Comments about ‘Natural gas may be the future at Utah's giant coal plant’

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Published: Monday, March 24 2014 9:55 p.m. MDT

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St. Johns, AZ


I say we get all the Environmentalists together along with all the Liberal Politicians, and we'll be able to provide enough Methane Gas to Power all "Dirty Power Plants", No Fossil Fuels Used!

sunamn, IN

A Billion dollars! What a waste! It could be put to much better use, like say, what Pat Boones has put his name to, invest in developing Nuclear Fusion, a real clean energy that has exception potential. Or not used at all.
The green movement is a religious cult, and should be viewed as such. They acknowledge the earth is billions of years old and that man time the last million. In all that time prior to man’s existence, there have been polar shifts, Ice ages, a periods when the earth was almost entirely a green, having, if any, polar ice caps, due to cyclic changes caused from several causes, sun spots, storms, asteroids, volcanic , whatever, now the cultist are ignoring all that, get mad if you bring it up. In Support of their tenets, these so-called scientists (getting Government grants) have fabricated and rigged data (they were caught, such as putting data gathering stations not in the open fields, but on black top parking lots, against darker red brick buildings to rig /pad the data, so it can be claimed.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Dave Duncan said:
The notion that we will run out out of petroleum may seem logical, but it isn't supported by the facts. The known reserves of petroleum keep growing--and at a faster rate than consumption.

Complete nonsense!
Not supported by facts.
Is this the God will make more, plan B.

Suddenly those who couldn't care less about nature are worried about the birds, well cats triple those deaths, and you didn't care then.

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