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Published: Sunday, March 23 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

Yeah, but that's your view. And your expiry date came and went a long time ago.

Salt Lake City, UT

But the fact is, there are many outstanding health care systems which we could copy, from Canada to Europe. Senator Hatch's party could have proposed any of them but will have none of them. Why? Answer: to protect the medical industrial complex.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

In the nineties, the Heritage Foundation designed a national healthcare plan as an alternative to the Clinton plan. The Heritage proposal was the model for both Obamacare and Romenycare. Orrin Hatch was one of many Republicans who endorsed it. Other notable supporters included Newt Gingrich, Bob Dole and Dick Lugar.

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID


Heber City, UT

The ACA allows my son to have potentially life-saving surgery without bankrupting his young family. His wife has health insurance for the first time in her life. Both shed tears of joy. All due respect to William and Debbie, for every story like theirs there are stories with the opposite outcome.

Another son and his wife fall into Utah's doughnut hole and are now an emergency away from bankruptcy. Give us workable solutions Senator Hatch. Your latest proposal doesn't cut it.

Salt Lake City, UT

I have said it a million times. How do you drive down the PRICE of medical procedures without some kind of competition or price regulation. Since the government can't regulate the price of a service outside of taxing it, how is it possible that anyone thought the ACA was going to solve a problem? Forcing people on to expensive insurance plans doesn't force medical service providers to lower costs. Forcing service providers and insurance providers to provide for children until their 26 drives up costs. Canceling insurance plans and forcing people on to plans is increasing the cost. Forcing businesses to provide health care increases costs. I don't understand how any of this is going to fix the fundamental problem. Service providers don't control their own costs, exist in a largely non-competitive environment. When a family receives a bills for $10's of thousands of dollars for a couple nights stay at the hospital, you know SOMETHING is wrong. Hospitals are NOT controlling costs, because they don't have to. They raise prices, pass it on to the insurance. Insurance isn't vetting the care that was received or disputing the excessive costs.

Far East USA, SC

Wow. Amazing.

Mr Hatch blasts the ACA throughout this whole piece, talks about repealing and replacing, but does not mention even one time the proposed legislation that he co-sponsored.

Patient Choice, Affordability, Responsibility and Empowerment Act, or CARE. - written by Coburn, Hatch and Burr

Why would you not mention that Mr Hatch? Could it be because it was BLASTED by many conservatives?

Mr Hatch proved first hand that it is easier and safer to complain, than to propose actual solutions.

t-ville, UT

"We need real change"

And... nothing. No proposals or ideas presented. Has the Republican party always been the party of opposing ideas in place of creating their own, or just these past 6 years? All that is heard from conservatives lately is blame and whining about Democrats without any emphasis on their plan if they were to win the Senate and White House. Being completely neutral and nonpartisan, please someone explain this phenomenon. I was very willing to vote for Mitt Romney during the last election, but he never presented an alternative to Obamacare. This is beneath the dignity of those striving for public service. Even a bad idea is still an idea that can be debated and criticized, but the absence of ideas is truly worrisome, especially when so many DN readers seem to be cheerleaders for those same non-ideas. Let's repeal Obamacare, great. Then what?

Salt Lake City, UT

On the other hand, there's my friend Todd who has a congenital heart defect who for the first time in his life has been able to have health insurance. ACA has warts and beauty marks. Ultimately, the public must decide what it wants to do with our health system and health insurance. To talk about ACA as if there is nothing good about it is patently dishonest.

West Coast1
Secane, PA

The real problem with health care is that it is too expensive! It doesn't matter if the insurance pays for it, you pay for it, or your grandma pays the bill for you. Healthcare just costs too much money.

Salt Lake City, UT

"But unfortunately there’s an attitude of denial by President Obama and many of his friends in Washington, who continue to claim that Obamacare is actually working."

I think I'll send this to Ellen. Hopefully the stories of suffering will prompt her to reevaluate Obamacare and tell him how it **really** is the next time he comes on her show.

E. Hindman
Ogden, UT

I guess it is easy for Hatch and the GOP to criticize when they did not seem to have a a concern for the uninsured prior to ACA.
I did egg to keep my same doctors and my same plan.

Wilf 55

A few anecdotal cases, even if true, are not sufficient to convince that the whole of ACA is "disastrous". The whole matter is much more complex and the cases of succesful application are numerous for people who for the first time in their life now have affordable health care and will not go bankrupt.

