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Published: Friday, March 21 2014 9:25 p.m. MDT

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Lincoln City, OR

I love these turn around stories... Sports and great coaches can make a major impact in a young man's life that is far more important than winning football or basketball games... I wish the best for you Mr. Stout and I will look forward to following you as a fan.

Salt Lake City, UT

I for one looked forward to Zack's career. I while appreciate more the upward trend in his life... which after all is said and done is the whole purpose of football, college, careers and living on earth. Welcome back Zac, were all pulling for you.

Mesa, AZ

This has the makings of a very excellent feel good story. Best of luck Zac. Redemption is a wonderful thing.

Virginia Beach, Va

I'm not sure I agree with Bronco on this one. It sounds like bringing this kid back was in the works the whole time if the asst coach kept in contact with the player. That was an ugly incident and warranted being kicked out of the school for good. If it were not for the fact that this kid plays football he would never be on campus again.

Idaho Falls, ID

If he is healthy, Stout can be very, very good. He could fill in very nicely at MLB.


Another young man who seems to have found himself. This is the absolute best thing about athletics. Changing the potential of mind and body into excellence .

Vernal, UT

I haven't made it through a day yet when I haven't made a mistake, and haven't met anyone else yet who has either. Glad to hear you're turning a mistake into a positive. BYU is fortunate to have you back.

Santaquin, UT

It is great to see these young men who have problems come back and realize there is more to life than banging heads on the football field. Congratulations Zac. Also a congratulation for the coaches who help these young men see their life potential as much as football potential.

Lindon, UT

@runnerguy 50

He got in a fight, and the kid he fought with kind of got the best of it. He's a college kid and he made a mistake. Nobody was seriously injured, except maybe Zacs' pride and life goes on. Congrats to Coach Tidwell for being there for the kid and showing support. It was the lifeline that he needed at that moment and now hes got done what was required to get back. Good luck Zac, stick to football. you don't have a career waiting in cage fighting.

Saint George, UT

I like the part of the story that tells what year he is in school/how much eligibility he has left and how that might play out with the other players/positions...

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Runner guy, of course bringing him back has been in the works a long time. That's what happens. He got kicked off the team over a year and a half ago. This wasn't some wimpy 1 game suspension. He had to go through the legal system and a long(it's been over a year) process to get good with byu and honor code.

That's what I like about how byu handles problems. They don't use the cop out of "everyone deserves another chance" as justification for a weak 1 game suspension. This was serious and making a kid sit a year is more serious than just about any college would have handled it.

Cardston, Alberta

Just a bit of forgiveness is all the Savior asks of us...all the time. Put that in the bank a few time and you and I will get some back in return. I really like how these coaches did not throw this young man under the bus. Others like KVN, and Brandon Davies are young men who were supported through their mistakes and have done very well. I have four adult age sons who get support and strength from leaders, professors, Bishops etc. None are married yet and we pray for them every day.

Reno, NV

Not sure why, given the strength of the linebackers over the past years, but I've overlooked Coach Tidwell. Good to hear this story about him as well as Zac Stout.

Idaho Falls, ID

"Redemption is a wonderful thing"
I have personally had experience in the church education system and I've seen many many students make positive changes in their lives and return to the university. Not one of them was a football player or on one of the athletic teams. A foot on campus is better than a foot in the mouth.

Rocket Science
Brigham City, UT

Not true runner guy. While the incident was egregious even though the players were baited into a terrible situation they never should have been in, Zac actually had as severe and probably even more severe punishment than a non-high profile student/representative of the University would have had.

I wish everyone could know how LDS bishops and BYU Standards Committee work with people separate from Team Rules. Individual redemption is always paramount. Much like a Disciplinary Council, penalties imposed are intended to redeem rather than to permanently reject, discard and forget.

What we don't know about is any Young Men who are still being spiritually supported, and encouraged even after they have left and not returned due to infractions happening near the end of their eligibility. The Coach, his staff and or others at the University are concerned about the lost ones and their long term redemption.

Salt Lake City, UT

Glad for BYU football that Zack has returned. Glad for Zack that he is at BYU.

Ephraim, UT

For the first time on this comment board, I agree with Chris B. Please stick with your reasoned and positive comments.

Idaho Falls, ID

"If it were not for the fact that this kid plays football he would never be on campus again."

Nonsense. If it weren't for the fact he was a football player his disciplinary sentence probably would have been significantly lighter.
With regular Joe Student, nobody knows except maybe HC office. With a high profile student athlete in the public eye, everybody knows and thus more public pressure for stricter discipline.

Federal Way, WA

I dont know the full details of the legal aspect of this public fight. However, it appears the primary mistake this guy made is that his fight was in public rather than during football practise. As has been reported recently, Coach Mendenhall likes to see fights break out among players during practise to show how hard they are working. Can one type of fight really be that much different than another? Is it really a matter of public perception?

Anyway, glad to see this player come back. Hopefully, he will remember that "time and place" make all the difference at BYU.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

I think this is the first time I've liked Chris B's comment on a BYU sports article (I usually like his comments on political articles-- keep it going, Chris!).

I am glad Zac got a chance to play with the team again. I really like how players like Zac and KVN chose to stick with BYU despite how difficult the situation was for them considering BYU's honor code. How a person handles a situation like this says a lot about their character.

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