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Published: Saturday, March 29 2014 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Washington, DC

Hoffman made tough catches, and he did it consistently. I really wished they tracked the number of 1st downs a player makes, as Hoffman had a bunch and it is a useful statistic. The new receivers have some wheels, but can they make the tough catch consistently?

I think what Van Noy did better than any other college defender I've seen is score game-winning TD's. That's technically not the main point of the defense, but it really contributes to victories. There are plenty of defenders that can clog the middle, slow down the offense, and get the occasional turnover. However, how many defenders have scored 3 defensive TD's in the 4th quarter, let alone doing it in a single season? That is a feat I don't think I will ever see repeated at the college level.

Props to both Hoff and Van Noy. Fortunately, I think the receiver core is a little deeper this year, after being very thin last year. Defense will have defenders at LB, but don't expect points from the D.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

With as weak of a schedule, byu shouldn't worry too much about replacing them.

3 power conference teams on the whole schedule?

Hoffman and van noy are good players

But most power conference teams second string players would do well with byu's schedule.

And 2 of the power conference teams are dead last in their conferences.

Lincoln City, OR

Actually chrisb I think the Cougs schedule is tougher than you think... We won't have Idaho State or Utah on it this year.

You claim that the Cougs only play 3 power conference opponents this year and therefore the schedule is easier... Those teams are Virginia, California and Texas (only Virginia at home)... But, they also play UConn, Houston, and UCF who were all AQ teams last year... Only one of those 3 teams didn't qualify for a Bowl game (like the utes) and that was UConn... The other two played in significant Bowl games... Houston lost to Vanderbilt (who had a good team last year) and UCF finished in the top 10 I believe and beat a power house Baylor team in the Fiesta Bowl...

2 other noteworthy opponents are Utah State with Chuckie Keeton back at QB (which would be more than the utes would be able to handle) and Boise State who have never lost to the utes... So that sounds like 8 pretty solid games to me...

The Cougs will be better this year and I fully expect them to have an outstanding W-L record which should land them in a pretty good Bowl... But we'll see...

Tom in Tooele
Franklin, IN

I don't think either will be missed. BYU has way too much talent every year! Plus our legendary coach could take 22 Beehives to the Poinsettia Bowl standing on one foot with his eyes closed. He is that good!

Danbury, CT

Thanks to Chris B for the careful analysis and breakdown of BYU's players and strength of schedule. I barely have a few minutes to write a few comments once in a while and this fan of our rival is so generous with his time. Sounds like he knows a lot about power conferences, too.

Spanish Fork, UT


So you say the BYU schedule is tougher then we think, because you don't have Utah or Idaho Sate to play? Well, seeing as how Utah absolutely owns theY, your comment makes no sense whatsoever. Utah's schedule is much more difficult this year, because we don't have that guaranteed win against the cougs.

As Chris B said, the Y's schedule is way too weak to determine wether or not Hoffman or Van Noy will be a bigger loss. But of course buy the end of the season, BYU will claim to be better than the U as usual, only because they have/had more wins, against weak competition. You have to play with the best, to be the best!

Wally West

Depending on byu's qb, offensive style, & the HC's mentality, I'm going to say Van Noy will be tougher to replace.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

It's hard to say. One has really soft hands and the other caught a ton of passes.

Salt Lake City, UT

to poyman

"Actually chrisb I think the Cougs schedule is tougher than you think... We won't have Idaho State or Utah on it this year."

The same Utah team who has won 4 in a row by an average margin of 2 TD's?

re: Tom in Tooele

Whit could beat BM blindedfolded, operating a pogo stick while drinking a cherry vanilla Dr Pepper from the can w/o a straw.

Salem, OR

neither one,, Jake Doughty of Utah State will be the hardest to replace,,

Elk Hair Caddis
Sandy, UT

I think Hoffman.

Interesting statistic

Thirty Percent of the post on this article are derogatory and from UTE fans. Zero percent of the post on the most recent UTE football article are derogatory and from BYU fans.

Lincoln City, OR

@pendergast and wallbanger...

Y'all seem a little defensive about my comment regarding the absence of Utah on the Coug's schedule... The reason I think that the ute's absence from the Coug's schedule improves the difficulty is based on the simple fact that the utes have traditionally held lower Sagarin ratings and lower ratings from most all other power ratings sources compared to that of the Cougs... Sorry, but it's a fact... And the difference is usually about 10 or 20 slots...

While it's true that Utah has beaten BYU recently, they simply can't parlay that into a Bowl appearance or a stronger Sagaran/Other Power Evaluating Publication Ratings... In short, I just made my comment based on the consistent and continuous opinions of the experts who set the power rankings. If BYU were to schedule the utes it would be like scheduling California twice, we need tougher competition on the schedule to keep our Power Ratings up and catch the eyes of those responsible for the AP and USA Today Polls.

Lindon, UT

I think the sports writer asked the wrong question. The question should be, will the offensive line be able to hold out the opposing teams' defensive line and blitzes? That is the #1 need for the Cougars to be successful this season! Successful meaning running the table or close to it.

Darren Rowe
Heber City, UT

I think it's interesting that when BYU became independent and utah went to the Pac-12, the thought was that utah would completely forget BYU and move on, while BYU would try to cling on to the utes and compare themselves to them.

But here we are a few years later, and utah fans are still reading and commenting on every BYU article, learning all of our players, and watching all of our games. On the flip side, you rarely see a BYU fan comment on a utah article. I can only name the biggest stars from their team, and I only check in on the scores of two or three of their biggest games, but never watch them. And trust me, I am a HUGE college football fan and watch a bunch of games every weekend during the season.

I think it's safe to say that BYU has moved on to focus more on their national impact, and utah is still clinging to BYU and comparing themselves to them. And just watch, some utah fan is going to comment on this, because utah fans still cling to BYU.

Allen, TX

CB said, "...3 power conference teams on the whole schedule? 2 of the power conference teams are dead last in their conferences." Yes, Chris, you know about dead last.

Now that I have switched back from Uverse to Dish, I only have 2 DVR slots. Know which games I will NOT be recording if there is a conflict?

Cellar Dweller, non-bowl-going Utah games are a waste of DVR space.

Mission Viejo, CA

Again with the my conference is tougher than your non-conference.

Again with 4-in-a-row. Written safely, knowing that BYU is not on Utah's schedule.

Fun smak, but irrelevant.

BYU runs the table, they're in a big game. After all Utah, BSU, Hawaii all had weaker schedules than the 2014 BYU schedule and they got big games.

Tough to be bottom dwellers in a power conference, never to be seen or heard from again. But it's an honor to lose to USC, Oregon, Washington, UCLA, ASU et al. Of course they did surprise Stanford last year. Boo Yah! Double honor! We bad!

South Jordan, UT

As a Utah Fan, Van Noy was the best player on BYU's football team. Nobody worried about Hoffman as he was simply a tall guy with good hands. He was good against less than stellar teams. Van Noy was always up in someone's mug.

Ashburn, VA

KVN will be harder to replace. Hoffmann contributed much, but there's a talented group of receivers there this year. I'm not as convinced about the LB corps, and BYU's defense historically lives and dies by its linebacker play.

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