A better assessment is to compare with countries that have the best universal health care in the world, like France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Scandinavian countries, and others. ACA may not yet be perfect for all, but give it some time and support to become perfect, rather than try to destroy it with an anecdote.

Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

Hey Orrin! How about spending as much time telling us just what your "patient-based health care reforms — such as the Patient CARE Act proposal" will offer as you do bad mouthing the ACA. I have been receiving your "Hatch Dispatch" online for months and have yet to see you tell us what you plan will do, but have volumes of what is wrong with ACA. If it is so great, give it some press, your present agenda makes me think you are more interested in foiling the POTUS than you are of implementing yours or any other health care program! How about putting your money errr proposal where your mouth is!

Provo, UT

When you write an op-ed like this you open yourself up to the attacks of those with a political agenda counter to the author. But the fact remains that ACA was not ready to be implemented, the taxes that are included were backloaded to try and gain support early, the deductibles will have to skyrocket and now it appears that the insurance companies will have to be bailed out.

Nothing is free in this world and ACA just tried to shift the costs from one group to another. Those that benefitted from this transfer will applaud the law and those that get stuck with a higher premium and a higher tax bill will complain. Anytime you pass any piece of major legislation on a strictly partisan manner, no matter which party, it is bad legislation. As Hatch has indicated, there are some good things in ACA but it needs to be either repealed or majorly reformed and done in a manner that gains votes from both sides of the aisle. But the Democrats in Congress are afraid to open the bill up for amending because they will not like the result.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

It is interesting that some posers still promote single payer - when it obviously does not work in Canada, England, etc.

LOU Montana
Pueblo, CO

My view of William's family of St George; first it was not Obama who canceled his employer's insurance plan. It was the greed of the employer who cut his insurance and his daughter lost her doctor. The William Family should have found insurance that the doctor would have accepted. Second, his daughter's condition degraded because they did not properly exchange information between the two doctors, as simple as having the two doctors call each other. Third; Who typically gets all the cost that the William family could not afford? YOU and I that is who. We get the cost passed onto us because the William family does not have enough money and insurance to pay. We bare the burden of the bulk of his daughter's treatment. Under ACA the insurance company has to pay.

William family needs to be grateful that they will not lose their home, will not go bankrupt and cannot be denied coverage.

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

Who is going to pay for all the insurance subsidies? YOU WILL, if you pay taxes or already have healthcare insurance! Why else do you think insurance premiums, co-pays and deductibles are exploding for millions of other Americans? All Obamacare has done is increase healthcare cost while lowering the quality, period!

Virginia Beach, VA

"My view: ACA disastrous — We need real change"

Well you're half right. We need real change. It would be nice if "Conservatives" underwent a paradigm shift and focused on what is best for the nation for a change, instead of blindly embracing the hate rhetoric of FOX "NEWS" and Rush Limbaugh.

But what's the chance of "Conservatives" becoming real Conservatives? . . . probably not great. They are too used to being "Conservatives."

Face it folks. The ACA is a wonderful boon for this nation. The good Ol' USA has finally begun to crawl out from the hole dug for us by plutocrat-controlled regressive, reactionary Conservatism.

For years now, we have had the highest health care costs with only middling results. Something had to be done, and Lord knows the Republicans were not inclined to do anything to improve the health care situation in this nation.

Thankfully, President Obama and the Democrats took charge and got something done. And that is a true blessing for this nation and its people.

Thank you President Obama, and thank you wise Democrats in Congress for sacrificing political capital to benefit nation. Contrary to what FOX "NEWS" would say, these are truly Great Americans.

Far East USA, SC

"All Obamacare has done is increase healthcare cost while lowering the quality, period!"

Thid, lets have a general discussion on healthcare. Lets pretend that Obamacare never existed.
And lets leave partisanship out of it and just focus on the facts and see what conclusions can be reached. Fair enough?

I consider these as facts. Do you disagree? If so, explain.
Baby boomers are retiring and the number of people on Medicare is increasing and will continue increasing.
People are living longer
The cost of healthcare has been steadily increasing for many years now.

So, these are my basis for discussion.

Given these, and looking at the projections of the cost of Medicare alone, any analysis would have to conclude that it is unsustainable.

So, I see three options.
Decrease Medicare services (higher age, less coverage)
Increase tax to pay for it
reduce the overall costs

What other options are there?

Since costs seem to be escalating, isnt that the most logical piece to focus on?

We need a plan to address the cost of healthcare.

If we can agree on that, then we have a starting point going forward.

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