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Published: Monday, March 24 2014 3:50 p.m. MDT

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AL The Younger
Gilbert, AZ

This is a good story in every way. What an example he is to teens around the world. Especially young men who need someone like this to be an example who are tremendous athletes or musicians. I decided to go and play pro sports instead of a mission and now that it is over I am going to go serve. I wish this guy was around 5 years ago when I should have went on my mission.

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

Thanks, FYI, for responding I'll look into it.

Honolulu, HI

Welcome back. I salute your service!

Mechanicsburg, PA

I hope you had a memorable mission. Your a faithful servant and an example to all men who are talented who put off to serve the Lord. America can't wait to hear your next album.

We love you Elder Archuleta

Lancaster, CA

This young man is much more noteworthy than Justin Bieber. Compare the two years of both of these young men. You can't tell me that mission hasn't done some good for Elder Archuleta. Maybe Mr. Bieber should take note and follow the example of his counterpart. Welcome home, Elder ARchuleta. I'm glad that you decided to serve the Lord for 2 years. You will be blessed for your service.


I believe high school graduation is required for an 18-year-old to receive a missionary calling. Once a young man is 19, I think worthiness and a desire to serve are the only requirements.

Welcome back David, and thank you for your service.

Richmond, VA


"Mister "J" .....Where did you serve your mission..."

Umm...what makes you think Mister J served a mission, or that he's an LDS member for that matter? If he is a member, then he's probably just pre judging David's intention for announcing his return on You Tube to all his followers. Not sure if his intention was to say to the world "Look at me" as Mister J insinuated but I doubt that was Archuleta's intention. I'm thousands of his fans were awaiting his return after a successful mission.

Altoona, PA

@gmacochrane....I think what Mister J is saying is that it's a "look at me" moment of self-promotion. I do applaud David for serving a mission, but to announce it on YouTube is totally self-promoting and detracts some from what he has done.

Old Lady
Salt Lake City, UT

How wonderful. I served a stake mission in 1957 and it was a very spiritual experience. I can only imagine how wonderful it was to serve a full time mission as you did and I reaally admire you putting your career on hold to serve the Lord. I look forward to hearing you sing again. God bless you.


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