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Published: Friday, March 21 2014 12:40 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Tator :

"To their credit, BYU doesn't pad their pre-conference schedule with lots of division II teams"

LOL! In other words, none of the 8 best basketball conferences in the country want to invite byu and therefore byu is forced to schedule tough out of conference games because their conference is terrible. That sound about right?

As for Utah, to Utah's credit they scheduled a very difficult conference schedule(yes, we picked it. We could have declined the Pac 12 invite and moved to a tiny conference instead. But we didn't, we chose to play tough teams year after year after year in conference play).

Improving the dialogue tator? Ya, we'll believe it when we see it

Salt Lake City, Utah

"Ya, its fun to play the "if only" game"

Like the kids living under the crimson bubble playing "if only" we still had a program like we had in 1998.

Unfortunately for U, that program died over a decade ago, and despite the yearly predictions about how much better the Utes will be "next year", the Utes haven't even sniffed an NCAA tournament win since Bogut left.

The truth is, a team that is in the NCAA has an infinitely better chance of making the Final Four, than a team that is on the outside looking in.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Doesn't that sort of imply something happened, then it didn't happen for a long time.

When was the first time it happened(final four for byu in this case)?

East Salt Lake City, Utah

It only takes one or two great players in basketball and you’re in business.


It only takes one or two NBA prospects in basketball and you're a final four contender.

Utah has one so far, hoping Chapman is the other.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Every post you, all of Chris B's monikers, and Utelogoy make on BYU articles only confirms my point. You guys can't let go of BYU. They are too important to U.


Imagine that a rival being an important team. Wow!

One thing for sure, unlike "some" BYU fans I never had to pelt officials with garbage after yet another loss ... even during the 80s when BYU owned us.

Like BYU's fans like yourself have NEVER post on Ute articles, right? You post more on Ute articles then you do for your first and second team combined.

Rexburg, ID

FYI: For Ute fans and BYU haters,

An article at CBS sports titled "Seeding NCAA tournament football/basketball combos 1-16" (cbssports.com, March 19, 2014) ranks BYU #16 in the nation. Utah is not mentioned. The article states that "one off year won't kill a well-established program. Two might."

Bottom line is that a national sports entity has ranked BYU #16 of all D-1 schools which participate in football and basketball.

Utah is not listed.

If you disagree, write CBS.

Reno, NV

@MacNasty: That list seems to be based on teams in the tournament this year. If, by some miracle, Utah had made it to the Dance, they would probably have been on the CBS Sports list as well.

Funny/witty screen name
Orem, UT

Utah basketball is only history. Presently, they are not very good.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

"BYU's Final Four drought could end with one addition"

An addition of Jabari Parker didn't help Duke in the first round. He wouldn't have made much of a difference if he played for BYU.

If BYU ever wants to make a trip to the Final Four, then they need to play a championship caliber defense. BYU hasn't had a very good defense in a long time. If BYU thinks that they can make a run in the tournament with a couple of great players, then they'll be in for a rude awakening come March. Look no further than BYU's 2011 team who were loaded with great shooters, but they couldn't advance beyond the Sweet 16 round. Having great players can only take you so far. But great defenses will take you even further.

Defense wins championships!

Vegas POV
Las Vegas, NV

Transfers from other programs seldom make a team better. Aytes who was benched from a UNLV team that didn't even qualify for the NIT and Fisher from a Wake Forest team that had their first winning season in several years but still didn't qualify for post season play is supposed to make BYU a Final four contender? How well did it work when Collinsworth got injured and the UCLA transfer Carlino suddenly was thrown onto the court? Solid recruiting and not inheriting others problems is the way to go from my perspective.

Rexburg, ID


You said "That list seems to be based on teams in the tournament this year. If, by some miracle, Utah had made it to the Dance, they would probably have been on the CBS Sports list as well."

You need to read my post and the article before commenting. Considering Utah has a losing football season for two years running and has had a losing basketball program (except this year with a very weak schedule), Utah will not even come close. Sorry.

Yea the teams are in this year because they win in basketball and football, have been doing so for a while and are well established. Sorry again

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT


"Bottom line is that a national sports entity has ranked BYU #16 of all D-1 schools which participate in football and basketball."

