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Published: Wednesday, March 26 2014 4:45 p.m. MDT

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Eagle Mountain, UT

Wait... she said they are inappropriate and her solution was to buy them all, thus giving this business (and others) incentive to do the same thing. I can't comment on whether I agree with her or not on them being "inappropriate" since I haven't seen them myself, but I seriously doubt that was the best solution. Especially since it got publicity, it could inspire other businesses in Utah County to copycat. "hey everyone, ultra conservative Mormons are buying up inventory they are offended by! hurry and stock your shelves with ________. Make sure it is prominently displayed to the public for optimal effect." For the record, I am a conservative Mormon. But her methods are not great.

Mchenry, IL

A return or exchange is for when the gift receiver doesn't like it or it doesn't fit. If they allow the return and it goes on 80% off clearance then a case could be made morally you stole hundreds from them. Theft and coveting are immoral. Two wrongs don't make a right. A complaint and a determination from the city council was the appropriate thing to do. I do think the city council was correct, it is not illegal. Distasteful, but then don't buy it.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Provo, UT

I'd hardly call the "women" and leave it alone at that...

They are women who are 90% nude and suffer from corporate-fed starvation based on the pandemic of amorality that has plagues the U.S. at the rate that content can be delivered in a more potent and private format. What is on the shirts is not women. It is a product, object, disposable toy, and replaced and forgot as soon as a new model is manufactured.

We ought to women with sacred respect, love, and care. Not as a photoshop-manufactured disposable toy.

We can cite addiction and family statistics all day and people will not be convinced. The truth is, we are all beings of intelligence and no one can alter the truth. All we can do is submit ourselves to what is true or foolishly reject it in favor of some other desire.

How we treat women, children, and the integrity of the family God designed is simply an IQ test for the world on what it means to be human, to be happy, and to live peacefully. But peace will never exist when women, children, and families are under attack.

Glendale, AZ

I support what she did without criticism and I applaud her and the city of Orem officials for taking a stand.

Way of the Warrior
Arlington, WA

Is this what conservative/religious governments do? Talk about government intrusion into personal freedom of expression and choice. The fact that no obscenity laws were broken makes the Mayor's, Council's, and City Attorney's letter of rebuke completely inappropriate.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Provo, UT


They have every right to turn around and sell the shirts at full price or clearance or burn them and eat the cost. You can't steal someone's potential profit. Otherwise, if I convinced everyone that "Frozen" was lame, Disney could sue me. There is nothing rational or legal about it.

Coveting something isn't wrong. That simply means desiring something.

Coveting your neighbors wife, home, or property is wrong. Someone else's property or love isn't yours to desire. She doesn't want the shirts. She wants other people's business transactions and marketing to promote things good instead of harmful. It's not coveting, nor is it wrong. Possibly flawed, though I'm not convinced it is, but her character and actions were good.

None of us are perfect. The only perfect method is following the Savior. She may have done that with a sloppy butter knife. We aren't always going to spread butter the same way. What matters most is that we spread it with the same purpose... to give someone bread who needs food. I'm sure there is a more appropriate method, but she did just fine.

Young Moderate
Logan, UT

While I agree this was distasteful on the part of PacSun, I am afraid that what Samwise said above is correct. Her plan backfired. All she did was generate free publicity for PacSun. You can find articles on this story all over the web including some national news sites. Even if they lose money on the sale when she returns all of the shirts it will be money well spent.

Syracuse, UT

I applaud her for taking a stand. Whether you think it was right or not, she took action for something she saw as a problem for her, her family, and society.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Since the shirts were purchased under fraudulent curcumstances, the store has every right to not accept the return.

@ Spellman789: There is a wrong way and a right way to make a stand - this was not the right way.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Pac Sun thanks you for all the free publicity.
I hope they will not accept the return.

Layton, UT

I'm impressed that she actually did something. Most people whine, but do nothing. Our world is going down the drain.

Hey It's Me
Salt Lake City, UT

Of course she can return them. Is there small print after the words 30 day return policy? Does it say except for this or that or this or that.

South Jordan, UT

So many consumers, especially in Utah, have a really causal approach to such things. "Oh, well, that store shouldn't do this or that or that movie shouldn't include such and such language or violence/sex...etc" and we just move on thinking that somebody else will do something about it. Well, somebody did and she should be given a medal!

While the city of Orem did everything they could not to cite the offending company, at least they took a modest public stand. Good for them.

Next, there seems to be such a reluctance for people to stand against what is offensive to adults. It's almost always, "The children could be watching." While this is all fine, there's plenty to find upsetting in society that more adults, like this mother, could do to stand up and proclaim, "Enough is enough! What you are showing is offensive, degrading, and/or just plain wrong!"

Finally, the best response is for people to simply not buy the merchandise or the ticket or the cable programming, etc.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Pac Sun is the big winner here. They got a ridiculous amount of free publicity, and Mrs. Cox came off looking ridiculous.

The cherry on top of this story is still to come, and it will be one of two scenarios: 1) They don't allow her to return the merchandise. Or 2) They take the shirts back, put them on sale for 80%, and the teenagers of Orem will swarm to the store and buy them all.

Provo, UT

objectification of women is A-O,K!

/sarcasm off

Joshua Steimle
Draper, UT

Is it the role of government to delve into such things? Can't we solve these issues without involving the authorities? And what about Victoria's Secret?

Provo, ut

lots of stone throwing going on here. I applaud Orem for trying to deal with this without making another law or policy that would effect everyone and be very difficult to write. Even a judge on the Supreme Court said, "Pornography, I can't define it, but I know it when I see it."

KTC John
Wetumpka, AL

How do you know that the store does not have a "no-questions-asked" return policy? That is the norm. Stores do not generally inquire into the undisclosed mental operations of their customers or conduct an interrogation when accepting returned merchandise. Are you engaged in strained sophistries in an attempt to make good evil?

Acton, MA

From Massachusetts,

Ok, you're a Mormon-dominated culture and maybe a bit on the stodgy side. But you guys out there are cute. You really are. Especially considering all the stuff our kids can see on the Internet, movies, magazines, books, etc. But hey, ya gotta take a stand somewhere! Maybe we could use some good old-fashioned Mormon values here back East. Next time a couple of Mormons come to my door to convert me, (it happens) I'll tell them, "Right on! Instead of coming after me, go challenge some store displays! They're ruining our kids! Especially those kids who are downloading porn as we speak."

Seriously speaking, I support anything you can do to keep Utah a bit slowed down from our nationwide slide into the sewer, I'm for it. Even if I poke a bit of fun at you, I know you're good people who mean well.

Los Angeles, CA

What country are some of these commenters living in? This is America not Iran.Its all so stupid, a nasty T-Shirt is gonna hurt your family! Shop somewhere else and if you are looking to make some points with the Lord you could start feeding the homeless in Utah!

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