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Published: Thursday, March 20 2014 9:55 p.m. MDT

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LDS Aerospace Engineer
Farmington, UT

@Mike Richards --

Speaking of GOP party platform :

You supported ethics violator John Swallow to the bitter partisan end.

The GOP seeks to trample the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

Right to Life?
Not when it comes to the "Health" of the woman or viability of the fetus.

Some of us "Republicans" do not cow-tow the extreme ends of the Party Line.

On the other hand
Riverdale, MD

@Living Above the Lighthouse, @Shane333, let's distinguish between representative government and representative voting.

In representative government, the people choose who represents them but not necessarily how they are represented. The idea here is that sovereignty rests with the people, but it would be cumbersome and impractical to have a system where the people directly vote on every legislative matter that might arise.

In representative voting, that is, the caucus system, representatives are chosen to determine which candidates will represent a party. There's no way a delegate can represent the collective will of all the people who elected him. This means that in representative voting, the candidates that are chosen are actually less representative of the will of the electorate, which in turn leads to representative government where the people are actually less well represented than if they were directly involved at every stage in the voting process.

The fact that we have a representative system of government is precisely the reason why voters should have a direct say in the nominating process.

Mapleton, UT

@On the other hand, I couldn't agree more! I think many of those at the caucuses would argue that they don't really care if it isn't representative. Because they happened to choose to be involved in the caucus, their representation is all that should count. If you want to be represented, then come to the caucus, is what they would say. This attitude of isolation and exclusion of opinions and views is damaging. I don't this level of representative voting is a good system. I think the compromise made by the legislature and CMV is a good one.

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