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Published: Wednesday, April 2 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

The Republicans don't believe in voting by a wider number of citizens. As a result, any innovations to make voting easier are doomed in Utah.

Church member
North Salt Lake, UT

I agree with Esquire. It doesn't seem like the Republicans will be helped if we make it easier for people to vote. They will try to kill this idea before it gets off the ground.

Eagle Mountain, UT

We can vote by mail (without ID) we can vote absentee (without ID), if I can do those things, why can't I vote online?

If I can do those things without ID, why if I decide to exercise my right to suffrage at a polling location does voter fraud suddenly become an issue?

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

We have internet --

Social Networks,

but NOT Voting.

It took Utah 40 years to finally come around to 19th century mail-in voting,
Utah will rely on Delegates, and only card-carrying GOP members for the foree-seeable future.

Perhaps in the 22nd century.
It take that long around these parts...

Salem, UT

Simple answer to article title- NO- lots of reasons and issues but who cars the answer is still the same at least in the macro context of voting

clearfield, UT

Yes, I trust a computer program to keep only legally registered voters voting in elections. About as much as I trust TARGET to keep my personal identity safe. An online system is so subject to fraud that only people who want illegals and other unqualified people voting would want this. The same people who don't believe that proof of citizenship and legal ID should be required.

Murray, UT

Voting online is regularly taking place in Estonia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and in some elections in Canada. There is no legitimate reason, outside of possible costs, not to pursue voting online.

West Bountiful, UT

Yes, it will. Because voting doesn't matter, but makes us feel good.

Albany, NY

Casting anonymous votes into an inauditable, trade secret voting system is about as smart as it would be to deposit our money anonymously into a bank with no receipts or way of tracking whose money was whose. Internet voting is a great idea if we want to ensure that there is no way to ensure that voters determine who governs. I.e. It's a great idea if we would like to give the appearance of living in a democracy, but allow persons who program, maintain, update, or hack the voting system to determine who governs us instead - much like Utah's current e-ballot voting system, but even much more open to undetectable fraudulent manipulation.

It does not surprise me that certain Utah legislators are trying to eliminate all semblance of public oversight over the accuracy and integrity of Utah's election outcomes.

When the claim is made that they will be working with technical experts, my guess is that they mean Internet voting system vendors, and not independent computer scientists who would warn against such foolishness.

Salt Lake City, UT

The GOP has worked against voting, period.

Let alone online voting.

For the record? If you work to deny Americans the right to vote, in my opinion, is Treason.

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