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Published: Friday, March 21 2014 12:40 p.m. MDT

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A lot of teams would make it to the final four "with one addition." Everybody wants a Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins.

Gilbert, AZ

@Who am I Sir?

The good news for your bowl winning percentage is that it should stay high for a long time since not being included in a post season bowl should ensure that you won't have any more losses.

Other than two BCS bowls, most of those wins came in years that U went to the lowest level bowls and played lower level competition than BYU. The reason? U generally finished lower in the conference rankings and the Y got picked before your for more competitive match-ups. U could get invited to a bowl game for the next 15 years and still not have as many bowl appearances as BYU...

Holladay, UT

BYU is more like 12 or 13 players away from a Final Four appearance. LOL!

Anchorage, AK

I don't live in Utah, so I'm not immersed in the BYU and/or UofU hype. Both teams are not taken seriously by anyone outside the Beehive State. And the major sports networks don't waste their air time mentioning them and regard them as a joke. Case in point, when BYUs seeding was announced, one of the announcers exclaimed, "I don't agree with that, they shouldn't be in at all", or something to that effect. Personally, I think it's a bit of anti-Mormon bias, but then, that's just me. Still...

Until BYU quits being kings of 'one and done' in basketball, and aligns themselves with a conference in football, they will remain that way to the rest of the country.

How do they do that? Improved coaching...killer instincts (we're too nice)...not be Utah (sorry, but it's not highly regarded by 'the outside world - why no NBA stars will come to the Jazz for example)...lots of things that can't be fixed by the one or two superstars the author proclaims as the 'fix all' solution -- one good run won't do it, it has be constant.

Cedar Jim

What about the Elite 8 with Ainge and the boys? Or was that "ancient" history? Yes, it was fantastic to see the Utes make the final four and give Kentucky all they could handle. I was equality proud of both programs.

Eagle Mountain, UT

lol Christopher B, you're the one to talk about sensible comments, aren't you? Since your anti BYU obsession leads to such "sensible" comments. With that said, I agree with the quote from Back Talk in your 1:31 post. Neither BYU nor Utah should be talking about prospects of a Final 4 appearance or Championships until they get close at least. Especially Utah. They should try getting in the tournament at least first.

mr. j
Cottonwood Hts., Ut

@ Blue and White

While Jabari missed the boat, you have missed the point. To think that Jabari can only be a good representative of his church by going to BYU is wrong. Jabari is or isnt a good representative of the church by his faithfulness not the choice of his college. He has a chance to represent his faith to those who aren't familiar with it instead of those who already share it.

Lincoln City, OR

I guess if you're a sports fan in the state and you have post season disappointments year after year the best thing you can do to take out your frustration is to try and throw rocks at your nemesis... misery often tries to recruit company.

Unfortunately, Utah is not nor has it been at BYU's level of athletic success for a number of years now... It is true that the utes beat BYU the last four FB games and they even managed to beat BYU in BB this year (that hadn't been done since 2009 and they haven't beaten BYU in Cougarville since 2005... that's nearly 10 years ago)... But despite the ute wins the nation continues to view the Cougs as the best sports program in the Beehive state...

When was the last time BYU didn't go to a Bowl game??? When was the last time Utah did? How long ago did UtahFB finish ahead of BYU in Sagarin's ratings? Or in RPI in Basketball? BYU has been invited to the Dance 8 times in the past 10 years... Utah has made it once... BYU has had excellent recruiting years... Utah's is getting worse.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

The Utes are MUCH closer to competing in the PAC than byu is to the final four.

West Point , UT

Did you honestly not see the blatant sarcasm of CougarSundevil's post? Or just trying to pick what you wanted to hear.

I concede Utah's superiority historically in bball, if Utah fans will give BYU football credit for their superior history to yours with achievements U have never had.

About this article: BYU had major issues defensively and in rebounding this year. That's not something Jabari Parker would have changed because he's not a great defender but unlike Duke BYU would have had more mature junior players surrounding him. So yes, I think BYU would have gone further with him but not to the final four. The final four is reserved for teams with either great coaches or great players or both. Coach Rose is a good coach, not great, with good players, not great. When Utah went 16 years ago they had a great coach and a couple of very good players. That Utah team wasn't overly athletic but fundamentally sound with an intelligent floor general in Miller. I agree with another poster, until Rose teaches lockdown defense BYU will never be in the final four.

West Point , UT

Utah's recruiting, at least in bball has been worse? I think not. They have some very good recruits coming in the next year. They will be very good in the years to come in basketball. Football is another story, I don't know that they will ever fully compete in the PAC12 in football, but in basketball they will definitely have some success. They're future looks bright on the hardwood.

Ken Lee
Pasadena, CA

Uteology and Chris B love to talk elite programs, but they know, they will never have a national championship or conference championships in football or bball. So, what they do is point to their conference affiliation….which does nothing but keep them locked in at the bottom of that group. It's really quite funny. The Utes have had 2 good years in football, ever. And fewer final rankings since 2000 than big brother BYU. But, with some more funding coming in for all the poundings they absorb in the PAC12, they can expand their tiny stadium and at least appear to be in a power conference. No one will care, but they can use that money to hire new coaches and a better stadium to sit empty….we'll see. Go sub .500 Utes. Even in Utah, BYU gets all the press. Nationally, the Utes and Utah State are routinely confused even by real sports fans.

Sandy , UT

Jabari did so much for duke against Mercer I don't think he would have helped byu much

Syracuse, UT


"How long ago did UtahFB finish ahead of BYU in Sagarin's ratings?"

Ummmm, how about last season? Utah #34 BYU #35

Layton, Utah

When was the last time Byu lost in the NIT? oh Utah lost just last week in the NIT, i'll go with current events Alex for one hundred

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Just to follow up on what Utesby5 posted; which is totally correct. Utah finished ranked higher in basketball (per the Sagarin rankings) too; Utah #45, BYU #47. It's always good to actually know the rankings prior to talking about them.

Let's face it, neither team did very well in either sport. The fact of the matter is that even when Utah had a bad year, they beat BYU on the field/court, and in the Sagarin Rankings. Those rankings were always the reference made when BYU fans would state the "we lost the battle, but won the war" slogan. I guess when you lose both the battle and the war, the Sagarin rankings are quickly forgotten.

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