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Published: Friday, March 28 2014 8:25 a.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

I am so very grateful that the officers survived. I hope and pray that they are able to recover well.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Good to know the driver complied with officers after the shooting and didn't run. But what about the passenger who actually shot the officers? Was he captured? Was he detained? Was he questioned? Was he arrested? Did he run? Was he shot? Seems to me like this would be some good information for this story don't you think?

sandy, ut

The passenger is dead

Alpine, UT

@ UtahBruin:

Apparently, you didn't read the article very well. The officers were able to return fire against the passenger who shot them. He was more than just detained and will never be questioned, at least not in this life. The fact that he was killed is the "good information" already provided in the article that you seem to still be seeking.

Bruce A. Frank
San Jose, CA

I want to thank the officers for handling this criminal and I am very glad your training, skill, and luck helped you survive this criminal's murderous intent. God was on your side manifest in the fact that backup was available. I also applaud SLPD's backup policy as a lone officer contact with this criminal could likely have ended very differently.

I pray for the officers' speedy recovery!

sandy, ut

big surprise... The suspect that died has a past criminal history...

Murray, UT

The unknown is still an important part of this incident. Did the cops pull this vehicle over, or was it already stopped? What was the reason for stopping or approaching this stopped vehicle? What was the contradictory comments from the passenger?

We know that one man is dead and two are wounded. It is a shame that a shoot-out took place. And we are lucky that this shoot-out did not hurt anybody else. But we are not only entitled to know, but we need to know, why this shoot-out happened. We don't know if the cops had legal justification to stop or approach this stopped vehicle and we don't know what the passenger said (nor will we ever know, he can't tell us) what the cops thought was contradictory.

We still need some facts to better understand this incident.

well informed
Salt Lake, UT

I agree with Fitz. Until a full and thorough investigation is completed I am not going to give credit and certainly not praise anyone involved in this shootout.

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