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Published: Monday, March 24 2014 6:30 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

What a perfect terrific idea!!

I had a grandnephew who suffered from and bravely fought brain cancer for most of his 8 years until it finally overwhelmed him. When I would spend time with him in the hospital I grieved to think of the many hours he had to spend there, being poked and prodded for the endless tests and treatments instead of time doing the things everyone, especially children, would prefer.

How wonderful it would have been for him to have the chance to have his dream of being a race car driver be so vividly portrayed in pictorial layouts like the ones shown in the article. I'm certain his antiseptically grim surroundings would have dimmed a bit while his imagination took over as he looked at images of him enacting his dream.

Congratulations and many thanks to Jonathan Diaz for helping children dream of better times and places while they fight to survive.

Twin Sister

This is beautiful from every angle--the children, the purpose for these photos, the artistry, and the way it peaks imagination and thought. These children (and all children) are precious. Thank you for printing this article and the photos. My prayers will be for these sweet children and their parents.

Salt Lake city, UT

@Samhill, I had to respond to your comment and just tell you that I would have loved to do that for your nephew. I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to turn back time so that I could do this for some of the children that have left us. Thank you so much for your beautifully written comment and support!

Layton, UT

What a great way to use photography and celebrate creativity!

Saint George, UT

@Jondiaz, God bless you man. God bless you.

Spanish Fork , UT

What a beautiful story about an incredible project. My son was diagnosed with leukemia two years ago. I can't wait to buy this book. What a fabulous project, thank you.

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

I think I love this man!

Smithfield, UT

What a beautiful, beautiful gift you have given to these children! You have many gold stars awaiting you on the other side!

Roosevelt, UT

Thank you for this beautiful tribute to precious children. Our sone has been gone for 37 years, losing his battle at the age of 3 with brain cancer. He didn't tell me but I feel his dream would have been to run and play with his brothers. It has been a tremendous loss.

Salt Lake City, UT

This is so cool!
The children and their families will treasure these pictures forever.

sparks, NV

Very cool. So awesome for those kids and their families.

Texas Ken
Killeen, TX

Wonderful idea! I wonder when the book will be available? I would like to get a copy of this book; hopefully it can be shipped outside of Utah.
What about "Anything Can Be" for a title?

Proud Father
Cottonwood Heights, UT

What an amazing project! I can't wait to own this book. Mr. Diaz is quite the artist!

Hey It's Me
Salt Lake City, UT

We are given talents when we come to this earth. It is great to see people use them for good. Mr. Diaz is a God send to many families and I would purchase several books as gifts for friends. Thank You for sharing your artistic talents with so many. May you be blessed for many years to come, that you will be able to continue this for families who just need a little lift at a time that is so stressful.

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