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Published: Tuesday, March 25 2014 7:20 p.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

Dennis said, “It’s Coach Christensen’s offense and he’s the offensive coordinator...”

The redacted part…

“I really don’t know what’s going on around here, never a dull moment as always and he’s the guy in the hot seat… not me! I have another year or two left in me, the money is OK and…

“I just like being around the players and coaches and being here trying to help win football games,”

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Most teams don't have any coaches that have taken their teams to undefeated seasons and national glory.

We have two(Whit and Erickson)

And they'll do so again. Ya, Whit struggled with the hardest schedule in the entire nation. Florida State and Auburn wouldn't have ended in the national title game if they had played our schedule. The future is bright for Ute football, we just need to get over these tough years acclimating to playing with the big boys and not the nobodies week after week


Proud Whit supporter
Proud Ute
Proud Pac 12 member

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

I feel bad for Erickson. I saw him break into coaching at Idaho. He deserves something better than K-Whitt's disrespect.

Salt Lake City, UT

Springville, UT

Clearly, you don't know what "redacted" means.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

"I feel bad for Erickson...He deserves something better than K-Whitt's disrespect."

Who are you to say? DE appears to be very content with his role and he is obviously instrumental in bringing in talent from SEC country. But, I guess you know more about him than he does.

Ogden, UT

Erickson wouldn't still be at Utah if he wasn't okay with the switch to RB coach. A coach of his caliber could easily find an OC gig at a big time school if that's what he really wanted. The man is old, he was just pulled out of retirement, he's getting paid the same as an offensive coordinator but only doing a fraction of the work. He loves being around the sport and the athletes. To me it sounds like a pretty sweet hook up!

Layton, UT

Looking forward to September. Optimistic about the changes on the staff and in player personnel.
Can't wait to see some of the new players on the field, like Kendal and Gionni.

The entirety of Sammyg's and Ed Grady's comments for the last 4 years, redacted: "We're jealously preoccupied with the program on the hill."

just a nobody
murray, UT

Chris B,

Come on man, really. If you think we are going undefeated in Coach Whits tenure here you are more foolish than I think you are. You are entitled to your opinion as much as I am entitled to mine, but just because some of us don't think everything is all roses at the U doesn't mean we don't care the state of Utah football. Coach Whit is probably doing his best, but that doesn't mean it is good enough. Please try not to be so "cougarish" with your comments

Phoenix, AZ

"A coach of his caliber could easily find an OC gig at a big time school if that's what he really wanted."

No he wouldn't. I'm not going to respond to any further discussion about Erickson, but he is a "has been". Although better than a "never was", anyone who thinks that past success guarantees future excellence should take a few moments to study the law of diminishing returns. Erickson was good in his day. Today, I'm glad he's not with ASU.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

One things fer sure, we us byu fans know what's best for Dennis Erickson, he just needs to ask us.

Trabuco Canyon, CA

This year is looking pretty good at this point. With Gionni Paul's go get'em enthusiasm and leadership, and Coach Christensen's no non-sense "Do it now and do it right" attitude. This will give us a good offense and we already have a great defense, so, I feel that we will compete with everyone on the schedule and beat most of them.
If the Utes aren't in the running for top spot in the conference this year, I think Whitt will be gone after this season.

Horrible Stumper
Hyrum, UT

I would hope with all of the old OC's, the new OC, and the many position coaches they have that the UTE's can put together a solid season. But in the conference that they are in I just don't see it. I am betting we see a new HC,OC, and DC at Utah by December. I hope not, but I think the writing is on the wall for Coach Whitt. Good man, just a little over his head. Be a great defensive coordinator somewhere.

Ogden, UT

@Cougar Sundevil
anyone who thinks that past success guarantees future excellence should take a few moments to study the law of diminishing returns

Kind of like Robert Anae? And...Erickson wasn't an offensive coordinator at ASU...a lot of really bad head coaches make good coordinators. Take Bronco Mendenhall for example.

Layton, UT

"but he is a "has been". Although better than a "never was", anyone who thinks that past success guarantees future excellence should take a few moments to study the law of diminishing returns."

You must of had anae on the brain. I think Gionni Paul would beg to differ with you. I'll go with his opinion. Anyway, I'm glad you got that off your mind. Feel better? I think Dennis would like nothing better than to beat asu. Looking forward to the Utes visit to tempe.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Erickson wouldn't still be at Utah if he wasn't okay with the switch to RB coach."

I agree. I just wished that Whittingham had put HIM in charge of the QBs, rather than Roderick. Roderick was a WR is college, and the WRs coach for the past 9-yrs. And with all that "WR" experience, he still wasn't a very good position coach. And NOW he's coaching the most important position on the field?

Erickson should have moved to QB coach, and somebody else should have been brought into coach RBs.

17-14 Hurts Don't It?
Springville, UT

Dennis must be an OK guy to suffer this much abuse.

By December he'll be gone along with Whit and the rest of them. Going bowl-less a third season is not going to bode well on the hill.

Hope and change... Hope and change, etc.

Draper, UT

Did I miss something? Roderick is the QB coach? I remember him being pretty good at catching the ball, but I don't remember him spending much time behind center. If I'm not mistaken, there was a guy they called Sark doing that...

I can hear it now: "Attention all quarterbacks come to the University of Utah where you will enjoy the tutelage of a decent receiver from a mid-major college that we constantly claim to be inferior in every way. But seriously, you should come, he can totally help you get to the NFL."

Pocatello, ID

Yes, Roderick is the QB coach. He coached QBs at SUU, so this isn't his first run at the job.

Second, The winningest QB in Utah history, Brian Johnson was coached by Andy Ludwig, who was, you guessed it, a receiver in college.

So I randomly checked some coaching staff's QB coaches

Ohio State: Tom Herman-wide receiver at California Lutheran University

Alabama: Lane Kiffin-QB at Fresno state, but did you know he hasn't coached QBs at the college level until this year, and at USC he was the TE and WR coach. Wow, how could he coach those positions without having played them.

Scott Frost: Oregon: yes he was a QB, but first coached WR at Oregon.

Seriously, this isn't rocket science.

Draper, UT


I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but if you're a recruit would you want to be coached by a former QB or a former WR? Who is better prepared to help you with your form and technique, reading defenses, game management, etc., etc., etc? Ya, my position coach in college didn't play the position he coached, but, then again, I wasn't a QB.

And being a QB in the PAC 12 in 2014... I'd say it's pretty close to rocket science.

Pocatello, ID


If a decision truly comes down to "your position coach played your same position" then I guess I have to concede that point, but I have been following recruiting now for about 7 years. I have literally read 100s of interviews with recruits, and never have I heard one cite that as a reason why they would or wouldn't choose a program. Most of these guys switch position coaches during their college careers anyway.

Whit has said over and again that a coach's primary responsibility is recruiting. Roderick, from all reports is a solid recruiter, and has been around football for a long time.

It is such a tertiary issue, it is essentially a non-issue.

Now, winning is a real issue. Utah really needs to win this year, and I think they will.


Jeff29, it really is not that uncommon of a thing for a coach who played an entirely different position to coach QBs at some point. Cal's QB coach played RB at Murray State. Oregon State's QB coach played WR at Columbia and Princeton.

Anyway, I'm not saying this to defend A Rod or say that he will be successful at the position. He's a nice guy and an asset to recruiting, but I've never been crazy about his coaching ability.

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