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Published: Saturday, March 22 2014 4:05 p.m. MDT

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Proud Ute

Good luck Travis!
Wishing you all the best in your future whatever it holds.

springville, UT

Seems like a great guy. He should transfer if he really wants to do what every other D1 players wants to do. Play in a bowl game.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

I hope Travis realizes that he's going to have to win the starting role back.

Syracuse, UT


"Seems like a great guy. He should transfer if he really wants to do what every other D1 players wants to do. Play in a bowl game."

The good D1 players would rather play in a major conference against difficult competition each week rather than play a weak, independent schedule and qualify for a lower tier bowl game.

The Utes have gone to a bowl game 9 times in the last 11 seasons, winning 8 of those games including two BCS Bowl games.

Taylorsville, UT

@ Max-was-right:
"Seems like a great guy. He should transfer if he really wants to do what every other D1 players wants to do. Play in a bowl game."

Your comment is partially correct. Travis is a great guy. While I admit that many football players would like to play in a bowl game, I'm not sure that "every other" D1 player cares more about playing in a bowl game than they do about getting the chance to play. After all Ammon Olsen transferred to SUU, a FCS school, and Jake Heaps transferred to a school that hasn't been to a bowl game since 2008.

There is a reason that one should be careful in the use of the words, never, always and every. Most likely there is an exception to the statement.

West Jordan, Utah

@ Uncle Rio,

I think that Wilson should have to earn back that starting role if cleared for contact but Coach Whittingham has a history of staying with QBs who have shown themselves to be very injury prone. The poor health at the QB position was again the reason Utah had a bad year last year. It wouldn't have mattered if Utah sat Wilson earlier though because their was zero depth at the QB position. the same thing happened with Jordan Wynn. His injuries saw Jon Hayes do about as much as could be positively expected from a transfer from the Nowhere Tech.

This next year, Utah finally has depth at the QB spot, perhaps to much depth ironically. Making the right decision on who to make the starter is a huge decision. I am not sold on the Oklahoma transfer. He won't get spring reps anyway, coming in later. The young QBs look to have a ton of upside, but if Wilson gets the reps and he goes down, then it's really tough to bring in inexperience.

I like Connor Manning the best but his strengths don't seem to favor the new OC's (Christiansen) system.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah


The Utes have only played in one bowl game since joining the PAC 12 and Utah's chances of going to a bowl during the upcoming season are only 50-50, at best.

Bartholemew T. Benedict the III
Salt Lake, UT

FYI - if you're really trying to nit pick over words, which you do, one could do the same by saying that Max was right is more likely correct in saying that every D1 players wants to play in a bowl game. I'd even suggest that FCS players would "like" to play in a bowl game. I've never heard a player say "I don't want to play in a bowl game" have you? Max was right didn't say "at the expense of playing time or anything else." He simply said that division 1 players want to play in a bowl game. So I ask again, have you ever heard a player say "I don't want to play in a bowl game?"

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

FAX - 50%/50% - think again, pac 12 is not easy and you got Michigan on your list. Need 6 wins to get in to bowl game.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

@DEW Cougars

Dang it we should have scheduled the Cougars again this season. A sure win.

Knock knock, who's there?
Owen..... Owen who?

St George, Utah

I have always liked Travis Wilson as a player. It is a shame that he has struggled with injuries, and I really hope he will be able to return to the field and progress and improve as a QB. But if his health is at risk at all, I hope he will put the pads away and move forward in whatever pursuits he chooses. Either way, good luck Travis! The Utes are lucky to have you!

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I don't know the answer... but it would be an interesting question. Ask any player if they would rather go to a bowl game or play in a game against Oregon, Stanford, USC, UCLA, or other top 20 teams. (Especially if the game was a meaningful conference game.) Now ask that some question if the bowl game was a lower tier game against a mid-level conference opponent. Again, I don't know what their answer would be... but as a fan, I certainly know which I prefer!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Who am I sir:

Correct you are. Since leaving the MWC to play WAC football, the cougars bowl opponents have been Tulsa (CUSA), San Diego St. (MWC), and Washington (Pac-12). And during that same time, Utah had played UWa. twice, and never once hoped we'd see Tulsa. And the Y didn't need to leave the MWC to play SDSU now, did they?

West Point , UT

Who am I sir & NavVet
Yep, most lower tier program's fans prefer playing all the great opponents and show gratitude for " just being there". U and Vandy, and Wazzu, and Miss St, and Colorado, and Rutgers, and Maryland, et al should all have a big party at the end if each season to celebrate and congratulate each other on another sub .500 year and the opportunity U had to make your conference alpha males look better by owning U, especially on your unfortunate trips to their house. I hope those big dogs at least send U Christmas cards to show their appreciation...I mean especially considering how lonely and dreary the holidays can be for ute fans.

Some recruits, and fans care about winning seasons and going to bowl games...some just like to be at the expensive table despite the humiliation of being servants refilling drinks and serving o'dierves for the elite. But who am I to judge, to each their own.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT

re: 50-50

Just like Utah's basketball team, Utah's football team struggles mightily on the road and with 5 conference games plus Michigan on the road, the Utes already have their backs against the wall just to finish with a break-even season.

One stumble at home and the Utes will once again be spending bowl week on the couch.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Since leaving the MWC to play PAC football, Utah's ONLY bowl opponent has been Georgia Tech, a team BYU has played and beaten TWICE during the regular season.

Frankly, going to Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco was much more exciting than spending New Year's Eve in El Paso or on the couch.

Salt Lake City, Utah

navel vet

Bronco is 2-1 and BYU is 4-5 all-time versus Washington.

Kyle is 0-2 and Utah is 0-8.

Just sayin'

Anaheim, CA


"Frankly, going to Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco was much more exciting than spending New Year's Eve in El Paso or on the couch."

Depends on how comfortable the couch is.

Now we know why they Utes spent so much money putting all of those leather couches and chairs in their new football training facility - they were just planning ahead.


There is some interesting trash talk on this comment board from a fan base whose team hasn't beaten the Utes for 4 years and is on the losing end of the following: 5 out of 6, 9 out of 12,and overall 57-34-4. If Utah had played BYU's schedule over the past 2 years, they would have gone to a bowl each year. But playing in a very competitive major conference presents unique, difficult challenges.

Utah will be just fine.

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