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Published: Sunday, March 30 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The alternative to Russian control over the small countries is to allow America to control the small countries. Viewing the plight of nations to our south in this part of the world, are we sure that our control is better?

Salt Lake City, UT

The4 true alternative to Russian control is an alliance of those small countries with The EU or NATO or both. Europe can handle Europe (and the Russians), if they know America will back them up by adhering to their NATO agreements. Wishy-washy-ness on the part of America will subvert the process.

Salt Lake City, UT

Alot of Latin America is becoming friendlier w/ China. That particular item should be item #1 when it comes to US Foreign Policy.

Virginia Beach, VA

" . . . This is the president as poseur . . . "

Oh come on George Will. It's easy to identify the poseur in this article, and it's YOU.

As usual, you've offered NO insights, but plenty of complaints.

You PRETEND to be a columnists worthy of serious consideration.

Fortunately for you, your targeted audience, American "Conservatives," are very appreciative of pure unmitigated pretense.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

I'm not sure what George Will is trying to say in this rambling piece and I suspect that neither is he. Will seems to be reading Kipling’s Recessional as prophetic corollary for Ukraine as though he's brooding that under Obama, American influence in the world is going the way of the British Empire. That's more than a bit premature and rather self-indulgent, even for one as pontifical as George Will.

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