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Published: Tuesday, March 25 2014 12:35 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

The Supreme Court may not allow modesty in public if it's an expression of religious faith.

Go West
Taylorsville, UT

What a great example Mrs. Bure is. If only the Hough siblings and other LDS performers on DWTS would've had the courage to be more modest and classy in their performances.

Roanoke, VA

I love that Tweet "Modest is Hottest". So true. Would love to see that catch on.

Carson City, NV

Was it just me or were more of the women wearing more long skirts, etc. Modesty could be catching! :)

Chad S
Lorton, VA

I wonder if Candice's Christianity is as anti-Mormon as her brother Kirk's?

Rigby, ID

Good for Candace! I'm impressed! I have plenty of faults and shortcomings of my own to worry about, so I will not comment on the LDS dancers that have been on the show.

Rigby, ID

Truth is.....I don't watch DWTS.....the whole show is too suggestive and immodest for me. Again....good for Candace!

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