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Published: Thursday, April 3 2014 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Carson City, NV

I guess maybe I look at films and books differently than most people. I ASSUME that they are fiction, developed for my entertainment. If this movie causes more people to read the scriptures it will be a good thing. This article does well in pointing out the many translations and interpretations of scripture. If someone states they are doing a movie following scripture, then we should read scripture and see if that is true. Until then we should look at this as another entertaining (or not) piece of fiction. Too many people today believe film and video games to be fact.

Allen, TX

Well written. I appreciate the literary perspective, as all the reviews have merely panned the movie from a biblical perspective.

That said, I believe I have better things to spend my money on....

Spanish Fork, Ut

Really? This atheist director didn't follow the biblical story? That's weird. My question is why did he bother calling the movie "Noah"? Everything else was fiction, why not call the main character "Bill" or "Steve" or "Mack"? I'm amused so many people are up in arms about the departure of this movie from the bible or writing articles like this one to show the rest of us how this movie failed to follow historical documents. Hilarious.

Cougar 4 Life
Provo, UT

My recommendation would be to watch the movie to be entertained but not inspired. I felt it was the "Bible meets Transformers". I didn't understand the "rock monsters" and don't remember that being presented in Sunday School. I did, however, appreciate the enormous task and burden that Noah was presented with and his conflict of fulfilling that commandment. The movie presents biblical fantasy, not historical reality!

Farmington, UT

I didn't finish reading the article and I won't go see the movie. Hollywood has never been accused of making an accurate movie---they're all fiction. Something as recent and well-documented as the Kennedy Assassination is just full of cinematic license and interpretation. How would film makers get anything right? Just remember that movies are intended to do one thing above all else: entertain, and that is why they can charge such huge prices for a movie ticket. If everyone were like me, Hollywood would go broke in a month; it can't happen too soon.

Woodland Hills, UT

Noah Crowe, yea right....don't think so.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think the most amazing aspect of the reactions to this movie, which I have not seen, is that there is apparently so much controversy about the "Hollywoodization" of it. Especially when comparisons are made to other "Biblical" epics as "The Ten Commandments". I have seen that movie, more than once, and each time I'm entertained by the comically overwrought acting and general theatrics.

True, I think DeMille was more sensitive to the idea of hewing to the Biblical story line and including obvious and frequent references to its Godliness, something that is apparently almost completely absent in "Noah". But DeMille certainly didn't spare on the equivalents to 1950's CGI in terms of the grand spectacle of the Red Sea parting or the writing of the tablets.

From the descriptions given by many people, I've concluded that for me "Noah" is another movie for which I can await seeing until its DVD arrival at my local library, if then. But, like "The Ten Commandments", I won't bother worrying about its adherence to scripture at all. I have no expectations from Hollywood for devotion to anything but money.

Portland, Oregon

Excellent review.

If you go to see this movie as just one man's Hollywood version of an artistically loose, quasi-interpretation of a biblical event with a mythic, pseudo-sci-fi quality, you won't be disappointed.

Needless to say, I wish I had that 139 minutes back.

Springville, UT

First, it's only a movie. It's entertainment. Nothing more. Second, it is based on a story in the Bible that is not only short on detail, it is written by Moses, based on oral tradition handed down over a period of more than a thousand years. That's like you or me writing about events in 1014 AD. There is no way, none, to say that the story is reliable, true, accurate, etc. Further, to quote, "The Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh, composed about 2500 BC, contains a flood story almost exactly the same as the Noah story in the Pentateuch, with a few variations ... the flood story in Genesis 6–8 matches the Gilgamesh flood myth so closely, "few doubt" that it derives from a Mesopotamian account. What is particularly noticeable is the way the Genesis flood story follows the Gilgamesh flood tale "point by point and in the same order", even when the story permits other alternatives". So if the movie deviates from the Bible, I don't see it as a big deal. There is no big religious question here, couched in academic language or not.

Let it Go!
Omaha, NE

I wonder how the real Noah feels about this movie...

Church member
North Salt Lake, UT

I'm not sure why there has been such a big fuss. This movie is just as much fiction as the story in the bible is. They are both meant to inspire and entertain people.

Wilf 55

Excellent review. Christians, including Mormons, who severely condemn this film for not being "accurate" seem to miss the point. Our own "Bible stories" for children sometimes distort what the Bible really says or does not say. Hence a film like "Noah" invites us to rethink assumptions and reminds us of the complex mix of facts, myths, and how the past is told.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

What we read in Genesis is only the surface of multi-layered traditions going back so far that their origins and developments are unrecoverable to history. What was preserved is the essence of a story deemed important by a particular group making its way toward Sinai and its emergence as a distinct people with a peculiar understanding of its relationship with God.

That alone is enough to have reverence for. It’s endured for ages and will continue to do so long after the Hollywood hunger for box office gold was thrown into the mix. I concur with the view that there is no harm in seeing the movie whether it’s a tribute or sheer exploitation.

American Fork, UT

Considering how many years and translations we're looking at this myth through, I think 'perspective' is a bit strong as a term, and no one has claim to anything more than mere wild conjecture as to the veracity of a story this old. It's a movie, like Iron Man or Nixon, a character made up to amuse us.

Medical Lake, Washington

I've toyed back and for with going to see the movie; especially when the only adds I have had were on the radio and presented by the makers of the film with the verbal assurance that this film kept closely to the Biblical account with little dramatic license taken.

I'm glad I got a chance to read this review as it, if nothing else, helps to keep this 'epic' (so called) film in perspective. I'm sure if I had seen it I would have easily noted the partings from scriptural accounts. At least at this point I won't waste my money seeing the film. As stated in another comments, I'll wait until I can check it out from the library if I am desperately needing to see it.

Allen, TX

Unfortunately, unlike the one Noah sent out prior to the doves, this Crowe will return.

South Jordan, UT

Why the space, time, and effort to try and "explain" or justify how an avowed atheist wrote a script as if the Biblical accounts were myths? It is clear he wrote this as if it were a story like Hercules or Peter Pan.

terra nova
Park City, UT

A fine review, well reasoned and thoughtfully written. Rather than praising or condemning the film for pedestrian reasons it points us to Apocryphonic texts and interpretations from the Midrashic authors which most are unfamiliar with - and which can - in conjunction with modern revelation - sometimes give us deeper understandings.

Well done.

Regardless of the personal vision (or its lack) held by the director, producers and writers, I am glad that they made the movie - if only for this review.

Let's use Noah as a springboard to read or re-read Genesis slowly and thoughtfully with our families.

Indianapolis, IN

Why would I want to go see a movie about the Bible created by a group of people who openly mock me for believing in the Bible?

Bernard GUi
Puyallup, WA

I go to movies to be entertained, not to learn history or see an exact replication of a book. If one expects strict adherence to historic fact or every detail correctly transferred from a book, what would be the point? You can do that for free in your own mind.

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