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Published: Wednesday, April 2 2014 6:10 p.m. MDT

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Far East USA, SC

" They want EVERYONE on their side, actively, or they will try to destroy you."

Vanceone. Are you suggesting that those on the right do not picket or boycott things and companies that hold positions with which they disagree?

Vote with your wallet and try to persuade others to do the same. That is the free market system at work.

Both sides do it and the other side always complains.

Will you be vocally opposed if a group in Orem picketed PacSun over the recent flap?

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Liberal believe in tolerance and accepting of all people and all diversity. Love and peace. Unless if you have a view that conflicts with their view. Then the mean and hateful labels come out, your intelligence is questioned, and you are no longer allowed to have a different point of view.

And that is how tolerance works.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

ClarkHippo said: @Happy Valley Heretic
said: "In other words, if a certain Chruch (property) is vandalized or a certain individual loses their livelihood or another person's child is threatened at school, these people only have themselves to blame.

You've been using that excuse for years on the gay community, do I think it's right? Nope, don't now, didn't then.

I said "Gay Marriage" doesn't threaten your religious marriage, vandalism, or assault are not part of "Gay Marriage"

Provo, UT

JoeBlow: Indeed, I said that the gay rights movement can do this. No one is questioning that. What I said is that by boycotting, and trying to get Eich fired it puts the lie to the oft repeated claim that "Gay rights won't hurt you."

That's clearly wrong: Gay activists are trying to hurt someone and basically are stating that either you agree with them or face the consequences. Okay, but if there are "consequences" for not agreeing with the gays, then clearly the happy fluffy "it's all good, love and happiness, man!" is a lie. Why fight against gay rights? Because they are now on record that they will try to terminate your employment, get you fired, boycott your business or force it out of business via the state if you don't agree with them.

Again, they have that right--but now that the gay movement is demanding that you choose between God or them and they will punish you for choosing God--it's not at all "bigoted" to be against them.

Murray, UT

"Most racists don't acknowledge their racism."

So what your saying is that most anti-religious bigots don't acknowledge their hate for religious people and organizations.

Yup! I agree completely.

Morgan Hill, CA

It's laughable how the Politically Correct community throws around words like "bigot," "hatemonger," or "homophobe" much the same way that right wing Protestants throw around the word "cult." They seldom, if ever, define their terms; it is just assumed as a matter of faith that anyone who disagrees with them somehow "must be" a hatemonger. I am forced to conclude, therefore, that "bigotry" or "homophobia" simply consist of any opinion that happens to be different from that of liberals - much the same way that a "cult" is any religion that fundamentalist Protestants don't happen to like.

The Scientist
Provo, UT

Just because your religion is the SOURCE of your bigotry does not justify it. And just because we oppose bigotry in all its forms does not mean we are anti-religion (although I am for a myriad of reasons).

Cleveland , OH

When the Cathy family, owners of Chik-Fil-A, were found to be funding anti-gay organizations, nobody was surprised. The family is known to be very Christian and known to support other right-wing political and social causes. There was a call for a boycott, but nobody demanded the family remove itself from leading the company.

The difference here is that Mozilla has a reputation for being very Gay welcoming and affirming as a workplace. So finding out the new CEO has monetarily supported something that is profoundly anti-gay-rights is a shock and disappointment. Moving him to the highest leadership position seems to run contrary to the stated goals of the company in terms of supporting equality and being a diverse and welcoming place to work.

Should he be fired? I don't know. But I am certainly curious to see how this is handled and what he (and others at Mozilla) have to say about the seeming conflict of company values and the personal beliefs and actions of the new leader.

t-ville, UT


Hatred is a strong term. It's more of a preference for reasoned argument in place of dogmatic pronouncements that are later rebutted by new and better information. Religion has managed to protect itself from progress that society at large has undergone. Bigotry also doesn't apply for those who regard reason over dogma for the simple fact that choosing one's religion is not an inherent trait or characteristic, and thus any discrimination toward religion would be similar to that of a person's work ethic, food preferences, or clothing style, not skin color, sexual orientation, or physical/mental handicap.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Does that include Tea Party protestors or anti-abortion protestors? Does this include NRA members? "

Sure, why not? I don't have an issue with them protesting (the only issue I have with any protests on any side is that I support requiring protestors be at least far enough away so that workers/customers/visitors/etc can access the building/business being protested, doesn't have to be much, like maybe 20ft would do).

"Because GoCupid is a commercial enterprise and have entered into the public domain, they should be fined and sued for taking the position that they have taken."

Under that argument Chik-fil-A would also be sued for entering the public domain in donating to anti same-sex marriage causes as a commercial enterprise.

Bob K
portland, OR

Now he has resigned.
--- I do give him credit for apparently not lying in order to stay.
--- He went to a Jesuit college that is a little bit like "BYU for catholic men". One supposes that he either believed that the catholic bishops were right in creating Prop 8, or that he refuses to contradict his church.

If you do not understand why he had to go:
--- Suppose he had been elected mayor of an Arizona town that was heavily mormon, then was found to have contributed to the campaign to remove the lds tax exemption.

It is ironic that a catholic bishop, Cordileone, sponsored Prop 8 and persuaded mormons in Utah (his former posting) to help, resulting in terrible lies and distortions in the TV ads I lived through in 2008, but the mormons got all the blame.

If you were NOT in California in 2008, and did not endure the atmosphere of tyranny and manipulation put out by the pro 8 ads, you probably cannot imagine the great hurt and polarization that they caused.

People who are not in CA might think about walking in the shoes of those who were.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Provo, UT

Kate Hutch has pointed out a real and dangerous problem in America today. The fact that liberals don't think they are bullying people when people lose a job over a political belief. What a liberal calls "inclusive political beliefs" and a conservative are not the same thing. Conservatives can disagree with Same-Gender recognition and not feel anything but love for someone who disagrees.

It's one thing to not morally agree with another activity, behavior, even traits and trends from other individuals. It's entire something else to not accept the existence of other people.


* I don't believe in recognizing same-gender marriage/unions. I also don't believe in policing opinions.
* Liberals don't believe in the same family-values I do. But they ARE policing people.
* ERGO... liberals are not inclusive of anyone's political beliefs but their own.

It doesn't take a genius to see who's bullying who.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

....crickets. The liberals on here can't come up with a cogent argument for removing this CEO so they revert to past practice. Amazing.

slow down
Provo, UT

The more I think about this, the more I find the decision of the company to force his resignation appalling. It is intolerance in the name of "tolerance," albeit it a selective, economically self-interested tolerance. More and more America appears to be unfriendly to diversity, ready to employ all kinds of crafty rhetorical and symbolic violence to ensure cultural and ideological conformity. Maybe its just media bias. Maybe we've always been that way. In any case, a desire to exclude (which is ultimately sadism) is NOT the only possible motivation for opposing the complete legal death of gender as embodied in the ascendant view of marriage. At least he did not cave in to the intimidation.

Kate Hutch
Kenmore, WA

I read a lot of comments with the opinion that people are being 'forced to agree' with a given stance. Nobody is being forced to agree with anybody else. Everybody is entitled to an opinion. Everybody is entitled to speak/write/sing/draw/yodle or any other expression of that opinion without the government moving to put a stop to it. (That is the 'free speech' part of the first amendment.) What you are NOT allowed to do is discriminate against another person based on those traits listed.

Kearns, UT

So the question for all you Libs is, How does giving $1000.00 to a cause that you believe in make it discrimination?

If people didn't like Mozilla because of his stance, then let them vote with their feet and don't use them. IF that causes market share to drop and the company to lose money, then that would be a reason to remove him. And that is a long term proposition.

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