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Published: Tuesday, April 1 2014 9:10 p.m. MDT

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Holladay, UT

It looks like ObamaCare is working. All the Republicans who've been yelling and screaming about the demise of the health system must feel a little silly right about now.

Mainly Me
Werribee, 00


Really? You honestly believe the line from the Dear Leader? I didn't really believe there were people who truly, in their hearts believed that socialist line.

Mainly Me
Werribee, 00

The Not Affordable At All Care Act is going to gut the economy of this nation, which is precisely what it was designed to do.

high school fan
Huntington, UT

The lady applied but doesn't qualify but she does count as one of the seven million, how many more are the same way? A lot I would dare say. With most of the new signees signing up for Medicaid, who is paying for all this?

Salt Lake City, UT

Re: Mainly "Really? You honestly believe the line from the Dear Leader? I didn't really believe there were people who truly, in their hearts believed that socialist line." Socialist? I only wish. It's an old story, but let me repeat - the ACA is an only slightly rehashed proposal of the Heritage Foundation which in turn was the model for Romneycare in Massachusetts.

Now I could give you a real socialist solution. In the meantime Obama and Company can feel pretty good about their success with this, and the Republicans are now free to find another line of attack against Obama.

Lastly your "Dear Leader" moniker is getting really old, and is sophomoric and disrespectful.

Let's Agree to Disagree
Spanish Fork, UT

Check the date today. The announcement of 7.1 million enrolled is an April Fool's day prank...Now who is going to self identify as someone for whom this date is eponymously named, by stating that they believe this number is anywhere near accurate?

Even if it was, it is pitifully small compared to the number of people who allegedly could not wait for this law to pass so they could get "coverage".

Centerville, UT

@boringguy. "It looks like ObamaCare is working." ??????

Are you kidding? 7 million signed up, many of which haven't even paid a premium? Patients with cancer finding out they are not insured? 300 Million Americans and 7 million are "signed up" and it's successful? How pathetic. And it's a government program, kinda like the Post Office which is also on the verge of bankruptcy and Social Security which is always in danger of not being available to seniors who paid into it for years.

Salt Lake City, UT

Healthcare > Fearmongering.


To me it is a big fat lie and joke. Obamacare is going to ruin this country and the ones who are going to have to pay for it is the younger people. He lied to the Country in saying that you can keep your plan as well as you can keep your doctor or Hospital. I am one of those who he lied to. I know longer can go to where I was going. So you just wait all of you who think that this is great in few years from now you will have egg on your face and see that it was nothing but a stinking lie.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Mainly Me

The sky is not falling. I don't think healthcare reform went far enough, but nonetheless, the Affordable Care Act is a good thing for this country. But if you had another idea on how to lower healthcare costs, expand coverage for more citizens, and find a way to pay for the healthcare of the aging population, we would love to hear it. Keep in mind that the old system was extremely inefficient and was unsustainable....

Taylorsville, UT

Under duress, threats of fine and imprisonment not to register with the federal government can hardly be called a success pitch for Obamacare. Just because people are forced to register by law does not mean they will pay the government for health care that will not be provided.

Very few can afford this health care including on SS who can't afford the medicare and $4,000/yr prepayments and 50% of cost coverage after the prepayment every year, they have to register anyway and still can't get insurance.

So far with 7,000,000+, paying feds a registration cost for the privilege to buy insurance under duress, the overhead of $17,000,000,000,000 regulator laws on a revenue of $1.7 Trillion premium. It cost 10 times more to operate the program doesn't include hospital, doctor, prescription costs according to team Obama's own prediction, a known failure and lie.

FYI, its not the republicans combating this health care, they want it too so business and labor can't use health care as condition of employment. Then it leaves the balance of 293 million Americans who don't want to belong to Obama care, the majority have a voice and choice too.

Arlington, TX

When you go fishing, you put a lure or a worm on the hook to catch the fish. The fish bits it and then is "HOOKED" and can't get away. This is the way "Obamacare" works. It hooks you and then we are all pulled into a program that will kill our health care, not improve it. This is just the WORM and nothing more. I am glad some people are getting insurance for the first time, but it won't last, this program will implode and then the GOVT will take over all of it, and we lose. I hope we can get rid of it after Nov. and put some real programs in it's place. At least I can dream about it. We have to get rid of the worst President in history, and enough in the Senate to over ride a veto would be a start.

Virginia Beach, VA

Really Mainly Me? You don't think Americans believe in Obama? I guess you didn't notice that Obama won the Presidency TWICE by impressive margins.

And the the number of Americans coming around in support of ObamaCare pretty much disproves the Right Wing theory that the ACA is hugely unpopular with the American people . . . Doncha think?

So you think the ACA was designed to "gut the economy of this nation?" That's an interesting theory.

That's so Communists can take over, right? . . . Or just how would that work?

Westford, MA

What about those that lost their insurance because of the ACT? Coming from a country where health care is socialized I have seen the pros and cons of this system and I would NEVER go back. Thanks to Obama his ACT has become my worst nightmare.

Salt Lake City, UT

Writer must be a RINO follower for Senator Hatch. Obamacare is a disaster. They claim over 6 million people signed up. Which is a false number. But we will use it, for the sake of arguement. They claim over 6 million. Of that ask these questions. Of that 6 million, how did they come up with the 4 million people to sign up in two weeks, on a website that seldom works? Of that 6 million, how many actually paid for it, not just leave it in the cart? How many were sent to medicaid or medicare instead? How many are getting subsidies for it? Both of the last two questtions are paid from taxpayers. If we have only 6 million that signed up, why are there 48 million without healthcare, and only 10% of those previously uninsured, signing up for the program? The numbers are flawed, not factualy. Like anything touted by the D.C. folks. Last question. Since when did Utah have a population of millions? If that is the case, we should have more representation in Washington. But only if really conservative.

Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

@ Mainly Me

Nice of you to step away from your Fox News recordings to weigh in! I for one " believe the line from the Dear Leader" along with "Boring Guy", seven million who have signed up for the ACA and the rest of the population that voted the POTUS in TWICE! Much to yours and the rest of the Repubs. dismay, the ACA is a landmark law for the good of the country. Lets be honest, it isn't the ACA that rankles the Right Wing, its the fact that Obama is president! Nothing more nothing less!

Santa Monica, CA

Odd. The review board for DNews comments did not allow my post because I called our President brave and congratulated him on this wonderful accomplishment said that those who were fearful of this act had been duped by doomsayers. Yet above I read where the writer refers to our President as "the Dear Leader." I know this note probably won't be allowed either, but Des News appropriateness staff? Look at yourselves in the mirror, please. You may be biased against Obamacare, but don't let that keep you from doing your job fairly and honestly. Congrats Obamacare. You have done it! And congrats to all who fought in this toughest domestic battle in decades.

Bill McGee
Alpine, UT

There is so much misinformation

1. Prior to the ACA, over 50 million Americans were uninsured. We have to do more.
2. If someone did not complete the enrollment (like the lady in this article) they were not included in the 7.1 million.
3. The governor decided to take over $430M of OUR money and give it away to other states rather than participate in the medicate program that would cover families ineligible for the ACA. That leaves over 130,000 poor Utahans uninsured. When they get sick, who do you think pays for that?
4. Every INDEPENDENT accounting office has said the ACA will save us money. Claims it will gut our economy are fear based, not reality based.

People need to set aside their anger and preconceived ideas and think this through.

Brigham City, UT

"You WILL do what we say or you will pay the penalty. We're from the government. We're here to help" ~ Fearless Leader

scrappy do

Obamacare is great, my premiums only doubled.. what a blessing! thanks Obama

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