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Published: Friday, March 21 2014 12:40 p.m. MDT

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The Rock
Federal Way, WA

The most important and most difficult part of any college coaches job is recruiting. If a slightly above average coach can land a couple of super stars then he can end up looking really good. The only reason that BYU is a mid major program and not an elite program is the fact that too many top LDS athletes go elsewhere. Once the Jabari Parkers of the world start going to BYU and they consistently go deep into the NCAA tournament, BYU will become a destination, not a second choice.

2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

Ya, its fun to play the "if only" game
If only Davies had played - he didn't
If only Jabari had picked byu - he didn't
If only Jake Heaps turned out to be good - he wasn't

At the end of the day byu has the most ncaa appearances without a single final four. I think that's more telling of how "close" they are now than pipe dreams of the next Jabari taking byu to the final four.

And if you're going to play that game, you could also say byu was just one player away(if Haws had gone elsewhere) to be a very middle WCC team with no bright future at all. Teams are what they are. And for the last 30 years byu has proven what they are in the big dance.

Chandler, AZ

In other new, the Jabari Parker-led Blue Devils just got bounced in the first round. Maybe one Jabari-esque player isn't all it would take after all.

Big 12 Call Yet?
Ogden, UT

the rock

"The only reason that BYU is a mid major program and not an elite program is the fact that too many top LDS athletes go elsewhere" The only problem with your statement is logic doesn't fit in there.

I've heard byu fans argue just the opposite - that the reason they dont get great talent is the recruiting pool is so small and they mostly can only land Mormon kids. But now you're saying if byu got all the Mormon kids they would be elite?

Because on average Mormon kids are the type of talent of Duke, Kentucky, Florida, and other elite programs? Don't blame me - you're the one who said byu would be elite with all the Mormon kids.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Final 4 by adding ONE player? Are you serious? Maybe if it's Lebron James.
BYU is much farther away from the Final 4 than ONE player.

Back Talk
Federal Way, WA

Please stop talking about useless topics like final fours and national championships until you have a proven record of getting close. That will put an end to this forever.

Realistic BYU fans can hope that in the future they will actually win the WCC season and tournament championships. BYU football fans can hope that a BCS game might be a possibility.

Otherwise, please "let it go" as I think the popular girls song goes.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

@Back Talk

"Please stop talking about useless topics like final fours and national championships until you have a proven record of getting close. That will put an end to this forever."

That is the most sensible comment I've ever heard from a Byu fan. Are you a byu fan?

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Drought?? That makes it sound like it's been a long time since you've been there. Moses found the Promised Land faster than BYU has the Final Four.

Coach Rose has put some decent teams together but is far, far away from being Final Four material.

Phoenix, AZ

I agree with most of the Utah posters on this article. BYU is not an elite basketball program. It doesn't matter that they've gone to the NCAA tournament as often as the article cites over the most recent past. They haven't done anything WITH it! BYU having gone to so many NCAA tournaments and only gaining ONE Sweet 16 appearance is clearly a non-starter. Now, us BYU fans need to recognize Utah for their superiority. Utah won against BYU this year. Never mind that they didn't win against BYU over the last 7 years, that's irrelevant. Don't bring up that they haven't been to the NCAA tournament since who knows when. And please, before BYU fans bring up your Sweet 16 appearance, don't forget that it was Utah who has won a NCAA basketball championship. It's irrelevant that it was before most of our parents were born and it's alright for them to bring that up, but it's "laughable" that BYU fans bring up the 1984 Football national championship. That doesn't count. So, BYU fans, let's all admit that Utah has us on the ropes and admit to their superiority.

Chandler, AZ

@Back Talk

This will take some getting used to, but there is no BCS. There are no BCS conferences. There are no BCS schools. There are no BCS bowl games. There is no BCS.

Alex T
Murray, UT

For the first time in a long time. Utah fans have a point. I agree with all of their comments. This article is extremely humorous. Any sensible BYU fan wouldn't agree with a thing Brad Rock had to say. There are no "what-ifs" in college sports. Until BYU can prove themselves on the court or the gridiron....enough with all of this.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


You can split hairs if it makes you feel better, but the BCS still exists for all intents and purposes.

College sports will continue to be ruled and dominated by the BCS power conferences.

Call them BCS, call them power conference, call it whatever you want.

Not much has changed. There are still have "haves" and the "have nots"

Hyrum, UT

@ Chris:

I'm still curious as to why you are always one of the very first to comment on almost every BYU sports article. And why your comments concerning them are inevitably negative in nature... without exception.
It demonstrates a very strong bias which makes it nearly impossible to give any credibility to your comments. I mention this only because I'd really like to see the level of online dialog improved. Currently, you're not helping.

