypocrite.

Most of these posts are far more hypocritical than Hobby Lobby

Provo, UT

In all these clashes of opinion, it is easy for everyone to lace their comments with a touch of hypocrisy. Beware of counterfeit intelligence, which exhibits chronic hypocrisy.

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