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Published: Thursday, March 27 2014 6:00 a.m. MDT

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Houston, TX

One other tip is "Return from your mission, but never retire from your mission."

Spanish Fork, UT

Another tip: if you have a broken leg, get it fixed before you go..... same with your mental health. Too many young men and young women are returning home early from clinical depression. A mission isn't the place to fix that. Do it before and if it is a problem, don't go.

Virginia Beach, Va

Rockon, I agree with you. Parents and Bishops need to understand that serving a mission is not the place to get rid of clinical depression. I've seen many kids arrive for their mission and leave in less then a month. Also none of us should pressure our youth to serve a mission. It's between then and their Heavenly Father.

Grand Rapids, MI

Become very good at walking a lot. Train for and complete a half-marathon or similar event shortly before leaving.

Bubba Royce
Port Charlotte, FL

I have a troubling question of Bishops. If our mission purpose is to spread the faith and help others than what the others here for? Why do the others exist?

calvert city, KY

I was born in western ky. in 1949, and grew up in the tradition's of Baptists. I discovered the church of JESUS CHRIST of latter day saints as an adult, and was baptized in 1987. I greatly admire those that serve mission's at their own expense. Those full time missionaries are great people.

Gilbert, AZ

Be Patient. That is something all missionaries need to learn. Be patient with yourself and others and you will be able to enjoy the progress and the journey.

Holladay, UT

Many missions have cars or trucks for transportation. Please come with a valid driver's license. Without one, you might miss the opportunity of working in a choice area.

Heart and Mind

I liked your article, but how about updating your photo so we can help stamp-out the stereotype that sister missionaries are doudy?

You look like you just came from a funeral, all dressed in black. How about adding a little color and life to your "uniform"?

And maybe you can start or endorse a business selling comfortable, durable yet feminizing shoes for sister missionaries?

I know this comment sounds critical, but please realize that how the message is delivered sometimes drowns-out the message. Classic communication research shows that non-verbal clues can overpower actual words.We have a hard enough time getting people to listen to our Gospel Good News without them being distracted by our 19th century fashions.

Best wishes and keep sharing uplifting insights.

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