It's true that BYU is not currently an elite program.
But it's also true BYU is the closest in the state to becoming one.

To their credit, BYU doesn't pad their pre-conference schedule with lots of division II teams, but instead schedules multiple nationally ranked programs, beating some and playing very competitively against others. Positive step in the right direction.

Even though some anti-BYU detractors try to dis BYU for not making it to the NCAA Final-4, it's easy to forget that only 4 out of about 350 programs get there every year. The odds are very low.

Credit them for getting to the tournament more than any anyone else in the state in the past decade.

Salt Lake City, UT

Phoenix, AZ

"So, BYU fans, let's all admit that Utah has us on the ropes and admit to their superiority."

Great idea. If byu fans will do that then Utah fans can focus on working through the challenges of being in an elite conference. Then, all of the nonsense on these sports boards will stop.

Woods Cross, UT

Personally I have no problem with fans wishing for the stars, that's fine, whatever floats your boat..... But the bar is seemingly incredibly high now. "Kids" are coming out of high school with size, speed, and professional skills that are simply amazing.

Competition for those "kids" is so extreme now teams are investing millions into buildings, equipment, broadcasting systems, and stadiums at a pace that could have otherwise resolved World Hunger.

So now a national championship will require a combination of a slew of tangible and intangible factors --- recruiting, injuries, coaching, play-calling, facilities, marketing, etc etc, so many aspects it's difficult to say ANY team may ever be 'guaranteed' to win it all.

Clearly, one thing the article failed to mention, and probably should have, would be that the primary/necessary requirement for ANY Utah team to win a national championship in a major sporting venue would be --- Divine Intervention.

Perhaps that's something Utah would be good at, something we can ALL get to work on. :)

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Add One more player who can shoot and what do you have? At most 5 guys on the floor at any time all trying to shoot. Until there is added passing, defense, rebounding, defense, assists, defense, etc. you will have the same tournament "history" that the NCAA must "honor"!

Hyrum, UT

@ Chris B:

And when it comes to the PAC12 "power" conference, Utah has proven time and time again they are one of the "have-not" teams, by consistently finishing in the bottom half of the conference in both football and basketball. Have they ever had a winning conference record in either sport since joining?

@ Alex T:

You are totally wrong about there not being any what-if's in sports. Any time a star player for any good team goes down to injury, the what-if scenario becomes legitimate.

BYU was a finalist in the Jabari Parker sweepstakes. As such, the "what-if" becomes a great question, had he chosen to come to BYU this past season. It was a reasonable possibility after he chose to visit the campus a couple of different times prior to deciding. There's no question BYU would've won some more of those close games to nationally ranked teams.

And getting one national recruit like Parker could improve a team's recruiting for years.

So yes, the what-if scenario is both real and legitimate when it comes to sports and the possibilities one decision of a single player can make.

Murray, UT

Jabari Parker? Duke just lost to Mercer. Rule of thumb has alway been that a college basketball team needs at least three NBA caliber players to make it to the Final Four. Will BYU ever get there? Who really knows?

Phoenix, AZ

My Perspective

"If byu fans will do that then Utah fans can focus on working through the challenges of being in an elite conference."

Exactly what do "fans" have to do to work on being in a conference? Buying more merchandise? I think you can do that without burdening yourself by going to BYU articles and posting on them.

Also, how does BYU fans 'admitting to Utah's superiority' (you missed the sarcasm of the post I think) effect Utah in any way, shape, or form? Just like I posted before. Utah will never be great in the PAC-12 because they can't let go of BYU. BYU is way too important to them. Every post you, all of Chris B's monikers, and Utelogoy make on BYU articles only confirms my point. You guys can't let go of BYU. They are too important to U.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


You're like most byu fans. You rip on Utah often and then expect something different in return. Sorry, doesn't work that way.

byu is the closest to an elite program we have? I disagree. Utah is one of the top 25 winningest programs in NCAA basketball history. Utah's history is the NCAA tournament dwarfs anything byu can throw out there. Elite programs perform in the tournament and considering byu doesn't have a history of ever really doing that, I'd say Utah's past of multiple deep tournament runs makes Utah closer to returning to elite level, as opposed to a byu team that's never been considered and elite team ever.

1 sweet 16 trip in 30 years?

You must be so proud.

And you're right, Utah has finished in the bottom of the Pac 12 most times in basketball and football. And guess who can't beat that Utah team ever in football and at least the last time we played in basketball? byu

However "bad" we are, you' cant beat us!

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