Comments about ‘New family film 'Nowhere Safe' warns of dangers of bullying, promotes kindness’

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Published: Wednesday, March 26 2014 3:55 p.m. MDT

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logan, UT

I was at the first special screening that was held for this movie, and I can say that this movie needs to be seen by every teenager in the country. Thanks to those who produced it. We need more movies like this!"

Murray, Utah

Can we make it required viewing for anyone aspiring to management or executive leadership in corporate America? Doesn't make much sense to try to convince youth that bullying is bad if it is a preferred leadership personality trait in corporate America.

Just saying 7
Indianapolis, IN

Would have been more effective had the lead actress been average looking. As it is, the audience will be sympathetic based on her good looks. If she were homely, the audience would be forced to confront their inner prejudice that is behind bullying. Right now, the film is too contrived to be realistic.

Let it Go!
Omaha, NE

We need more movies that have uplifting messages than ones that just show garbage. Thank you for contributing for the better of our society! :D

Hurricane, UT

Oh good grief! Another useless diatribe on the sad state of the American teen. While more than half of the kids in the world are wondering where their next meal is going to come from or if the U.S. is going to blow up their shanty house, American teens are feeling bullied because a classmate commented on how their hoodie doesn't match the color of their shoes. The yesteryear mantra of "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" shows how alienated we now are as a society thanks to the manipulative use of too much social media, entertainment and non-parenting by the previous generation.

Hurricane, UT

If you find yourself emotional in regards to this movie or article by definition, you have been bullied.

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