Comments about ‘Survivor of crash with moose grateful for kindness of strangers’

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Published: Monday, March 31 2014 6:02 p.m. MDT

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I'm glad he's ok, and that there are still people around to help when needed. I just want to give him one word of advice; Bullets are cheaper than cars, and I hope he doesn't get a ticket for killing a moose out of season, or without a permit!(tounge in cheek)


I am glad there was not more serious injury in this case. I can attest to the dangers on our highways from wildlife. I've been driving Utah's rural and backcountry roads my entire life. I consider myself a good, careful driver. Despite exercising due caution, I have collided with 2 deer ( at the same time) and an elk. In both cases there was no warning and little reaction time when the animals suddenly appeared on the road. Both incidents occurred in the evening just after dusk. In both events I was traveling well under the speed limit because of concern about animals in the roadway, which did give me enough time for slowing and limited maneuvering to minimize impact. My passengers and I escaped injury, though my vehicle was pretty banged up in both encounters. My point is that the danger of encountering wildlife on our roads is higher than many drivers appreciate. An elk or moose coming over the hood can have lethal consequences- something we should all keep in mind when driving in the back country.

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