Facts: Basketball NCAA post season history: Utah 27 appearances : 35 wins; 30 losses (53.8%) BYU 28 appearances: 15 wins; 31 losses (32.6%) If BYU won the next 20 games it would still have a lower % than the U!
Football: Phil Steele's 2009 college football preview listed the all time post season records for all the Division 1 football teams. There were 74 teams that had played 10 or more post season games. Which of the 74 teams had the highest winning percentage? That's right - UTAH at 78.6% (And it wasn't close as the next best team had a 70.0%) On the other hand, which team had the worst winning percentage? No it wasn't BYU. There were 4 teams with a lower percentage than the Y!!! (But it was close as two of four teams were within 2.4% of BYU's 35.2%)

Nice try to put meaning into CBS comments that obviously was not there!

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT


When I posted the 2009 football preview I thought I should update that to current figures.

Utah's record is currently 13 wins and 4 losses (77% winning record. Still the highest in the nations among teams with more than 10 games!) BYU's 13 wins 18 losses and 1 tie (winning percentage of 42%.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

All this is true. Had Jabari signed with BYU and Kyle not been hurt, this would have been a final 4 year for BYU. I have been watching BYU basketball for a long, long time, and when we do have a good team, we are always one player short. We are never able to get enough good players or enough depth to win a championship. We'll have a lot more really good teams, but I don't think we'll ever make the final 4 in my lifetime. Odds are far better now because the one and out has eliminated the really great teams. There is more balance, but the game has changed too. It is not really basketball any more...at least not as it should be. Traveling is rarely called, the game is too rough, the shot clock is destroying the game, the 3 point shot has destroyed the flow and strategy of the game, etc. The goal is to take the game and make it playground basketball. BYU will never get enough of that type of athlete to win.

blue & white
Boise, ID

Jabari Parker missed the boat not going to BYU. what a nice opportunity to represent the school and church. He would have ended up going to the NBA no matter who his head coach was. thank goodness there are some great athletes who chose BYU over other schools, they have a dream to make BYU one of the best. we will get more of those great ones to add to the great athletes we have who have the vision to choose BYU.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

"And for the last 30 years byu has proven what they are in the big dance."

2013 SWEEP - And what is utah's "big dance" record for the past, let's say, 10 years? Let's see - they got pounded by a 12 seed Arizona State in the first round when utah was the 5 seed.

Reno, NV

Here's another "what if" hypothetical question to ponder... What if Dave Rose could actually teach fundamentals and a player leaving the program would be a better player than when they entered the program?

Reno, NV

Blue and White,

Jabari Parker had to choose between a coach who can't seal the deal in the WCC and a Hall of Fame legend who is one of the greatest coaches in collegiate history. Jabari chose well.

Rexburg, ID

Who Am I Sir?

It appears you like numbers, since you mentioned football:

BYU Football 1922 - Utah Football 1892, 30 years before BYU
BYU 4 top 10s - Utah 3 - Edge BYU
BYU 18 Top 25s, recent 2011 - Utah 5, recent 2010 - Edge BYU
BYU 4 top 20 BCS rankings - Utah 3 - Edge BYU
23 Conf titles, all 23 since 1964 - Utah 24, 6 in the WAC or MWC since 1964 - Edge BYU
31 Bowls - 13 For Utah - Edge BYU
0 BCS Bowls - Utah 2 - Edge Utah
13 Bowl wins - 13 for Utah - Push
1 National Ship's - Utah None - Edge BYU
8 Hesiman Trophy Finalist - Utah 2 - Edge BYU
1 Heisman Trophy - Utah 0 - Edge BYU
As of 2008 146 BYU players in NFL, 48 played in Superbowls, 1 two time SB winner, 1 SB MVP - Utah 27 NFL, 5 played in SBs, 3 SB winners, 1 two time - Edge BYU
4 Davey O'Brien award winners - Edge BYU
7 Sammy Baugh award winners - Edge BYU
1 Doak Walker Award and Jim Brown Trophy - Edge BYU
2 Outland Trophy Winners - Edge BYU
1 Maxwell Award Winner - Edge BYU

You talk post season play, what is the percentage Utah has for playing let alone winning the National Championship? Answer, 0%.

If you want to see a trophy case filled up great looking trophies, you'll have to drive down to Provo.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ blue & white

Why should every great LDS player play for BYU? I understand it's the church's school. But Jabari Parker has a great opportunity to be a representative of his LDS faith playing for a different school. Think about it! It's a great missionary opportunity that Jabari has while he uses his basketball talents. It's good for the LDS church to get exposure by a good athlete playing in a different part of the country.

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