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Published: Tuesday, April 1 2014 1:10 p.m. MDT

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Have a baby means we all have to work harder. Follow up this article with "Dear soon-to-be Mom" 10 rules for when your husband becomes a dad. It's hard for both people in the relationship to adjust.
I see with the tide of Feminism that has swept our society the pendulum swings to taking the side of the woman, when it should be EQUAL.
My advice for soon to be parents; learn how to solve your difference, learn to divide work.

West Jordan, UT

@Midvaliean: I don't think the problem is feminism, I think the problem is selfishness. We as a society are too worried about our own feelings and needs, and we become offended when anyone tells us we should serve someone else. It doesn't surprise me at all that divorce rates are as high as they are. As someone who has been married for almost thirty years, I can say with confidence, that marriage isn't about keeping score. If you take the time to nurture your spouse, with no thought of reward for yourself, miracles really will happen in your relationship. Focusing too much on our own needs and digging in our heels until they are met, is a sure path to disaster. This goes for both the husband and the wife.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

Responsible takes on a whole new meaning. I loved what you wrote. I think you have to believe in a Higher Power more then ever.

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