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Published: Saturday, March 29 2014 4:45 p.m. MDT

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Layton, UT

“We grew up watching the rivalry and that’s why a lot of us came to BYU — to be part of the rivalry. It’s really sad we don’t have it anymore.”

Well, maybe Drew should of committed to Utah and played with the Big Boys, with big brother and
for Big Brother.

Orem, UT

Utah's loss!

Now the Utes won't even have the possibility of an upset win over BYU to help them feel better about themselves after another losing, bowl less season.

River Falls, WI

Wow. The Deseret News is hitting a new low with this article. What does Utah have to do with the BYU football spring game? Nothing. I suspect this article was written for one reason alone--to provide fodder for the trolls.

Also, what is this all about?... "BYU opens the season in the longest road game imaginable — at Connecticut. It makes you wonder why the Cougars didn’t just get it over with and schedule Cambridge." I have absolutely no clue what he's trying to say here.

Regarding the spring game, here's what I'd really like to know--why no BYUtv stream? I would have loved to watch the game. Good luck this season Cougars.

longtime fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Good riddance! The rivalry for many people has lost all civility, and is taken way too seriously. I hope it goes away completely. I don't hate Utah fans or their teams, but there are things that are said and done by fans on both sides that are destructive and hateful. The break should be a good thing; Now that Utah is in a different conference and BYU can play anywhere in the country, I'd like to see the rivalry become irrelevant.

Marysville, WA

C'mon, Rock--time to move on. BYU Nation has. Utah is just another regional school. We don't play Wyoming anymore either.

Draper, UT

It's unfortunate that these players won't get to experience losing yet again to Utah. Utah has owned BYU for years but they'll just have to wait a couple of years before extending Utah's win streak. Tragic.

Layton, UT

The only Independent that can compete with the Utes is ND.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

This had just become an automatic win for Utah and an automatic loss or byu

Beating byu didn't look impressive and it's better to play teams like Michigan and Fresno.

No power conference team is rivals with non power conference teams other than notre dame.

Byu needs this game more than Utah, since Utah already plays the big boys most weeks.

Dr hill should offer byu a 2 for 1 with 2 in salt lake.

Take it or leave it, they need the game more than us.

Bama Defense
Bentonville, AR

Utah needs something. That's for sure.

Salt Lake City, UT

Was looking forward to Brad Rock's "Cougar football is one piece away from NC playoffs" article.

Mcallen, TX

Utah? They jumped out of the frying pan into the fire, and they can't handle it.

Big brother can't bail them out of this mess.

Malad City, ID

ekute, "The only Independent that can compete with the Utes is ND."

You got to be kidding... don't you remember the blowout beat-down the Utes took last time they played ND. It was nothing like the two competitive games the Y has played with the Irish.

IF the U can be bowl eligible, they might be honored to play BYU in a bowl... if they aren't afraid.

Richmond, VA

For this Cougar fan, the fun of watching the rivalry has long being destroyed by a few obnoxious fans who can't seem to curb their hatred of their rival. As far as some Ute fans are concern as often voiced on these forums, their team has moved onward and upward what with their membership in the prestigious PAC 12 conference of champions while the Cougars are just another mid major in their rear view mirror not worthy of an invite except a 2 for 1, take it or leave it. So I say, more power to them! They're happy where they're heading and we should be too with where we are! And if we won't ever play another game in this rivalry, I won't ever loose any sleep over it. I just couldn't stomach the hate anymore! Two great organizations badly maligned by a few who thrives only on hating and denigrating their rival! On the other hand, perhaps the pause would yield some positive results for the better in fans behavior!

Go Cougars! And good luck to the Utes too!

Farmington, UT

I attended the spring game and I couldn't possibly guess what was missing as I looked at the headline, but then I read the article and discovered it was Utah, of all things, written by a pro-Utah sports homer.

This is what will happen:

BYU will play their average or maybe better-than-average season and go to a bowl game in December.

Utah will play their average season and watch all the bowl games yet again in December from the comfort of their living room and big screen TV.

Utah fans will mock BYU's schedule and bowl and bowl opponent, etc. ad infinitum.

Mr. Rock will continue to write sports articles that everything is Utah.

The headline is wrong: There is no surprise.

ray vaughn
Ogden, UT

It is difficult to feel sympathy for BYU lamenting the suspension of the Utah football game. For many years BYU played a yearly football game with Utah State University. BYu had no sense of tradition when they suspended the series with Utah State University.

Sandy , UT

@ longtime fan its already irrelevant for Utah. This article just proves one thing this game means more to byu than Utah. After all van noy did call it byus super bowl before his 4th straight loss to Utah.

Layton, UT

Nothing you said disproves the fact that the only Independent that can compete with Utes is ND.
If Utah and byu were to meet in a bowl, recent history of byu vs the Utes and the and the rest of the PAC 12 is overwhelming evidence that the Utes would continue their bowl winning tradition and byu would add to their bowl losing record.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

Even though we don’t go to bowl games anymore we are now pretegous so we don’t have to play byu anymore because we get respect from our PAC brothers even though we don’t win very much anymore.

Go Utes!

springville, UT

Well now Utah doesn't have any type of a bowl game to play in. When the hate game continues in two years, the uties will also have a new coach.


Utah and their fans don't want or need it, but they still feel compelled to comment on it. As Shakespeare said " me thinks thou dost protest too much"

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