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Published: Saturday, March 22 2014 5:50 p.m. MDT

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483bzak: As one who is recovering from lust addiction after 30+ years (porn being a part of it) I can tell you without a doubt that I could not love my wife and children until I was in recovery. All I cared about was me and my next "fix". And I can tell you that, now that I know how to love, I love my family in a real way. I care more for them than myself - something I was not capable of when I was acting out. And, most others I know in recovery will tell you the same thing.

Hutterite - It is sad that we are all not worked up enough to eliminate all porn from our society. Nothing about porn is good. It is truly one of the great evils of our society, and the presenters at UCAP so clearly showed.

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