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Published: Thursday, March 27 2014 9:30 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, UT

Thanks for the feel-good story! Positive words do go a long way to make someone's day or even change someone's life for the better. It would be nice if this practice were applied in every area of society - what a world changer it would be!

Riverton, UT


Salt Lake City, UT

Just showed this to seven high schoolers hanging out at our house. They are impressed and so am I. What a sweet, awesome thing for young men to do for young women, and so much needed.

Thank you!

Ezra Adair
Kamloops, 00

This is what brought me back to church. the way our kids in our ward worked together and did things i had never seen before. it made me feel like i was welcome and i was in my 40's It told me that the Parents were teaching there children the right family values.

Pleasant Grove, UT

I should have done this sooner. Thanks, Alison, for writing about this experience! I wanted to give props where they are due--to the dozen or so volunteer church leaders involved without which this would never have happened. They went door-to-door in some cases to get the releases from the youth's parents so we could secure the rights. The music labels involved gave us a great deal to use the song. There were so many little miracles along the way that allowed this to happen. Putting together the video was the easy part. The real heroes on this project are those behind-the-scenes moms, dads and youth that continue to lead and serve anonymously.

Utah Native
Farmington, UT

So impressed, and so touched! Posted it right to Facebook so others could be inspired when they see what you have done. Thank you for your example!

Sparks, NV

I did a similar activity about a year ago with the YM/YW of our ward and it had amazing results. Usually, all they mostly hear are put-downs as a way to "be funny" but when they saw that others thought highly of themselves, they were amazed. It was all smiles and tears (the good kind).


Daughters of God, individual worth, divine nature are all exemplified in this Young Men/ Young Women activity.

Young women as individuals will be better prepared to strengthen home and family and enjoy the blessings of exaltation.*

*I went to the lds.org web site to come up with the above portion of Young Women Values Theme.

Spanish Fork, UT

The only thing missing from this story was the impact it had on the young men. I'm sure every one of them were smiling as they wrote the words and then watched the young women's reaction. Not only do positive words build up the people we share them with, they also build up the people who say them.

Portland, OR

A vast improvement over modesty/rape culture. Let's hope that we can look forward to a paradigm shift in which the girls and women might enjoy more safety in our communities.

The Old Wolf
Payson, UT

Thanks for reporting this lovely story, and thanks for providing the direct YouTube video instead of trying to keep it proprietary like some other news outlets do.

G L W8

I think this is the story Deenie Wimmer reported on KSL TV which she headlined somewhat like "You can change the world by changing your words." I searched for a link on KSL.COM to try to see the whole story; I only caught the end of it, without success.
I agree with Deenie's comment; with this addendum: "You can also change yourself by changing your words; i.e. choosing your words carefully. Changing the world begins with changing yourself."
I am grateful for those youth who remember to say 'thank you', or are able to converse freely and pleasantly with us of the older generation--and without the vulgar expressions common among so many--youth and adults alike. Like the closing of the gender divide expressed in this young men's video, wonderful things happen when the generation gap is bridged.

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