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Published: Friday, March 28 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Cecil B Demille and Charlton Heston believed in God; one directed a classic movie on a key subject "The Ten Commanments" and another respectfully portrayed a prophet of God in that production. DeMille sought the assistance of religious leaders of many faiths including the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They made a movie that people still watch and still find inspiring today.

Hollywood today seems largely to have unbridled contempt for God and the many majorities who believe in Him and His morality in western, middle eastern and African nations. The Hollywood elite are arrogant and think that this dirisible attempt to insult and mock believers in Judaism, Christianity and the Muslim faith is going to make them money and win people over to their philosophies?? Amazing.

I hope that this movie bombs as it richly deserves. I am one of millions who would not spend a penny to enrich smirking, malevolent enemies of the moral core of nations or further their unholy aims. I am hopeful for some of the non-Hollywood film-making industries to which so many now have perforce begun to turn to see something laudable or enriching.

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

StansburyFann - Yep; everything from talking serpents to nonagenarian childbirth to parting seas - all illusory. I know that may seem somewhat alarming to certain Mormons but whether those events actually happened (they didn't) or not really doesn't matter - the lessons we take from those parables for our personal lives is what is important.

And no, I don't "believe" in any one thing more than holy scripture; rather I see intelligence, science, math, etc... as gifts from God that we are obligated to culture and grow. To deny evolution is to deny God, just like Ama claimed that to deny the movement of the heavens (which we humans can explain thanks to scientists/mathematicians) and the planetary orderly fashion is to deny God.

Bakersfield, CA

Go Gildas! Two Thumbs Up on your review.

Being Stalwart at opinions doesn't make you bright or right. It just makes you entrenched. Astro phycisists are the first to tell you we haven't even got dark matter or black holes figured out. Pre-Hubble and W.I.S.E. textbooks are out of date. And everything streaming in just verifies every Biblical creation claim, from the Cosmos to the nano cell:
Where'd the Data come from, Stalwart?

Who is "Ama"? I teach Hebrew and haven't found that person extant.

Hollywood shot a thriller, full of darkness and death. How original. And a lost and hungry world languishes while "Ama/Mama" Jolie and Franklin Graham spend their lives trying to rescue the desperate. Carry on American movie goers.

Grantsville, UT

Stalwart- when Christ was in the tomb for 3 days and arose, was that literal or a parable? "For with God, nothing is impossible"

Savoy, IL

Do NOT go see Noah the movie!!!! I walked out of it (one of the first I have ever walked out of). I went trying to give Hollywood the benefit of the doubt, knowing that they would need to add some artistic interpretation given the small storyline from Genesis. However, when Hollywood injected the idea that Noah couldn't get answers from God and wanted to murder his granddaughter, I couldn't stand it anymore. I was disgusted by the portrayal of an axe wielding Noah who kills countless people. I was appalled by the fact that they made up a storyline that a bad guy secretly snuck on to the boat and conspired with Ham to kill Noah while on the boat. I was offended that they portrayed a prophet as a man not preaching repentance but as a man determined to end the human race including his own family. Besides the fact that there is a man with a boat and animals, this movie in no way follows the story found in Genesis.

Suburbs of SLC
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I loved the film. Parable or fact, the Old Testament is incredibly messy, unclear, and confusing. I thought the film did a great job of encapsulating that. Yes, they added all sorts of other plots, but I thought those plots at the very least reflected the themes otherwise existing in the Bible. When Noah's wife, rather than Noah himself, is the one pleading with her husband to continue the human race rather than letting everyone parish, I saw parallels with the wise role Eve played in the Fall. I saw parallels between Noah's belief that God was commanding him to end the human race with the story of Abraham and Isaac - a prophet is promised that his posterity will be innumerable, and is then told to sacrifice his son, the symbol of his posterity, only to have the whole thing be a test that God calls off at the last minute. Yes, it's a terribly dark plot, but so is the source material.

Suburbs of SLC
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I had a friend say that he didn't like it because Noah seemed to be without guidance from the Lord for most of the film, rather than being portrayed as a prophet constantly being guided by Him. I'm not so sure the film's version isn't incredibly accurate, in many circumstances. From Joseph Smith languishing without answers in prison, to Lehi being told to flee Jerusalem, without knowing what the next step would be, to the brother of Jared only receiving piecemeal instructions over the course of many years regarding how they were going to cross the ocean, I think God often instructs his prophets only to the degree they need to take the next steps, because they, like us, need to walk in faith. Sometimes, that means they make mistakes, even terrible mistakes, but that doesn't diminish their capacity as prophets.

Oro Valley, Arizona

Putting aside all of the religious interpretation debates concerning Noah and his story--this poorly made movie was a tedious endeavor to watch. Hollywood uses a D version of a biblical template to tell Noah's story using Lord of the Rings imagery. Two plus hours of my life I can't get back (not including the time I used to write this post). Your time would be better spent doing something kind for a neighbor or your community.

Cleveland , OH

Back in my youth a Saturday Night Live sketch started with a disclaimer (I paraphrase from memory) - "The following program is a historical docu-drama which means that it is based on real events but some half-truths and out-right lies have been added."

There was contention about details in the movie "Lincoln," based a the life of a very public figure and covering very public and well documented events that happened some 150 years ago.

Noah? Perhaps the Bible gives an accurate telling of real events, although science does not support it. Perhaps the Bible gives one version of civilization disrupting events that happened in various ways at diverse times across many cultures - the historical and geological record would seem to support that view.

In any event, a guy made a movie. It was based on a story - or stories - from pre-history, that survived as oral history and then, finally, a written tradition. The stories helped define a tribe and their relationship to their local god. It is entertainment, a historical docudrama with creative bits added to make it more sellable to a modern market.

St Louis, MO

"I am one of millions who would not spend a penny to enrich smirking, malevolent enemies of the moral core of nations or further their unholy aims. I am hopeful for some of the non-Hollywood film-making industries to which so many now have perforce begun to turn to see something laudable or enriching."

My, my, my. Read that three times now and it gets funnier every time. Smite them, brother.

I guess this means you don't spend any money at all on movies or TV not expressly made by righteous conservative folk? When you go shopping, do you make sure that no-one of the malevolent enemies of the moral core of nations benefits from your purchase? Gotta be consistent in your convictions.

Alex 1
Tucson, AZ

The take home lesson is, you really shouldn't rely on Hollywood to teach you the scriptures. You will always be disappointed. I encounter some Evangelicals who are really getting worked up about the Biblical accuracy of this movie, and I find myself asking, "What did you expect?" The loud disapproval ends up drumming up more publicity than this movie even deserves.

As for me, I don't care if anyone wants to see it or not. It seems like a waste of money to me and something I couldn't take very seriously anyway. Let it die.

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