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Published: Monday, March 31 2014 7:50 p.m. MDT

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Hyrum, UT

@ Christopher:

1984 is considered "just history" since most of the fans commenting here online were born by then.
But 1944 qualifies as "ancient history" since almost none of the online readers were even born back then.

Have you even thought about what an actual "flip-flop, flip-flop" it truly is for you to make fun of BYU fans for referring to 1984 just a few months ago (in football), and now you are actually going almost twice that far back to reference data?

So to now accuse BYU fans of flip-flopping is actually very hypocritical. Think about it. You should be embarrassed.

People living in red glass houses shouldn't throw stones... or even smaller rocks, since they often get thrown back. Red glass is known to shatter much easier than clear (unbiased) glass.

One thing is indisputable. When not needing to reference info from history books (that is, referring to the games most of us have actually seen), BYU has mostly dominated Utah (over the past decade or so).

Plano, TX

Defense needs major upgrading.
Defending against the 3 needs implementation.
Free throws were an adventure; that is addressable.
Offense in the post would be a bonus.

The scholarship thing should fix itself. If you can afford to live in Lone Peak land, you can afford $5500/yr books and tuition. Someone man up and ask dad for a loan. Take one for the team.

Cedar Jim

They should be very good next year with the new arrivals.

Stop The Nonsense
El Paso, TX

What needs improvement for next year:
1. FT shooting (this is the easiest area to improve, and the most direct route to more points)
2. Defense, especially guarding the 3
3. Low post scoring on offense (c'mon, Pope, teach these big men some low post moves)
4. 3 pt shooting (it was downright ugly this year)

Savage, MN

From a source who knows, there's a very good chance that Chatman will redshirt next year in order to get in playing shape. Like Rose said, the 14 player/13 schollie situation will work itself out.

Alpine, UT

Chris B:

Let's let the facts speak for themselves while actually staying within the current century.

BYU has gone to an NCAA tournament 7 of the last 8 years (Rose's tenure), including a Sweet-16 appearance.
Utah has gone to an NCAA tournament once in the past 8 years, and as a #5 seed that got upset by a #12 seed in the first round.

BYU went to the NIT in the only year they didn't go to the NCAA tournament. They made it to the tournament semi-finals game in Madison Square Garden.
Utah went to the NIT once over the same period, going winless.

BYU has beaten Utah 80% of the time over the past decade.

All things considered, BYU fans truly have more to brag about than Utah fans since Rose became BYU's head coach 8 years ago.

Kamas/United States, UT

It is comforting to know that we have this depth for next year. My prediction for next years starting lineup.
PG Collinsworth
SG Bartley
SF Haws
PF Ryan Andrus
C Austin
Winder off of the bench first. Fischer, Chatman, and Halford will step up this next year. One year of experience for Worthington will help. Sharp will be passed up by Aytes, who I believe is similar to Kaufusi. Neilson will be a Nate Austin off of the bench.
Although Matty is gone, I believe our depth will help us to succeed.


I'm a life long Utah fan but there is no question BYU has been the better program during Rose's tenure. I think Rose is a very solid coach who has done an very good job. If I were a betting person on the future of Utah's program vs. BYU's program, a strong argument could be made that the Ute's future looks very bright with significant improvement this year over last (road record is a huge problem and strength of out of conference schedule must be improved) and a top tier recruiting class on the way and only one Sr leaving who hardly played. Coach K has the Utes moving in the right direction and I like the Ute's future. With the just announced departure of Carlino from BYU, the Cougs future just improved. He shot BYU out of more games than he helped. Addition by subtraction.

I love to see all the local teams getting to the big dance and making some noise!

Go Utes!

Kamas/United States, UT

The only thing I am worried about is not having a definite point guard. All of our guards are combo guards. Hopefully we will overcome this.

Lincoln City, OR

I love Rose, but he's wrong... Carlino's absence will be glaring and BYU's record will be worse...

Raleigh, NC

Having read the article and all the comments, there is only one person talking about 1984. As usual, it is a ute that can't get past that empty NC trophy case on the hill. As for next year, BYU needs a point guard who can distribute the ball and make free throws. Since he won't be able to do much else, Collinsworth needs to spend his rehab time shooting free throws. A point guard who can pass, go to the basket and make free throws during crunch time would be

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

BYU lost at least 4-5 games this year from the line. Seems like a pretty easy fix IMHO. And a lot easier than depending on better defensive play. A 69% team free throw percentage is unacceptable.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA


"But when a program leads the nation in worst tournament performance..."

Worst tournament performance is certainly not most tournaments without a Final Four appearance, but fewest wins in the tournament, which would probably tie dozens of winless teams for worst tournament performance.

At what point does making the Final Four really become a significant accomplishment? If there are only 8 teams in the tournament and you only win one game, is that really any better than losing in the Round of 32 today?

Bottom line: BYU has played in 29 NCAA tournaments, which certainly places BYU high on the list of all-time NCAA tournament appearances.

It's interesting that you're trying to minimize BYU's recent success in the tournament.

During the Dave Rose era, BYU is 4-7 in the Big Dance. During the same period, Utah is 0-1.

Orem, UT


You're right, Utah is one-and-done for the entire Dave Rose era; it won't be one-and-done for the decade until next season.

Running score during the Dave Rose era:

BYU 4-7 in the NCAA; 3-2 in the NIT; 7-9 overall in post-season play
Utah 0-1 in the NCAA; 0-1 in the NIT; 0-2 overall in post-season play

BYU 12 Utah 4

Orem, UT


This article was written and the quotes from Dave Rose were made the day before Carlino announced that he was transferring.

Baltimore, MD


99 participants have never won a single game (0%) in the NCAA tournament.

Most logical fans would agree that at least 99 teams have a worse record in the Big Dance than BYU (33%).

The truth is BYU has a better winning percentage in the NCAA tournament than 156 of the 310 teams that have played in the tournament, in other words, upper half of all teams that have ever played in the tournament.

BYU is 39th on the list of most games played in the tournament.

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